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What is the best age to start Shaving?


Thanks for taking your time to read our article on the proper age to start shaving. As changes start to happen quickly in those early teenage years, then at some point for all young men, shaving becomes more of a reality.

The precise time when a boy should start shaving though depends on a number of factors. The single most important of those is what is called "puberty." According to the Kid's Health website, puberty is the time when a body starts to change as you move from a kid to an adult.

Boys start to look more manly, their body grows quite rapidly and they do start to grow more hair. Puberty starts from age 9-15 in boys, and even earlier with girls at around 8-13 years of age.

Boys and girls both begin to grow hair under their arms and the pubic areas. Initially this hair will be quite thin and have a very light complexion. As they go later into puberty, this hair become longer, thicker, darker and curlier in nature.

Usually at the later ages of puberty, boys start to develop hair on their faces.

Is There An Exact Age To Start Shaving?

As you can see boys go through puberty at any age between 9 to 15 years of age. Most primary school children which is up to the age of 11 will not need to worry about shaving. It is however worth pointing out that there are a few exceptions to that rule, so don't worry if you see hair starting to appear at the younger ages.

More typically boys will start thinking about shaving anything between 13-15 years of age. Many of them can't wait to get started.

The real decision about shaving though simply comes down to either:

  1. The amount of hair they have on their face
  2. or if the hair they have on their face is annoying them

At this puberty age, boys are developing rapidly, and they are growing quickly. Their feet are getting bigger, their shoulders wider and their voice is starting to get deeper. It can be a confusing time for them.

More than anything else most of them want to fit in and be accepted socially. What may be just some light hair to us the parents, may seem like a crazy amount of hair to him, when he looks at his friends. As a parent it is important to bear this in mind.

When Should You Let Your Son Shave?

As we mentioned above, there is no exact age. If you believe they have enough hair on their face to shave, and are capable of holding a razor, then it is perfectly OK to let them start shaving.

What is far more important is to make sure they know how to shave properly. Many people get this wrong, and they end up cutting and nicking their face. Like many things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing this.

There is an old myth going around that is told to many young lad starting out with shaving. They are often told that the sooner you start shaving, then the more the hair will grow. This is simply a myth and not true at all. Don't ignore their desire to shave and help them get started.

When Should You Let Your Daughter Shave?

This is always a difficult time for young ladies. Some grow more hair than others and hair can appear more vivid on some girls than on others. The reality is that different girls are ready for shaving their legs at different times.

As we mentioned earlier puberty can start as early as 8 or 9 years of age. Typically this is noticed through breast development and menstrual cycles.

Although body hair is always there, it is during puberty that the hair becomes more noticeable. It does start to get coarser and thicker. The real big issue here for girls is that it can start to make them feel uncomfortable around their peers and make them think about shaving.

The typical ages when leg shaving starts is usually between 12-14 years of age.

How to Shave for the First Time?

There are two choices which are a dry shave or a wet shave:

  1. Wet shaving is best especially for younger skin - It will require a shaving gel, a safety razor and some guidance
  2. Dry shaving is done using an electric shaver and is safer but not as good for the skin

Wet Shaving for Teenagers

Wet shaving is the best way possible to treat the skin. We believe here at the Emporium, that it is also the best way and gives a close clean shave. It is also by quite a distance the cheapest way of shaving.

You will need:

  1. A DE safety razor - these cost around £20
  2. Razor blades - these cost around 10-20 p per blade
  3. Shaving soap, cream or gel - these cost around £5-8 a unit

Wash the face with hot water to properly soak the hair. Apply a soap, cream or gel which can be done by hand, or also by using a shaving brush. Then gently allow the weight of the DE safety razor to shave the face moving it in the direction of the hair growth.

If you want to find out all about the various shaving options for teenagers, then please click here.

Dry Shaving for Teenagers

Dry shaving is the other option. This is always done using an electric razor. All you need to get started with this is a good quality electric razor. These come in a whole range of sizes and styles.

There are two main types, rotary and foil. The foil electric shavers are a much better choice for anyone starting out dry shaving. They are also much better for any man with sensitive skin.

You can also buy what are called wet/dry electric shavers, which we think that you should consider. These allow you to apply a soap, cream or gel to the skin and then use the electric shaver. Any type of soap, cream or gel offers great protection to the skin, and also helps moisturise it.

Acne & Shaving

With puberty comes the strong risk of acne, especially in boys. That of course can make shaving very difficult. We have offered a few tips below to help get around that problem.

The face and neck should be thoroughly washed before any type of shaving. Ideally a facial scrub or some type of face wash will do the best job of this. Try to wash the face for about 2-3 minutes to really help soften the hair.

Then apply a shaving gel, a proper shaving soap or high quality shaving cream. Avoid at all costs those cheap tins of completely useless foam, which will only make acne worse.

When shaving we recommend a DE razor, and gentle strokes should be used. Do not press down on the razor and take your time.

After the shave apply some type of facial moisturiser.

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