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Welcome to the Shaving Emporium. At this website, you will find lots of shaving information for men in the United Kingdom. It is also highly relevant to people in Europe and beyond. In the main content you will find lots of information about shaving. However we have also included information on nose trimmers, ear trimmers, and stubble trimmers. Basically if it has anything to do with having hair on your face, or taking it off your face, you should find something about that here. We even cover off body grooming as well.

There is a lot more to shaving, than pulling out one of those disposable razors, and scraping half your face off in the process. More and more men in the UK are starting to take great pride in their appearance. The way we trim or shave goes a long way to providing a well groomed look.

The good news is that many men are now thankfully returning to the older methods of traditional shaving. Many also still use the electric razor so we look at those as well. You can click on any of the links below to go an area where you may have a specific interest.

List of Male Grooming Products

Panasonic 5-Blade ES-LV61 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Electric Razors

Here we review the best electric shavers and razors that are currently available on the UK market.

beard styler attachment

Beard Trimmers

Here we review the best beard trimmers and clippers that are currently available on the UK market.

Wahl Lithium Pro Stubble Trimmer Review

Stubble Trimmers

Here we review the best stubble trimmers that are currently available on the UK market.

best body groomer for men

Body Groomers

Here we review the best body groomers  that are currently available on the UK market. Great for trimming down under.


Hair Clippers

Here we review the best hair clippers and trimmers that are currently available on the UK market.

best nose hair trimmer

Nose & Ear Trimmers

Here we review the best nose and ear hair trimmers that are currently available on the UK market.

Shaving Mirror for Travelling

Shaving Accessories

Here we review the full range of shaving accessories that include pre-shave oils, shaving soaps and creams etc 

best aftershave

After Shaves

Here we review the many after shaves and colognes that are currently available on the UK market.

Muhle R89 Closed Comb Rosegold Handle Safety Razor

Mirrors & Sets

Here we review the best shaving mirrors and shaving sets that are currently available on the UK market.

It's all about looking GOOD!!!

Is Shaving Just a Chore?

Muhle VIVO Plum Wood 4 Piece Double Edged Safety Razor Shaving Set with Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Badger Hair

For many men the daily morning routine of having to shave is just an annoying chore that needs done. Well hopefully we can help you out with that, and make shaving an enjoyable experience, instead of something that you just have to do. We know that time is the biggest constraint for most guys, especially in the mornings.​

There is a very old saying that says, “If you look good, you also feel good.” We think if you are reading this, that you probably care a great deal about how you look and are presented to the world at large. Many of you are pushed for time so you may want to use an electric shaver. Others prefer the more traditional wet shaving. That of course requires the use of a double edge razor, or straight razor, some type of shaving soap or cream and a shaving brush.​

When we went looking for information online about shaving, we found websites mainly based in the USA. Sure some of them are helpful, but we thought it might be a good idea to have an information site, based and written from the UK. We have our own types of shaving supplies here and in truth, we actually think they are some of the best in the world, so why not show those off instead.

When you think about it, who wants to sit next to some scruffy looking man, who hasn’t taken the time to shave or comb his hair for days. Men have changed a lot in the last 10-15 years and grooming and taking care of our skin is now an important daily activity.​With just a little extra time, it is amazing what you can do to look great every single day. In a similar way, men with moustaches and beards are starting to use beard and moustache trimmers to keep their facial hair in shape.

Electric Shavers/Razors

best electric shaver

We would love all guys to make the move to wet shaving, as we believe it to be the best method of getting a perfect shave. There are however many men who do not want to do that. They prefer the speed and the convenience of an electric shaver. There are quite literally thousand of choices for those products on the UK market.

There are essentially two types of those available. Those are known as the rotary head style and the foil style. The foil style is better suited to men with sensitive skin. Some electric shavers can be used as dry shave only, whereas the slightly better ones can be used for either wet or dry shaving.

These are also available in both corded and cordless versions, depending on which you prefer. You can also buy ones that are better suited for men who have to travel a lot.​ They are made by manufacturers such as Philips, Braun and Remington which are all popular choices in the UK.

​We have a page dedicated to the best electric shavers in the UK  On there you will find a top 10 list with buyer ratings and reviews, where you can find the best electric razor for your skin type and needs.

Top Rated Beard Trimmers

a healthy growing beard

The bearded look is now more popular than ever before​. Many men now prefer the manly bearded look. They do however still need looking after, otherwise the beard and moustache can look very scruffy. It is important to look after a beard and many men do this by applying beard oils, which are a big seller in the UK market.

​Men also use a variety of beard trimmers to neatly trim around the beard, and also to control the thickness of the beard. Again we have dedicated a page to the best beard trimmers currently available on the UK market.

