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Home Hair Cutting Guide - See What is Available!

Many families are starting to cut their hair in the comfort of their own home, rather than taking expensive visits to the barbers. Check out what products are available to help do family hair cuts at home.

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on home hair cutting. Here at the Shaving Emporium we understand the expense involved in going to the barbers and hairdressers, especially if you have a larger family.

In this article we take you through the various home hair cutting options available to those of you who are considering trying to do home haircuts. The good news is that it is a lot easier than you may think, and you can save a lot of money by making the change.

Home Hair Cutting Explained

We don't think this takes a lot of explaining. More and more families are now looking seriously at doing this, and especially larger families. Parents usually pay to have their hair cut at a barbers or at a hairdresser. They do of course do a very professional job, but you do have to pay to get that look.

There are also a lot of children, especially those with sensory issues are simply too afraid to go to a barbers or a hairdressers. If you have ever suffered the tantrums and the tears involved with this type of visit, then you know exactly what we mean.

Some kids just don't like having their hair cut full stop. However, for many children, that trip can be quite a traumatic experience. Parents are then left with a huge predicament. One way to try and resolve this is to cut your kid's hair at home.

Even then it is still not easy, but there are some helpful ways of achieving that outcome.

Key Benefits of Cutting Your Family's Hair at Home

There are a few benefits of being able to cut your own hair, and indeed your family's hair in the comfort of your own home. There are two main benefits though which are:

  1. Kids with sensory issues and some kids with autism can get extremely upset when it comes to cutting their hair. Giving them the comfort and security of their own home will help a lot
  2. You can save a lot of money on barber and hairdresser appointments

Sensory Issues and Home Hair Cutting

Not a huge amount of research has gone into this subject. Children who have sensory issues may have an aversion to anything that triggers their senses, such as light, sound, touch, taste, or smell. In days gone by parents simply put this down to having a hissy fit or throwing a tantrum.

We are better educated now, and although there will be some kids who may be tantrum prone, there are many who are not and genuinely have a sensory overload problem. With haircuts it is mainly about the noise and vibrations of the hair clippers. some kids simply can't deal with that.

If you can do this task at home, it may still not be easy, but it will be a lot less stressful than dealing with the problem in public. There are also hair clippers especially designed for kids that are quieter, safer and with very low vibrations.

How Much Money Can You Save With Home Hair Cutting?

The price of haircuts vary throughout the UK depending on exactly where you live. In London for example it is around £12 for a standard male haircut. In Oxford the same haircut will cost you around £10 and in Manchester on average it will be £8. It is not crazy expensive for a single working man, but for someone with a couple of boys, this adds up.

You can easily pay £20 to a barber for a family to get a quick haircut. If you do that once a month it will cost about £240 a year. If the family has girls then hairdresser costs can be a great deal higher. A standard cut and bow dry for a female also ranges in price depending on where you live, with an average cost of around £35-50.

A set of hair clippers cost about £20 on average, and will last at least 3-4 years.

What Do You Need for Home Hair Cuts - Products & Supplies

If you have decided to give home hairdressing a try, then there are any amount of products on the UK market to help you do just that.

We have listed those options below with an explanation of each hair cutting and hairdressing product. If you click on the name or image below, you will be taken to a summary review of each product. From there we have included other links which give a great deal more detail on any particular hairdressing product.

Below you will find a lot of information on the art of beard grooming. We present you with the various options that you will need to get started, and then take your beard care to the next level.

Hair Clippers

This is the "go to tool" for anyone planning on cutting their own hair or cutting a family member's hair. Unless you are a fully trained hairdresser, then owning a set of clippers is really the only viable option.

The good news is that there plenty of choices from many leading brands, so you will not be spoiled for choice. These include Philips, Remington, Braun, BaByliss and Wahl.

On average these cost around £10-25 for a basic set of hair clippers, and if you want more advanced features, then you should expect to pay around £35+.

At the end of the day, your final choice will be determined by what you prefer to own, and how much you are prepared to pay.

You will pay more for a set of clippers with more features. That said, even the most basic set of hair clippers will do a perfectly good job.

One point worth noting is that most clippers these days are cordless options. You can also buy corded clippers only, and also ones that can be used as either corded or cordless. Keep an eye out for that, if that is something important to you.

We have provided links on the right hand side that should help guide you in the right direction.

Kid's Hair Clippers

Many children, and especially those who have any type of sensory issues, hate going to the barbers or hairdressers. They don't like the noise and they don't like the vibrations either.

For many parents that means they almost have to try cutting their kids hair at home. Ordinary hair clippers, that we have discussed above, are just too noisy for kids.

Manufacturers have now started to make hair clippers specifically designed for children up to about the age of 12.

These clippers are quiet, low on vibration and also have rounded edges on the blades, to get rid of any chance of nips or cuts.

By cutting your own hair and your kid's hair at home, you can also save yourself a great deal of money. Trips to the barbers and hairdressers can quickly add up to a lot of money in a year.

It is less hassle, cheaper and often more comfortable to do this in your own home.

Hairdressing Scissor Sets

Even if you own a set of clippers, you will most likely need a pair of scissors. Hairdressing scissors are much better than your plain old ordinary scissors that are used for cutting paper and other general household chores.

They need to be sharp and they also need to give you a lot more control.Smaller sized scissors, which are typically between 4.5″ and 5.5″ create a more precise shape when it comes to cutting hair.

