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Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews of the best beard straightener options for men, that are currently available on the UK market. Just below we have listed our favourite beard straightener products.

Beard Straightener Buying Tips

These straighteners cost from as little as £13 and go all the way up to £50, depending mainly on the brand that you buy, and the range of features that you want from your straightener. The main price difference comes when you start to add features such as auto shut-off, anti-scald and dual voltage.

Your buying decision is almost always controlled by how much you are willing to spend, and when it comes to a beard straightener, the decision is really no different.

We recommend buying one that will last, have a good guarantee, heat up quickly and have both anti-scald and an auto-cut off feature. If you travel and want to se this, then also include dual voltage. We will highlight these features in our reviews below.

Lidasen Beard Straightener

84% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

This is classed as a 2 In 1 beard straightener suitable for facial hair and beards but can also be used as a hair straightener

It has a fast heating speed and spray holes that prevent heat damage

The teeth on the comb are soft and they allow you to reshape your hair and beard

It has 3 adjustable temperatures and a great choice for holidays or business trips

Our Opinion: This straightener works well for the price that you pay. The majority of buyers say there is no risk of accidental skin burns. Some buyers said it was small and quite steamy. Overall buyers seem to like the option.

Vikicon Beard Straightener

80% buyer satisfaction based on 1,300+ online buyer reviews

This is a beard straightener designed in Sweden around the Viking culture

It is suitable for head hair as well for both men and women.

It has however been designed specifically for facial hair to avoid damaging your beard and burning your face

Uses ionic conditioning combined with an anti-static coating that ensures an easy glide

Set the temperature which is best for your hair or beard with temperature lock function.

It has an LED display so you can easily adjust the right temperature.

 The device auto shuts off if it is not used for continuously 30 minutes.

This beard straightener has European EML certification standard and CCC standard.

Naqier Ionic Beard Straightener Comb

88% buyer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

The brush head has been coated with ceramic so safe to use without damaging your beard or burning your face

The beard straightener heats up in just under one minute

It has 6 temperature settings 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 degrees Celsius

The beard straightener will also auto shut off after 30 minutes

This can also be used as a straightener for your hair

It is dual voltage from (110V to 240V) so a good choice for your business trip or traveling

Comes with a UK plug and the cable length is 170 cm (67")

Has a rubber mat that you can use to let the straightener cool down

Leponix Ionic Beard Straightener

86% buyer satisfaction based on 250+ online buyer reviews

This is a beard straightener comb that comes with beard oil and a beard balm that will help make your beard soft and with a healthy shine.

It has a very fast preheat time (30 seconds) which is 3 times faster than many other brands

It uses a metal ceramic heater that distributes the heat evenly across the brush

It has 2 barbs on the comb teeth and they help catch your beard or hair firmly to speed up the straightening effect in less time.

It is dual voltage from (110V to 240V) so a good choice for your business trip or traveling

UUColor Beard Straightener

78% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

This is a very popular choice as it is one of the cheapest beard straighteners on the UK market, and as you can see with over 1,000 reviews online, it sells really well

It takes about 30 seconds to heat up to 200 degrees Celsius

It has two heating modes - the green light(180℃/356℉ is used for soft or thin beard and hair, and the red light(220℃/392℉) used for thick or coarse beard and hair.

It has soft rubber comb teeth outside the ceramic heating teeth that make sure your skin and hair free of scald and damage.

It is dual voltage from (110V to 240V) so a good choice for your business trip or traveling

Beard Straightener uk reviews

Beard Straightener UK Buying Guide

Just below we have included a buying guide for this type of beard straightener. These have really only started to become popular in the UK over the last couple of years.

They are widely used in Europe and the USA by men, but not so much in the UK.

Beard Hair Type - Straightener Temperatures

Just below we have included the recommended heat settings for the different types of beard. If in doubt start at the lowest and work your way up.

  • Thin or Fine Beards - 120-140 Celsius (250-280F)
  • Normal Hair Type Beards - 160-180 Celsius (320-360F)
  • Curly or thick beards - 200-220 Celsius (400-430F)

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