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Hair Removal Guide - See What is Available!

Many men and women want to remove hair from various parts of the body. Here we show you the wide range of hair removal products that are available on the UK market, so as you can decide which are the best products for you.

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on hair removal Here at the Shaving Emporium we are a group of people who have a lot of experience when it comes to both male and female grooming.

In this article we take you through the various options available to those of us who want to remove hair from different parts of the body, such as the face, legs, and the torso. There are a large number of hair removal products available and it has become a huge market in its own right.

Where do People Want to Remove Hair From?

When women and men consider hair removal, then they can pretty much be thinking about a wide range of topics. They will include:

  • Facial hair removal, such as the eyebrows, above the lip, the nose, the ears and for men it will usually be shaving the cheeks, chin and the neck
  • Chest and back hair removal - this applies almost exclusively to men
  • Leg hair removal - this is simply the removal of hair from the legs, and mainly something that ladies will want to do
  • Under the arms hair removal - this is simply the removal of hair from the armpits, and mainly something that ladies will want to do. Men may want to do this or at least keep it neatly trimmed
  • Bikini Line - this is popular for many ladies especially during the holiday season
  • Genital or Pubic Area - Both men and women may want to remove some or all of the hair around the genital areas

Generally speaking some people will want to keep certain areas trimmed, whereas others will prefer them to be free of hair. This article is about showing what products are available to trim or remove hair from the various body parts.

common areas for hair removal

Common Areas for Hair Removal

Why do Humans have Body Hair?

The average human being has an amazing 5 million hair follicles on our bodies. When compared to other animals we may appear not to have much hair, but the reality is that we do. Now some of it is actually useful. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Hairs in our nostrils and indeed our eyelashes, help keep dust and dirt out of our bodies, and protect our organs
  • Hair on our bodies also help regulate the body's temperature. When the temperature drops small muscles that surround each hair follicle make the hairs on our body stand up. They do that so as they can trap more heat closer to the body. This standing up of the hair we call goosebumps, and it is all about temperature regulation.

So there are reasons why we have hair. As you may know human beings have evolved over the years and now things like our appendix and wisdom teeth no longer serve any useful purpose. Our hair has changed a lot over the years, in that the amount has reduced, but with 5 million hair follicles we still have quite a lot of hair.

The main difference is that almost all the hair on our body is extremely short. That is except for the hair on our head of course. It is interesting to note that no-one has any idea why we develop pubic hair around the age of puberty. The hair under the arms also can grow quite long, and like pubic hair, there appears to be no real reason for it at all.

What Do You Need for Hair Removal - Products & Supplies

So irrespective of the fact that we have a lot of hair, this article is about the many options available for getting rid of hair.

We have listed those options below with an explanation of each hair removal product. If you click on the name or image below, you will be taken to a summary review of each product. From there we have included other links which give a great deal more detail on any particular hair removal product.

Below you will find a lot of information on the art of beard grooming. We present you with the various options that you will need to get started, and then take your beard care to the next level.

IPL Hair Removal

Despite the high price point, these continue to be the best sellers when it comes to hair removal products. If you know about these at all, then you will recognise the Philips Lumea and Braun IPL Silk product range.

IPL stands for "Intense Pulsed Light." It is a light therapy that is used to treat wrinkles, spots and unwanted hair. Not only does it remove hair without the pain, it can also be used on ageing spots and any skin that has been sun damaged.

That would explain the popularity of these IPL hair removal products. At the low end of the price points you can get something pretty basic for around £55. If you want an IPL product with all the features, then you will be closer to £300.

These are classed as permanent hair removal devices, and they can be used on all areas of the body. This permanent removal takes place over a number of weeks of treatment. On average around 90% of hair is removed within an 8-12 week period.

These are not instant results, but it is permanent and it is fast enough for most people. Please note that IPL is not the same thing as "laser hair removal."

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Facial Hair Removers

Almost every woman has some type of facial hair, and removing any hair on the face is not always a pleasant task. It can be a great deal easier if you pick the right method that suits your skin.

Using tweezers is a good option for eyebrows and the chin area and especially for those stray hairs that randomly appear. Waxing is also used but is not the best choice for any woman with sensitive skin as it can be irritating.