Longer scissors, that are 6″ and above, are better for techniques such as using the scissor over the comb technique and more basics trims. There are three different shapes available:

  1. Classic: The shapes of the upper and lower blade are the same. The rings line up precisely with one on top
  2. Offset: Angled handle area, shortened handle shank with thumb ring
  3. Crane: The top blade is completely straight, handle shank with thumb ring angled sharply downwards.

You can read more about those by clicking any of the links on the right. Just remember hairdressing scissors do come in either right or left handed, so be careful when buying.

Hair Cutting Scissors

Most people who want to cut their own hair at home, or indeed to cut someone else's hair will need a set of clippers, a comb or brush and a good pair of scissors.

Good quality hairdressing scissors are really not that expensive, and we think they are a great investment, if you plan on doing hair cutting at home.

Most good quality scissors will be made from Japanese stainless steel and the quality is usually stamped as being J2 quality.

The most popular size for these types of scissors is 5" and if you have longer fingers then 6" sizes are also available.

These scissors can be adjusted with a tension screw. Many of them also come with a finger rest which can be quickly removed when not required.

Hair Thinning Scissors

Most people who want to cut their own hair at home, or indeed to cut someone else's hair will need a set of clippers, a comb or brush and a good pair of scissors.

Hairdressing professionals also use thinning scissors, which as you can imagine are all about thinning out thicker hairstyles.

If you have never used these before, then we recommend not buying these to use on an unsuspecting victim. There is a skill in using these and you need to learn that before giving it a go.

These use what is called a slice blade, and it takes practise to be able to use these correctly. This type of scissors have teeth or notches on one side, while the other side is a smooth blade.

thinning scissors

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Hair Cutting Capes

The humble barber or hairdressing gown (cape)is a must have if you plan on doing any types of home hairdressing. The cape keeps the person's clothes clean as the hair is removed.

These are not expensive to buy and they do an excellent job.

You can buy these as disposable gowns, but most of them are made from some type of water resistant material. Some will use velcro to close at the beck. The better quality ones will use some type of poppers.

They should be long enough in length to cover the whole body when sitting down. There are also neck collars available and those helps prevent hairs from going down the back of the neck.

hairdressing gown

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Hairdresser Mirrors

Hairdressing mirrors are a nice to have feature, though are certainly not a necessary item to own.

As you can see from the image to the right, these are used to show the back of the hair, when looking in another mirror.

If you have been to a barbers or hairdressers, then we have no doubt you will be familiar with these.

They are not an expensive item to buy, and a nice extra for your home hairdressing kits. They are available in a handle/paddles style or in the more familiar rectangular and round shapes.

They all do the same job and your choice is mainly down to the style you prefer.

hairdressing mirror

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Hair Cutting Combs

We all know what a comb or brush is used for. These hair cutting combs though are a different matter altogether. These have been around for many years but have improved a lot over time.

You can buy these for both thin and thicker hair types. Most of them use Double Edges razor blades. They are also called air razor combs and are mainly used to shorten, shape, and thin the hair.

They almost always have two functions

  1. They will comb and section hair on one side
  2. They will then cut hair on the other.

haircutting combs

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Neck Brushes

When a hair cut is finished then there will always be some stray small hairs sitting in and around the neck area.

They may be small hairs but they can be irritating. The easiest way to deal with these quickly is to use a neck brush. Now with some hairdressing kits you will likely get one of these included.

They are usually quite stiff and hard and using one of those is like scraping the back of your neck. It is worth paying just a little bit extra to get one that is better quality and softer.

They are not that expensive and it will also make the haircut go a great deal easier especially with younger kids.

neck brush for hairdressing

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Baby Grooming Kits

These of course are designed for babies and especially for babies under a year old. 

They are very popular as a new baby gift. Let's face it, they are very cute.

They come in some type of holder and will include a baby brush, comb, scissors, nail clippers, and emery boards.

The better ones will also include some type of baby thermometer and also a baby toothbrush.

The items differ depending on which brand you prefer and what price you are willing to pay.

grooming kits for babies

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Kid's Shampoo

Bath times should of course be a fun time as well as a necessary requirement. If you remember getting shampoo in your eyes as a child, then you will no doubt have hated that experience.

Washing the hair properly does mean using a shampoo. Being able to do that without the tears is the ultimate goal for parents.

For that you do need to use a natural, gentle shampoo that will still clean and soften a baby's delicate, sensitive skin.

Most of these types of shampoo use a natural plant based cleansing agent to achieve that. There are plenty of these available on the UK market.

shampoo for kids

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Kid's Hair Dryers

There are a wide range of hair dryers available for kids and all the way through to students, and indeed for those who travel.

For younger children it really is all about the drier looking child friendly. Noise and heat are inevitable with any type of hair drier, but if they look pretty and eye catching it removes an element of uncertainty and fear.

Those designed for younger children are set to a lower temperature and also have a more gentle breeze. That of course is deliberate and helps a lot with no risk of burning the scalp.

They provide a steady, constant flow of heated air. In most cases the temperature of the air will not exceed 45 degrees to ensure the baby's hair and scalp are dried very gently.

What is also important is that this temperature also protects the natural moisture of the hair, making the hair softer and healthier.

kids hair driers

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Home Hairdressing Products Conclusion

So if you plan on cutting hair at home, then there is no shortage of products that will help you achieve that goal. The main piece of equipment that you will need is in our opinion a good set of hair clippers. It is worth investing in those as they will be your main piece of equipment.

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