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Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews of the best beard dye options for men, that are currently available on the UK market. These beard dyes can also be used on moustaches and sideburns.

As you would expect beard dyes come in a number of colours which we have listed below:

  • Black
  • Dark Brown/black
  • Medium dark brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light medium brown
  • Light brown
  • Blonde

That does cover almost all hair type colours. If you are doing this for the first time it may take you a couple of tries to get the exact colour match that you want to have. The general purpose of all beard dyes is to help cover up grey or any colour differences by subtly blending the colour so it has a more uniform look.

Just below we have listed our favourite beard dye products.

Top 5 Beard Hair Dyes for Men in the UK

  1. Just For Men Moustache & Beard - Best overall
  2. Bigen Men's Beard Colour
  3. Grizzly Mountain Organic  Beard Dye - Best Organic hair dye
  4. Cameleo Permanent Hair Dye - best permanent bread dye
  5. Blackbeard for Men Temporary Beard Dye- Best bread dye for sensitive skin and best temporary beard dye

1. Just For Men Moustache & Beard

Just for men Moustache & Beard Medium Brown Dye, Eliminates Grey for a Thicker & Fuller Look – M35

This is the biggest selling hair dye on the UK market that comes in real black, dark brown black, medium dark brown, light medium brown, light brown, medium brown and blonde.

It is a very simple product to use with no mixing or no mess.

You simply mix the colour base and the developer and apply using the brush to apply, wait for 5-10 minutes, rinse the product out, shampoo, and the job is done.

This box is enough for 3 applications so overall really good value for money.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Price when reviewed £7.56

2. Bigen Men's Beard Colour

Bigen Men's Beard Colour | No Ammonia Formula with Aloe Extract & Olive Oil - 102 Brown Black

This is another popular hair dye and comes in three colours, dark brown, brown/black and natural black.

The dye is made from olive oil along with aloe extract and dyes only the hair and not the skin.

This comes in 2 tubes and you mix equal parts from each tube and apply using the enclosed comb. Let it do its work for around 5-10 minutes and then wash off using a shampoo.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Price when reviewed £9.75

3. Grizzly Mountain Organic Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye - Organic & Natural Brown Beard Dye

For those who prefer organic natural products this one is 100% chemical free which reduces the risks of any allergies or burning sensation after use

It is made from a combination of Emblic, False Daisy, Neem Tree, Henna and indigo

The downside is the price, but that seems to be what you have to pay for most organic products.

To use mix two teaspoons in a bowl with hot water until you have a consistency similar to toothpaste. Apply the paste on your beard as you would a mud pie. Let dry for ten to thirty minutes and then wash off with warm water and soap.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Price when reviewed £19.99

4. Cameleo Permanent Hair Dye

Cameleo Men - Permanent Hair Dye

This is a permanent hair dye and available in black, dark brown, medium brown and a light brown colours.

It is a permanent hair colouring cream for those who want to get rid of grey hair on their beard, moustache and/or sideburns

Mix equal amounts from the two tubes and apply. Leave for between 6-7 minutes and then wash out with water and shampoo.

Some buyers say the instructions were too complex but that it worked well.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Price when reviewed £6.23

5. Blackbeard for Men Temporary Beard Dye

Blackbeard for Men - temporary brush on colour

Many beard dyes come with chemical such as ammonia which is used to dye the hair - this one is an alternative to those harsher options.

This is a hypoallergenic beard colour that will not cause skin irritation in most men.

Please note this is a brush on solution for temporary colouring and this tube will last for around 4 weeks if used once a day

We would recommend this one for anyone with sensitive skin.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Price when reviewed £11.35

How to use a beard dye for best results?

Any man who grows a beard will know that beard hair is never the same as the hair on your head. It is almost always more curly and grows in many different directions and has varying colours. People say often it is a law onto itself. The main reason people consider dyeing their beard is to get rid of grey hairs and to give it a more consistent look.

Always do a test patch

The best advice we can give any guy is to start with a test patch on your beard. Never ever get a dye, mix it and apply it to all of your beard. That could be a huge mistake. Remember you are trying to get a natural look in most cases and to do that you need to start slowly. When you get the look that you want you can then get braver with a fuller application of the hair dye.

Pick a small section of your beard and "the neck area" is usually the best place for that. That means if anything goes wrong it is mainly hidden from view. Apply a small amount of dye and leave for around 5-6 minutes. Wash that off and give it a quick shampoo and see what that looks like. If you are satisfied then you can carry on. We would recommend leaving it for 24 hours to see what it looks like then.

How Beard Hair dyes work?

Remember that dye does what it says it does. It changes the colour of your hair. In most cases, the longer you leave the dye on, the darker the hair will become.

Temporary vs Permanent Beard Hair dyes

Just to be clear there are temporary hair dyes which you normally brush on. Typically these last for around 24 hours and will stand up to things like rain without disappearing. They will however wash out in a shower or if you wash your face in the sink. The permanent hair dye typically will last for a few weeks. Although the word permanent is used, in reality, it is not the true sense of the word.

What Hair Beard Dyes Contain?

The exact ingredients will vary from brand to brand. A few brands use organic or natural products and these types of dyes are always more expensive than those that use chemicals in their dyes. The ingredients in the cheaper dyes include Aminomethyl Propanol, Carbomer, Resorcinol, Cetearyl Alcohol, p-Phenylenedi-amine, Sodium Sulfite, Erythorbic Acid, Biotin and Etidronic Acid.

These can cause allergies and can also burn more sensitive skins.

How to Apply a Beard Dye?

Assuming that you have done a patch test and had no adverse results, then it's time to check that you have got the look that is best for you. That may take a few attempts and primarily just remember the principle that the longer you leave the dye on your beard, the darker the hair will become.

We always recommend starting with 5 minutes. If that is not dark enough then try 6 minutes etc until you get the right colour that you want to achieve. With a temporary dye, in most cases you simply comb it in and let the colour change until you get the required look.

Most permanent dyes means mixing equal amount of both tubes into a past before applying. Leave for the time period that you have figured out beforehand. Than wash off with a good beard shampoo. You can then check that you get the correct result.

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