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Best Electric Razor for Teenager UK


Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best electric shaver for a teenager. This is of course the age when young men start shaving, and it is all about getting them off to the right start.

It may also be the time when teenage girls start to shave their legs and underarms.

There are lots of electric shavers on the UK marketplace, so it can be a bit of a minefield trying to find the right one.

Before we look at actual shavers, here are the important things to understand about teenage skin, so as you can help make the best choice for your own particular teenager.

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When Should a Teenager Start Shaving?

A teenager is of course anyone aged between thirteen and nineteen. Some boys and girls can start shaving as early as 9 or 10 years old, but the average age is around 13-14 years of age.

At this young age the skin is very tight and has the best elasticity it is ever going to have.

With the arrival of puberty, the hormones do kick in, and that is when hair growth starts to happen on the teenage body. The skin at this age is sensitive, unlike older adults who have been more exposed to the sun and the harsher weather.

This sensitive skin need to be treated properly. That is why we here at the Emporium recommend a foil electric shaver for teenagers and also for beginners.

Many teenagers are also likely to have some form of acne, as that is just an unfortunate part of maturing into an adult. Again, this needs to be treated with sensitivity, and is a major reason why wet shaving is not recommended in the early years of teenage life.

Blades will cut acne spots and stop them from healing and going away. It is also rather messy and not that hygienic.

When it comes to the exact time for that first shave, the answer really is that it is when any hair appears on the face, and it is starting to annoy them, so that is the best time to have that conversation with them about the various options for shaving.

Foil vs Rotary Electric Shavers for Teenagers

As previously mentioned, we would recommend an electric shaver for any teenager starting out. It is worth knowing that there are two types of electric shaver on the market which are a foil style and a rotary style.

  1. Foil shavers are so much better for anyone with sensitive skin, and they are also the best choice for teenage skin.
  2. The rotary option is just too harsh, unless as a teenager you have particularly tough skin or really tough beard bristles.
best electric razor for teenagers

Best Electric Shaver for a Teenage Boy

Braun Series 3 ProSkin Electric Shaver For Men With Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable and Cordless, 100% Waterproof, UK 2 Pin Plug, 3000s, Black Razor, Rated Which Great Value

The electric shaver we would recommend for a teenager is the Braun Series 3 Proskin 3000s. The reason we pick this one is because it is affordable, has been out for a long time and works really well with sensitive skin.

It comes from a reliable brand and is known to give a fast but gentle shave, and will not dry out the skin.

We would also highly recommend using an electric razor pre-shave lotion which you can pick up in most chemists and some supermarkets, as this gives added protection to the skin.

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2. SweetLF Electric Razor

SweetLF Electric Razor for Men (120Mins Shaving Time & Fast UK Adapter 1H Charging ) IPX7 Waterproof Razor Wet & Dry Use Rechargeable 4D Rotary Shaver with Pop Up Trimmer LED Display

We like this option as well. At under £30, this is an affordable way to start shaving. You get about 120 minutes shaving time (approximately 30 full shaves) with a 1 hour full charge which is good.

It also gives a good shave without being too harsh on the skin.

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Best Electric Shaver for a Teenage Girl

There are lots of choices available for teenage girls as well. Many girls start by simply using some cream and a disposable razor. However, there are many good electric razors available, that we think are a safer option when starting out.

You can click here to see the best electric shavers for women.

Should Teenagers Wet Shave?

Wet shaving is always going to be the best option for anyone who needs to shave. It is better in general as it moisturises the skin, and a good cream or gel, will also help protect the skin.

The big disadvantage of wet shaving for most teenagers is the "acne problem." Acne is usually present with most teenage boys, and running any type of blade over acne spots will cause bleeding and simply make the situation worse.

It really therefore depends on just how much acne the person has. There will however come a time when a teenager may want to try a "real shave." We have covered those options just below.

Wet Shaving Options

With wet shaving you have a number of options and these are:

  • A disposable razor - these are cheap throw away style razors and we would not recommend these to anyone and especially not a teenager. They use cheap blades, don't last long and are not planet friendly either.
  • A cartridge razor - these use a cartridge comprising of a disposable head that will contain a number of blades such as the Gillette Fusion. Again we wouldn't recommend these as the replacement cartridges
  • A DE Safety razor - this is by far the best option and is a razor that will last for years and you simply have to replace the razor blade after every 5 shaves. These are affordable and deliver an excellent shave.
  • A Straight razor (cutthroat) - We would highly recommend that no teenager is allowed anywhere near one of these. They are used by barbers and by highly experienced shavers and take a lot of getting used to.

Teenage Problems with Shaving

We have already mentioned acne and that is of course the biggest issue of concern for any teenager. 

We hate making general statements, but it is a simple fact that many teenagers are quite lazy. Wet shaving, especially at the start, takes time and a bit of effort. Electric shaving is a great deal faster and a great deal easier. We mention that as a solution to the "can't be bothered problem."

The more modern electric shavers are also worth your consideration. That is because some of them are pretty cool gadgets, that also clean and charge automatically. electric shavers do need maintenance such as washing and emptying out hairs etc.

Something like the Braun Series 9 9390cc is typical of this type of new style shaver. It is gentle, uses sonic vibration, can be used wet or dry and has a cleaning and charging station and a carry case.

This shaver looks great but it is expensive, however, it should last for at least 4-5 years. Hopefully when that one stops working, they will have enough money to buy one of their own.

Our Conclusion

The best thing that you can do with any teenager when it comes to shaving is to listen to them and give them the best advice that you can. Hair only really becomes an issue for them when it starts to cause them concern.

There is no right or wrong age to start shaving. The right time is when it is making them feel uncomfortable and they want to do something about it. There are a lot of wild statements made about starting shaving too early, and the reality is, that they are all nonsense.

We have offered above the best advice on buying an electric shaver for a teenager, and we hope you have found it useful.

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