About Us

Thanks for taking your time to read the About Us page of the Shaving Emporium website, aimed mainly at UK and Ireland readers. We set this website up for one main purpose and that was to provide shaving, grooming and home hair dressing advice, based on products and services that are actually available in the United Kingdom.

I am the editor here at the Shaving Emporium, and it is my job to make sure we provide accurate, current and informative information to our many readers. We conduct a lot of research to make sure that the information we provide helps our readers make the best buying decision that they possibly can.

I specialise in data collection and analysis and then in the clear communication of our research.

- enda mclarnon

About Us

nadean the hairdresser

Nadean Hardy


Nadean is an experienced hairdresser and is a key contributor to many articles that we write on the Shaving Emporium. As most ladies already know there are a whole range of hair and beauty products on the UK market.

Our research and Nadean's expertise help us to focus on the best products for individual needs. Different hair types and different skin types will need different treatments.

geoff the barber

Geoff Magee


Geoff writes mainly about male grooming and wet shaving. With over 25 years experience in the industry he is well placed to fully understand what products are available on the UK market, and how to use them.

Now semi-retired he has the time to be able to write and contributes regularly to the website.

Why we made this website?

When we were looking online for grooming or shaving information, almost all of the sites showing up were USA based. There were also many websites that looked at shaving equipment that is available in Europe.

Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against that, except that the information, especially on shaving products was not directly relevant for UK readers.

Many of the razors that had been reviewed on those either don’t exist in the UK, or you simply can’t make a purchase of them through sites like Amazon.com and other International websites.

On top of that, there were a lot of great UK manufactured products that we all used and wanted to tell people about.

We decided to build the site, and try to provide current, up to date, accurate information. So that was how the Shaving Emporium was born in 2014.

On this site we will discuss the many products that are available for men and women, that will allow them to get the type of grooming that they want. That will include all types of razors, blades, soaps, creams, after shaves, moisturisers and much more

There are hundreds of products to pick from but we try and narrow this down in to the ones we use and trust the most, and explain why that is the case.

How We Do Our Reviews?

All of our research is based on reading reviews from actual buyers. We also like to understand why and how they rate the products they bought. We also examine the way that they do that.

Finally we then try and pull all of that information together to make it easy to understand. To do that we look at the different websites that sell all types of shaving and grooming equipment and read through the reviews. We make notes of the features that people like best and also the things that they don’t like about a product.

We then compare these grooming products so as you have the most up to date information available. That in turn helps you make a much better and certainly more informed buying decision.

Many of our members also own the products and when this is the case we can of course give you a much more detailed and personal review. We so however still take into account the overall reviews of other buyers.

This website we hope will be a great resource for all of us who want to find out information about the many grooming products that are available on the UK market.

Easy Navigation

We noticed that on many websites it can be difficult to quickly and easily find out the information that you want to read. To make life easier for our readers we have 5 main sections as follows:

Wet Shaving

Electric Shavers

Beard Grooming

Home Hair Cutting

Hair Removal

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