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Merkur 34C Safety Razor UK Review


Thanks for taking your time to read our UK review of the enduring and popular Merkur  34C heavy duty safety razor. You may be aware that there are any number of choices when it comes to buying a safety razor. Most men buy these online as they can be particularly hard to find in the shops. If you are a man who is new to wet shaving, and in particular shaving with a safety razor, it can be confusing as to know which one to buy.

The Merkur 34C costs around £45-50, and that is expensive for this type of razor. After all you can pick up this type of razor for around £15-20. So why this higher price point you may well ask?

Merkur are a German brand based in Solingen, and they have been making this type of shaving equipment for many years. Their products are some of the highest quality on the market. You will no doubt be familiar with the old saying, "that you get what you pay for," and it is certainly the case with this safety razor. This particular model is an excellent choice for beginners, and many long term wet shavers have this model as their "go to" option.

All our product recommendations are based on our independent research which we conduct online by reading the many reviews we find at online websites. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made.

You can read our affiliates page to find out more and also read about how we write our reviews.

How Online Buyers Rate the Merkur 34C Safety Razor

  • On average online buyers rated this with a 90% buyer satisfaction based on over 6,500 online buyer reviews
  • 80% of all online buyers gave this razor a full 5 star rating
  • 3% of all online buyers gave this a bad review

The ratings are excellent as you can see and there are virtually no complaints with this safety razor from Merkur. We know that if the price was lower on this model, it would sell a great deal more.

The price does put many people off, especially when there are much cheaper options. All we would say that is if you want something of really high quality, that will last for years, then there is no better safety razor than this one.

What Online Buyers Say About the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Razor

There are usually good and bad points about most of these type of products. We here at the Shaving Emporium prefer to include both of these, so as you have a full understanding.

It is also worth pointing out that some people will always have a moan or a rant, others say it is great and give it a poor rating, and some people say it is rubbish and then rate it highly.

We try and apply a common sense approach to reading reviews. Some of them are clearly left by some strange people, but we have always found that if you look carefully enough, you get some really useful information. It is that which we have summarised below.

With this 34C model there is only 1% of bad reviews and those are opinion rather than based on any real hard facts.


This information is based on what online buyers said.


  • Most buyers said these razor looked so very good
  • The majority of buyers said it was beautifully balanced and a really perfect weight
  • Buyers said this is a short razor that fits into the hand really well
  • Buyers said that you did have to practise with this but once you master the right angle gives a superb shave


  • One buyer said the head screw came loose
  • 2 buyers said that the razor didn't feel right


Many DE safety razors cost around £15-25. This 34C model costs around £40-45 so getting towards the higher end of the price point. It is however one of the best safety razors on the market from one of the best brands.

Merkur 34C Specification

We have included a more detailed specification on this Merkur 34C just below:

  • This is a great choice for beginners as it delivers a mild, comfortable shave
  • It is made in Germany
  • The handle length is 75 mm (3.3") and the handle diameter is 11 mm
  • Weighs 81 grams 92.4 ounces)
  • Sadly this razor does not come with razor blades
  • It has a knurled handle which gives a very good grip, especially for wet or slippy hands
  • It is a 2 piece traditionally designed razor
  • It is a closed comb DE safety razor
  • It has a polished chrome finish
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor

Video Review of the Merkur 34C

We searched YouTube for any videos on this Merkur safety razor. There were not that many, but this one will give you an idea of what you are getting. It also shows them in action which is always useful.

Our Recommendation on the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor

One of the drawbacks of this razor for some buyers is the length of the handle. Please do not be put off by that at all. A short handle really does give you a great deal of control.

If you have bigger hands then you should consider a different razor, but for 90% of men in the UK, a short handle like this is a better option.

However, if this is not the safety razor for you then you can check out the top 10 list of safety razors by clicking here.

Check Availability at Amazon UK

Average Price:£40-45

90% buyer satisfaction based on 6,500+ online buyer reviews

This model came out at number 8 on our top 10 list of safety razors, but we know it would be much higher if the price was not so high. Here at the Emporium we have given this Merkur 34C an 85% rating in terms of value for money. There are of course many choices of safety razors to be had, but this model has certainly stood the test of time. This is a high quality razor that will not disappoint.

A Little About the Merkur Brand

Merkur was founded in Solingen, Germany in 1896. The factory was named after the messenger of the gods Hermes Romans. Their first safety razor included a safety comb in which was fixed a removable wedge-shaped blade that had to be sharpened regularly.

That of course changed with the release of safety razor blades, which now simply need to be replaced regularly.

Over the years the Merkur production has remained highly classical and that is the intention of the company. In 1996 Dovo, the most famous Merkur customer at that time took over the Merkur company.

Dovo and Merkur still continue with their own products but under two separated productions, while still being part of the same company.

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