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Thanks for taking your time to check out our information on the Remington F4 style foil shaver. The model number for this shaver is the F4000. This model is a step up from the Remington F3 shaver. The F4 is classed as an affordable but basic electric foil shaver, that also has a pop up trimmer for doing sideburns and a 3 day stubble styler. This shaver has been around for quite a few years and is a steady seller on the UK market.

We will explain the key features and benefits of this shaver just below. We will also give you the feedback from those people who have purchased this Remington shaver, and explain how they rate this, and what they had to say after they had bought and used it for a period of time. That will help you decide if this is the foil shaver for you.

How Online Buyers rate the Remington F4 Electric Shaver?

During our research we found around 1,000+ online buyer reviews and that is a sign that this shaver sells well and has sold consistently over the years.

The overall rating is 86% buyer satisfaction with 59% of all buyers rating this as an excellent shaver with a 5 star rating. However we also wish to point out that around 5% of all buyers have given this a bad rating.

It is normal to see this type of rating for a shaver that has been around for a long time.

Buyer Satisfaction

What Online Buyers say about the Remington F4 Electric Shaver?


  • The general consensus of UK buyers is that this is a good value for money shaver
  • The majority of buyers were pleased with their shaver and said it delivered a nice close shave
  • Buyers said that it takes a little bit of time to get used to but once you do, then it is a nice comfortable shave
  • Buyers also said it was a heavy shaver but it was well balanced when using it
  • Buyers thought the battery life was very good


  • A number of buyers did not like the effect left by the stubble trimmer attachment
  • A few buyers said replacement foils were expensive and difficult to find online and not available from Remington

We noticed that the majority of bad reviews came from anyone who bought this for the 3 day stubble feature and they appeared to be disappointed with the results, stating those as being patchy.

Remington F4 Available at Amazon UK

front of remington f4 electric foil shaver

This model is available at Amazon UK. The normal recommended price (RPP) for this shaver is £39.99 and the price will vary depending on where you buy this model from.

This offer comes with the shaver, a 3 day stubble attachment, a cleaning brush, head guard, a charging adaptor and a 2 year guarantee

Please note this can be used for dry shaving and also for wet shaving with a soap, cream or gel. The head does detach and you can wash that part out under the water tap.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Price when reviewed £35.95

What you need to know about the F4 model?

  • Foil shaver - this is a dual foil shaver and the oscillating blades (cutters) sit under the foil. As a general rule foil shavers are always better suited for any person with sensitive skin. A rotary shaver will give a slightly more aggressive shave.
  • Wet & dry shaving -  You can use this F4 shaver for dry shaving. You can also use it for wet shaving if you prefer to shave with a gel, soap or shaving cream.
  • Replacement foils for F4 shaver - You can buy replacement foils for this should the foil wear out. We found these on Amazon for around £14 and also on eBay. Most foils last for about 18-24 months. You can also purchase the foil and cutting heads online and it is around £30 for the full set of these. You should replace foils if they show wear and tear, or you feel the shaver pulling at hairs. You should also replace the foil if you notice the shaver starting to irritate your skin. We did have to do quite a bit of searching to find these.
  • Charging - It takes around 4 hours to fully charge this shaver. There is a 15  minute quick charge. On a full charge you can shave for around 45 minutes. At around 5 minutes a shave that is enough to last you for a week if you shave once a day. The lights will come on one after the other then go off in a repeating pattern. Once fully charged both lights will come on for 5 minutes then go out. You can't use the shaver while it is charging. It is worth noting that this shaver comes with a 2 pin shaver outlet plug. If you want to use it by plugging it into a socket you will need an adaptor. We would recommend the Masterplug Shaving Adaptor which costs around £1.50
  • Trimmer - this pops out of the back of the shaver. It is like most trimmers on electric shavers as they are just OK for trimming side burns to create a neat edge. Like many others we found this to be flimsy and just awkward to use. We mention the trimmer as many shavers have these and this model has that type of standard trimmer.
  • 3 day stubble attachment - Some users like the look of a 3 day stubble. This shaver comes with an attachment that clips on the top of the foil. You shave with this attachment on and it leaves behind a stubble. Most complaints about this shaver came from this feature. Some buyers thought it worked well and others didn't. Those that did complain appeared to have wiry or coarser hair. If you have that type of hair you are going to be better off buying an actual stubble trimmer rather than a clip on gadget.
  • Cleaning - This shaver is not IP rated but it is classed as waterproof. You can wipe the outside of the shaver with a damp cloth. For a full clean the head of the shaver does come off with a push button head release. You can then rinse the cutters (underneath the shaving head) and the shaving head itself under warm running water.

Remington Brand

Remington are an American brand and are a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands and Oak Hill Capital. They were established in New York in 1937. They make a range of hair care and shaving products which are sold in the UK market. These include electric shavers, hair clippers, hair trimmers and epilators. They make both rotary and foil type electric shavers. They also make curling wands, curling irons, hair straighteners, flat irons, hair dryers and styling brushes.

In the UK they sell through Amazon UK, B&M, Argos, JD Williams, Boots, very, Asda, Sainsburys, Superdrug, John Lewis, and Littlewoods. Their warranty varies depending on the product but if you register the product online they will extend the warranty by a year.

Their customer service number for the UK is 0800 212 438 and they are based in Fallsworth, Manchester. 

Remington F4 Shaver Summary

We do a lot of research on electric shavers. This Remington F4 model is a foil electric shaver. There are not that many features so really not that much that can go wrong. It is in our opinion a reliable electric shaver. Remington are a well established brand and this one comes with a 2 year warranty. You can extend this warranty if you register the shaver online. So that would give you some peace of mind with a full 3 year warranty.

This shaver is a little slow to charge compared to others which can charge fully in an hour. That said that type of shaver will be 2-3 times more expensive so it is a bit of a trade off. The majority of buyers said this gives a close shave, has a good battery life and is easy to clean and look after. The other two features on this shaver work Ok but they are not huge selling points in our opinion.

The trimmer is like any standard trimmer and can be used to trim sideburns. The 3 day stubble attachment is a simple clip on attachment which leaves you with a stubble look and feel. The effectiveness of this attachment divides opinions from buyers who use this feature.

If this is not the Remington shaver for you then you can read our information on all the Remington electric foil shaver models by clicking on this link.

If you prefer to read about our list of electric shavers then click on this link.

Overall though, this is a good basic foil shaver, that represents very good value for money. Foils and cutting heads are available for replacements and it is supported by a good warranty. There is also a good user manual. Many people bought this shaver for their elderly father or grandfather. The main reason for that is that a foil shaver is better for sensitive skin, the shaver is easier to use and takes little to no maintenance. It is also affordable for most people and is made to last.

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