Some ladies will use a normal shaver with a blade especially on the legs and under the arms, though many ladies will also facial shave.

Some ladies will use a cream and threading has also become popular.

Facial hair removers that use an IPL technology have become more popular as they are pain free and last a great deal longer than other treatments.

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facial hair removal

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Epilators have been around for years, though they have improved in quality a lot since those early days of release. With a set of tweezers you manually pluck out one hair at a time.

These do work for many ladies, they are affordable, but there is a pain price to be paid for using these. If you have good pain tolerance then you will be fine using one of these.

However if the thoughts of pain turn you off, then you would be better off picking another hair removal option. All epilation devices pluck out multiple hairs at once so can be painful, but not nearly as bad as waxing.

Regular users of these devices state that after several uses they don't notice the pain, so may be worth trying to see if that is the case.

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epilator for hair removal

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Bikini Trimmers

Bikini trimmers are used to help keep pubic hair under control, so as no hair is visible when wearing a bikini or swimsuit.

Bikini trimmers are smaller and usually slimmer than a standard electric ladies shaver.  That does make it handy for travel.

They are also a great deal less painless than epilators, and there is no risk of any cuts or nicks. That explains their popularity. The bikini area is a sensitive area, so finding the right product for your body is very important.

You can buy these as a dry shave version only, or as a wet and dry shaving and trimming option.

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Women's Electric Razors

Some ladies just like to have the convenience of an electric shaver, and there are plenty of these on the market. They can be used to trim or shave all areas of the body.

They are also relatively affordable and available from most of the leading shaving brands, such as Braun Philips and Panasonic.

The majority of the shavers available can be used for both dry and wet shaving, so if that is important to you, make sure it has that feature.

Ideally you want one that is cordless with a good battery charge, pivoting heads and a strong motor.

Foil heads are the better option to go after as they give a closer shave and greatly reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Most of them will also come with various different heads for shaving various areas of the body.

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Women Electric Shaver, T-Antrix

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Men's Electric Razors

Men's electric shavers remain the most popular option for men who want a fast and convenient shave. Men do of course have a number of options, but the electric shaver is by far, the handiest way of doing that.

Like the ladies shavers these have become more advanced over time, and these days they sport many useful features.

Almost every one of them is now cordless, and all the good ones are suitable for both dry shaving and for wet and dry shaving. That means they can be used with a good shaving cream, soap or a gel.

These are used for facial shaving in the main.

Brands like Braun, Philips, Remington and Panasonic are the most popular choices.

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Hair Removal Creams

A lot of ladies like the ease of using a hair removal cream mainly because it is easy to apply and take off, and it is pain free.

The main disadvantages of cream is that it does take a bit of time, and for some people, their skin may react to the ingredients of the cream. It is therefore not suitable for everyone.

You can also buy creams for both men and women, and indeed, for different areas of the body. In almost all cases you can apply the cream yourself, though it is difficult to apply to the back area.

The key to using creams is to buy a small sample if possible, and apply it to a small area of the body. That way you can find out if there is an allergic reaction to your skin.

You should never buy a hair removal cream, and apply it to a large area if you have never used that particular brand of cream before.

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Hair Removal Threading Tools

Threading tools have also become popular and indeed a recent trend that you will see in many shopping centres. These are mainly used for hair removal in the eyebrows.

The principle behind this method is that a very thin cotton or polyester thread is doubled, and is then then twisted.

This thread is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair out at the follicle level. It can be used on the eyebrows , the upper lip area and the entire face if preferred

It is a permanent hair removal as it removes the follicle as well. In many ways this is an advanced method of using tweezers.

The risk with this type of process is that the follicle may get blocked and this can cause ingrown hairs, so you do need to be careful.

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threading tool for hair removal

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Hair Removal Discs/Pads

These are either called hair removal pads or hair removal discs. They are essentially buffers for the face, that remove the problem of ingrown hairs which may be caused by plucking.

They work as each pad contains very fine crystals, and when applied to the skin, they buff away hairs, and any dead skin cells from the various areas of the body.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes from pads through to hand mitts. Small circular movements are made to remove the hair, and also exfoliate the skin.

The good news is that this is a pain free method of removing hair. Buyers said they worked really well on the legs, but were not as effective in areas like the bikini line or under the arms, where the hair is coarser.