These have been designed with a range of combs and trimmers, that allow the person to control the thickness of their bread. It also allows them to give a very clear line definition around the beard and moustache.​

​Male Grooming Tips - Nose and Hair Trimmers

best nose hair trimmer

​Now speaking of facial hair, one thing we can never quite comprehend here at the Emporium, is the number of men we see with huge growths of either nasal hair, ear hair or both. In this day and age, there really is no need for that.

We have therefore put together a page dedicated to nose hair trimmers, that should remove any need to ever have a forest growing in the nose or ears. You could also add bushy eyebrows to that list.​

These types of trimmers are very cheap, most of them costing between £5-10, so not really any excuse not to own one of these. You can also get these built in to many of the electric shavers available these days. Just make sure to check the features and ensure that it has one built in.

​Male Grooming Tips - Traditional Wet Shaving

Haryali London shaving brush

​We also discovered that quite a number of men are turning to having a wet shave, which is without any doubt the closest shave that it is possible to get. Here we enter the world of safety razors, blades, shaving creams and soaps, stands and so much more.

We will also include on this site reviews on the benefits, if any, of using pre-shave oil, and what actually is the best after shave to use. There are a ton of brands making after shave and cologne and much of that will come down to personal taste. We have reviewed what the best selling aftershaves are and why men pick those.​

Here at the Shaving Emporium we are passionate about wet shaving. It was something that our Fathers and Grandfathers did every day and we have now taken on the gauntlet of raving about the many great benefits of wet shaving.

If you have never tried it before then we urge you to give it a go. We can assure you it is something that you will never regret.

We will also be having a look at shaving alum, and a closer look at some of the most popular after shaves. When checking these out, there were some that I had simply never heard of, and yet, they appear to be quite popular.

​​Home Hair Cutting and Hair Clippers

babyliss hair cutting kit

​Quite a number of people are now cutting their own hair. Not only that, but we have discovered that quite a few families are going in that same direction. It is actually quite amazing how much money this can save a family in a year.

That is especially true if the family has a number of boys in it. You can find out how much you can save by clicking here.

To help we have also reviewed the top hair clippers in the UK market right now, along with the different accessories that are available for these. There are hundreds of these available and most of them are priced at around £20-30 for a nice high quality set of clippers.

These are one of the biggest selling products in the UK. Many of these come with capes, neck brushes and good quality hairdressing scissors, so as you have the complete set for being able to cut hair in the comfort of your own home.​

We have also included​ an article on the best hair wax for men. Again these products have started to sell in their millions. There is certainly a lot of choice available, and these are all affordable to give a really nice finish to any haircut.

​Body Grooming

body groomers for men

​Another term we had heard of, but didn’t know a great deal about was manscaping. In these modern days, things have certainly moved on in leaps and bounds, as far as male grooming is concerned. It certainly makes really interesting reading. Today more and more guys are making the choice to keep the hair on their body under control.

A great way of doing that is to use the many different types of body groomers that are on the market today. We have provided here a top 10 List of these groomers which we hope you will find useful. So as you can imagine, plenty to write about, and plenty to read for men of all ages. We firmly believe here that looking like a well groomed man is not that difficult to achieve and maintain.

There are lots of options available, and certainly no excuses to keep the body free from hair, if this is what you have decided to do.​

Stubble Trimmers

The Best Stubble Trimmers in the UK

The stubble look remains a very popular choice for many guys. Many fashion experts thought this was a passing fad, but its longevity now seems pretty assured. This is the look that is not clean shaven, but retains a very short stubble on the face. It is a hugely popular choice for many guys.​

This type of look is not that easy to achieve, and close to impossible if ​using either wet shaving, or an electric razor. It can be done but really takes a great deal of care. The manufacturers of shaving products quickly realised that, and created the affordable  stubble trimmer.

This is a product that looks like an electric shaver, but is designed to allow various depths of stubble to remain on the face. We have reviewed the best stubble trimmers on the UK market. That is worth a read if you are trying to create the stubble look.​

Skin Care for Men​

moisturiser for men skin care

In days gone by, there is no doubt that skin care, was an area that was for the ladies only. That has most certainly changed and in today's world, millions of men have started to look after their skin. It is also a well known, and indeed scientific fact, that men's skin is very different to that of a woman.

A man's skin is much thicker than that of a woman. (Well they have been saying for years that most men are thick skinned)​ It just happens to be true. It also happens to be true, that a man's skin also contains more oils. It is therefore very important that, men pick different skin care products that are available for women.

Ten years ago you would have struggled to find a male skin care product. Not so today, there are thousands of those available on the UK market.​ We have a web page which deals on the best eye creams for men.  We will also be adding a whole range of articles on all the skin care products available.

We hope you find the information here useful, and if you have any questions just leave a comment below, or drop us a message from the contact page.

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