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Thanks for taking your time to read our review on the best hairdressing scissors for cutting, that are currently available in the United Kingdom. There are lots to choose from so we have completed a lot of research and narrowed the choices down to our top five.

If you plan on doing any type of home hairdressing, or even a quick trim, then you will need something a great deal sharper than the reliable kitchen scissors. Hairdressing scissors are smaller. lighter and much sharper than other more standard type of scissors.

The good news is that these are not too expensive to buy. The average price is around £5-6 for a pair, which we think is a really good investment. Our only tip is not to use these for any other type of cutting other than hair.

One other thing you should know is that you can buy these scissors as a stand alone product. You can also buy them as a set and that set will include other scissors such as thinning shears and offset scissors. This page reviews the scissors on their own, but you can read about hairdressing scissor sets by clicking here.

Top 5 Hairdressing Scissors for Home Use

After conducting our research we found that the top 5 hairdressing scissors were as follows:

  1. Sanguine Professional Hairdressing Scissors
  2. Candure Hairdressing Barber Scissors
  3. Tecto 6" Professional Hairdressing Barber Scissors
  4. Wilkinson Sword Professional Scissors
  5. Ouway Hairdressing Scissors

Below you will find summary reviews of each pair of hairdressing scissors.

Sanguine Professional Hairdressing Scissors - Highest Rated

94% buyer satisfaction based on 5,500 online buyer reviews

86% of all buyers gave this product a full 5 star review

3% of all buyers gave this a poor review

These are 5" scissors, with very sharp blades for clean cutting which will not damage hair.

They are made from Japanese steel (J2) and will stay sharper for longer

They use a tension screw system for adjustment and they also have a finger rest which can be removed

Sanguine are one of the leading brands and well known for their high quality blade making

Candure Hairdressing Barber Scissors - Best Seller

92% buyer satisfaction based on 9,000 online buyer reviews

74% of all buyers gave this product a full 5 star review

2% of all buyers so far gave these a poor review

Made from stainless steel and designed for professional use and uses such as slicing wet or dry hair

They have a total length of 6.5" and the blade length is 2.4"

They have a tension screw for adjustment

They are coated to prevent rust and they come in a pouch

Tecto 6" Professional Hairdressing Barber Hair Scissors

92% buyer satisfaction based on 6,000 online buyer reviews

75% of all buyers gave this product a full 5 star review

2% of all buyers so far gave these a poor review

These scissors are made from stainless steel and have a convex edge blade which means that they can cut with less effort

They use a screw regulator to adjust or tighten the blades

They have rubber finger inserts that reduce friction on the fingers

Wilkinson Sword Professional Scissors

92% buyer satisfaction based on 200 online buyer reviews

74% of all buyers gave this product a full 5 star review

6% of all buyers gave this a poor review

These are affordable hairdressing scissors and have been forged

They are high gloss and nickel plated for protection and to prevent rust

Ouway Hairdressing Scissors

82% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000 online buyer reviews

64% of all buyers gave this product a full 5 star review

17% of all buyers gave this a poor review

These are basic scissors made from stainless steel with sharp blades

They are 6" scissors and very light in weight

What Scissors do Hairdressers Use?

90% buyer satisfaction based on 600 online buyer reviews

Hairdressers will use the best scissors that they can afford to buy and Jaguar or Tondeo are by far the most popular in the professional world of hairdressing.

Scissors of this quality are made from forged special steel and will be available in 5", 5.5" and 6" options.

As they use these everyday they will also have angled thumb rings which allow for a relaxed working posture without pressure marks on the fingers.

They can also be used on both wet and dry hair

Hairdresser Scissor Buying Guide

How to Choose Hairdressing Scissors?

If you already know what to look for then you can skip to the next section. If you haven't bought hairdressing scissors before, then this section is worth a quick read.

Hairdressers use different types of scissors and these include straight scissors, offset scissors, and crane scissors. These all do similar work, but have slightly different shapes.

Straight Scissors - the upper and lower blades are the same shape, and the rings line up exactly one on top of the other. These are the most popular type and the ones you should buy for home use.

Offset and Crane Scissors - One of the blade handles is slightly shorter and sits at an angle. Those who prefer to use their ring finger to hold the scissors prefer using offset scissors. With the crane scissors both handles sit at an angle but the thumb ring is at a larger angle.

There are also thinning scissors, which have one full blade and one toothed blade that looks like a comb. As the name would suggest these are used for thinning out the bulk of the hair.

Most people should buy straight scissors for home haircutting. Those straight scissors that have a convex edge are the sharpest and smoothest cutting blades, and easier to use.

What Size of Scissors should you buy?

The most popular sizes are 5", 5.5" or 6" but they are available in 4-8.5" sizes. The reason for those various sizes is really down to the size of your hand and also the length of your fingers.

Smaller sizes do however tend to be better for doing more precise shapes when cutting hair. The larger scissors are mainly used for the scissor over comb technique and more basic trims.

To find out the right size for you, measure the length of the blade against your middle finger. Then measure the total length of the scissors against the palm of your hand.

Taking Care of Hairdressing Scissors

The good news is that a couple of minutes will take care of your hairdressing scissors, and that will make them last for many years. When you have finished using them, you can quickly rinse them under a hot tap. Then wipe them dry with a dry cloth, making sure that in between the blades is dry.

If you have bought a pair that comes with a pouch, then put them back inside for safe keeping.

Never use your hairdressing scissors for any other cutting purpose.

We hope that you have found this top 5 list of hairdressing scissors helpful. We would also recommend that you have a read at out Home Hair Cutting page, which you can do by clicking here.

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