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discs for hair removal

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Hair Removal Wax

Waxing hair is an old classic method, and a painful one. This is where wax is applied to the skin, allowed to dry, and then pulled off taking the hairs with it.

You may well here the screams coming from the recipients of this method though some ladies do have a very high pain tolerance.

This process quite literally rips the hair out of the follicle. There is no question that this waxing method does give very soft and smooth skin in any area of the body. It also removes dead skin.

Waxing is not a permanent hair removal process, but it will last for several weeks. You can get this done professionally at many hairdressers and spas. You can also do this at home with the various kits available.

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hot wax for hair removal

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Hair Removal Oil

Hair oils are an interesting development and you may often hear these referred to as "ant egg oils." It already doesn't sound that attractive, but many users think it works really well.

It is a bit of a medium to long term process so don't expect overnight results. The principle behind these types of oils is that they slow down natural hair growth.

These oils are also popular as they minimise the risk of ingrown hairs and make the skin feel a great deal softer.

When use as part of the pre-shave ritual, buyers said that It prevented irritation and spots from shaving and also allowed the blade to glide smoothly across the skin.

Many ladies used it before shaving their legs and were very satisfied with the results.

oil used for hair removal

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Hair Removal Pens

There are a few hair removal pens around in the market, but the most talked about product is the JML Finishing Touch Flawless pen.

It comes with an 18 karat gold-plated hypo-allergenic head, which seems to be its trademark look. In reality it looks like a lipstick, and that makes it more discrete if in a handbag.

There is no pan when using this, and according to the manufacturer there is no redness or irritation either. They have a built in light.

There are now other competitors that sell these pens and they can be used on the eyebrows, and remove unwanted hair from nose, cheeks, underarms, lip, chin and so on.

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pens for hair removal

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IPL Protective Glasses

If you have used an IPL hair remover, then you will know that IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Lighting. Some ladies noticed that these flashes were quite bright and also that the pulse was frequent.

These IPL protection goggles/glassses offer effective light protection for the eyes during the application of HPL/IPL hair removal devices.

Our eyes are all different and many women will not need these. However some ladies have sensitive eyes, and they should wear these, when using an IPL device.

When wearing these, you can look at the device working without having to close your eyes as a natural reflex. This allows you to carry out precise and efficient treatment, and your eyes do not become easily tired or irritated.

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wax strips for hair removal

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Tweezers for Hair Removal

The good old fashioned tweezers have been around for a very long time. Did you know though that there are quite a few different types. These include the pointed tips, slant tip tweezers (Best for shaping eyebrows) square tip, splinter-removing, lash-applying and rhinestone-applying tweezers.

Tweezers have different angles and styles of tips. That is what determines which type are better for different tasks.

The slant tips are very good for using on single hairs or multiple hairs at one time, and are the best choice for shaping eyebrows and great for hair removal overall.

The square tip have a simple flat edge.These are faster at removing more facial hair when you don’t need exact precision (chin hairs).

You can also buy round tips which are classed as safety tweezers. They can pluck multiple hairs at a time. 

The pointed tip tweezers are best for precision work. Some pointed tweezers have thick enough tips to do precision hair removal, while others are so fine that they are better suited for ingrown hair and splinter removal.

Curved tweezers are used for application purposes such as eyelashes and not suitable for hair removal.

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tweezers for men and women

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Hair Bleaching

Most people will be familiar with hair bleaching as is used on the hair on the head. It can however also be used on other parts of the body.

When it comes to that process, bleaching facial and body hair is considered a hair removal method. It is strange as no hair is however actually removed.

The bleaching process uses a cream and that cream removes the dark pigment of hair and color and changes it to a lighter shade of blonde. The lightened hair often becomes less noticeable or striking.

This is an option for anyone who doesn't like the look of the hair but doesn't mind the feel of it. A bleach will last for about two to four weeks depending on the hair's thickness and how fast it grows in that area.

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cream for hair bleaching

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Hair Removal Products Conclusion

So if you plan on removing hair from some part of your body, then there is no shortage of products about to help do just that. 

There are a lot of hair removal products on the market. They are available for both men and women, and as you can see they come in a variety of types. There is no one right product as each of these offers something different.

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