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Merkur 34c vs Merkur 38C Comparison


Thanks for taking your time to read our comparison of the Merkur 34c vs Merkur 38C safety razors. To get straight to the point, just below we have included a direct comparison table showing you the key differences between these two razors from the high end German Merkur brand.

34c vs 38C Comparison Table

Merkur 34C

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor
  • Weight 80.5 grams
  • Handle Length 75 mm
  • Handle Diameter 11 mm
  • Medium aggressive razor
  • Average price £33-35

Merkur 38C

38c merkur model safety razor
  • Weight 100 grams
  • Handle Length: 100 mm
  • Handle diameter 11 mm
  • Heavy more aggressive razor
  • Average price £43-45

So as you can now easily see, the key differences between these two safety razors is simply the length and the weight. The 38C is longer and heavier than the more popular 34C.

We can see at a glance the differences, but what does that really means when it comes to using them. That is what we have explained just below.

How Do Safety Razors Work?

A safety razor holds a razor blade in the head, and that head is then closed down on top of the blade. The head attaches to a handle, which is of course the part that you hold when shaving.

With something like a disposable razor, they work by gently pressing the blade into the skin. The reason that you have to do that is because disposable razors are usually made from plastic and very light in weight.

Safety razors however are made from metal, and as such they are heavier. Simply because of that you never have to push a safety razor into the skin. The weight alone combined with a nice sharp razor blade do the shaving for you.

A safety razor of this type should never be pushed into the skin as it will nick and leave cuts. Instead the area to be shave should be covered with some type of thick and creamy shaving soap or cream.

The razor then should be rested against the face, and gently passed over the skin. It may take 1 or 2 passes to leave very smooth skin.

Merkur 34C Shaving Aggression

When it comes to safety razors you may hear the term "aggression." This simply refers to how hard the razor is against the skin. That relates directly to the weight. In other words a razor weighing 80.5 grams like the 34C model will not be as aggressive as the 100 gram weight of the 38C model.

Aggression is best remembered like this. Lighter safety razors are less likely to cut or nick the skin, and less likely to cause skin irritation or skin rashes.

Merkur 38C Shaving Aggression

So when it comes to the 38C model, that is clearly going to be more aggressive than the 34C model. The 38C is heavier and also longer so will give a slightly more aggressive shave.

There is however a bit more to it than just the weight. The handle length is also important. Short or smaller handles make a razor much easier to use and give you a lot of control.

Longer handles are better suited for people with larger hands, or for people with longer fingers. We would suggest that any man or woman, who does have larger hands or longer fingers will be better suited to the 38C model.

Which Merkur Razor Should You Pick?

The Merkur 34C is a great razor for a beginner because it is a mild shave, and is also a very well balanced and a nice razor to hold in your hand. It has been popular with beginners to wet shaving for a very long time.

That is the one that we would recommend for the majority of users. The only time you should think about the 38C is if you have longer fingers or larger hands. You do however have to remember to be a little more careful with that one, as it is a slightly more aggressive razor.

If we were measuring aggression on a scale of 1 to 10, the 34C would be about  a 5 on that scale, where as the 38C would be a 7 on that scale.

Hopefully we have given you enough information to be able to make your mind up which one of these Merkur safety razors is best suited to your individual needs. The good news is that both of these are very good and will last you for many years.

Although the initial expense may seem a little high for either of these, it is pretty much a one off cost. All you need after that is razor blades and they are pretty cheap to pick up.

Both razors accept any standard sized razor blade, so that selection is really just a matter of which brand you prefer to use. With razor blades it can be a bit of a trial and error. Some people like one brand and others prefer a different brand.

All our product recommendations are based on our independent research which we conduct online by reading the many reviews we find at online websites. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made.

You can read our affiliates page to find out more and also read about how we write our reviews.

We think it is hard to beat the Wilkinson Sword razor blades, available at Amazon UK. That said, Derby are also a popular choice for many users.

So folks the choice is yours. The one thing we know for certain is that Merkur is an excellent brand who have been making this type of razor for many years. They have a very strong reputation for quality.

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