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Best Electric Razor for Older Men UK


Best Electric Razor for Elderly Man

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best electric razor for an elderly man. As we age so does our skin, and that is simply a fact of life. Before thinking about the best electric razor, we think it is important to understand what happens to the skin as we get older.

When we are young, fit and healthy we really don't think a great deal about the ageing process. We know it will happen some day but in our early years, we give it little to no thought at all.

If we had thought about it, then there are many things we could have done to help better maintain our skin. The reality is though, that for many men, the damage is done long before we turn 40.

When we get into our 50's, 60's and 70's there is little if anything we can do to change the skin on our face that we still need to shave.

This is a long article as we explain things in a lot of detail here at the Shaving Emporium. So, if you are in a hurry

The best electric razor for an elderly man is the Remington F7800 Dual Foil Shaver, as the foil protects the skin, and the dual foil gives a really close and comfortable shave.

There are hundreds of different brands and models of electric razors on the market. The important thing to remember though is that a foil is better than a rotary for older skin. That is because the foil protects the skin, where as the rotary does have small spinning blades directly on the skin.

That does help reduce the friction on the skin.

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What Happens When Skin Ages?

When we are in our younger years, most of us have healthy, bright and elastic skin. It has a tendency to look and feel fresh. It will also heal really quickly if damaged.

As the years roll by, signs start to show such as wrinkles, sagging skin and for many men here are also what are called age spots. It doesn't finish there though and many  men also get more freckles, a few moles and other changes to the skin pigmentation caused by the rays from the sun.

If you have ever had the misfortune to visit any skin cancer clinic, you will instantly notice that the average age is over 60 years of age. There are usually more men there than women suffering from melanoma. That is because women always look after their skin better than men when they are younger.

Why Does Skin Age?

The skin basically starts to thin and when that happens blood vessels become visible, and our pores may also increase in size. That is important to remember when it comes to shaving.

As we mentioned when young we have a lot of elasticity in our skin. The ageing process also happens under the surface of the skin. Collagen and elastic fibres that allow our skin to stretch (elasticity) start to degrade, and break down.

The moisture in our skin also starts to reduce. When younger men produce a chemical known as hyaluronic acid. It is like a natural skin oil. That starts to reduce over time, and the impact of that is that it leaves our skin dryer and rougher.

So with less moisture and reduced elasticity, there will be changes in the skin tone, the fat distribution and elasticity that means changes to our facial contours. Again that is important to understand when shaving.

To summarise older skin retains less water. The skin then becomes drier and thinner, which means it is more sensitive to irritations and infections. Even a simple cut that would usually heal in a couple of days, can now take a couple of weeks.

Remington F7800 Dual Foil Shaver - Our Electric Shaver Pick for Elderly Men

As we mentioned there are plenty of models to pick from, but we like this Remington one a lot. Many older online buyers also like this one a lot, and that is more important than what we think.

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This model pre-trims longer length hairs to reduce shaving time and increase smoothness
  • It also has a very useful pop up trimmer made from titianium
  • It is a cordless razor with a battery life indicator, and a 5 minute quick charge
  • You can wash the head to keep it clean

This razor also has a pivoting head which is great for older skin, as it allows you to get right into the contours of the face, particularly useful if there are signs of sagging skin, or loose skin.

It takes 2 hours to charge this razor, and once fully charged is good for about an hour's usage. That compares well with an other electric razor on the market.

It also has a nice rubberised anti-slip grip and comes with a charging stand and a travel pouch.

The only maintenance required is to rinse the head under the tap, allow to dry and then attach again.

electric shaver for older men

Changing Shaver Type As We Age

Many men change the way that they shave as they start to get older. In the earlier days men will have used something like a disposable razor or an electric razor, most likely the rotary type.

Some men may have used the DE safety razor, and some may also have used the old cut throat straight razor. Almost by accident any man who used wet shaving in preference to dry shaving will have been kinder to the skin.

That is simply because the skin was moisturised with water and soap, gel, foam or cream and that also protected the skin from the blade. Dry shaving with an electric razor just doesn't do that. In fact it takes a lot of moisture out and puts nothing back in.

As we age wet shaving does get more difficult for a number of reasons such as looser skin, perhaps a shake in the hand, and the risk of cuts and nicks greatly increases.

That is why men start to look for an electric razor as an alternative. Older men should always pick a foil shaver like the one we have mentioned above. That is just a great deal easier on thinner skin, and yet gives a closer and much more comfortable shave.

Other Useful Tips to Help Protect Older Skin

You are probably not going to like any of these tips as they seem like we are kill joys. However the medical experts recommend these, so we like to keep you fully informed.

  • Stay out of the sun, especially at the hottest times, or at least wear a hat
  • Always put a sun screen on when going out into the sun as that both moisturises the skin and protects it from most of the sun's harmful UV rays
  • Smoking - better not according to the medical experts for the reasons that we are sure you already know - smoking will age the skin long before it should
  • Reduce alcohol intake as that dehydrates the sin
  • Use lip balm in the winter times or cold of very hot weather
  • Use some form of cream if you have any type of dry skin

Now we appreciate that none of those are going to be a barrel of fun, but that is the medical advice. We can offer advice on the best electric shaver for elderly men, and hopefully we have done just that.

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