Best Razor Blades UK 2022 Reviews 

Suitable for DE Safety Razors and Cutthroats

Thanks for taking your time to read out information and reviews on the best razor blades. These are the type of blades that are suitable to use with double edge safety razors or with straight razors.

Most people will know that having a good quality blade is very important if you are consider making the move to wet shaving. To be able to use the blade you will need to own or buy a DE safety razor or a straight razor, before making the switch.

Razor blades have been around for years, and are used for a variety of reasons. In terms of shaving they are a very affordable way of getting a really close shave. Most of the leading shaving brands will make some type of blade.

Safety Razors

Please be aware that you can buy a standard razor blade which has a blade on each side. These type of standard blades fit almost every single safety razor. You can also break these in half to use with straight razors, which take razor blades.

Straight Razors (Cutthroat)

As mentioned above you can simply break a standard razor blade in half as long as you are careful. You can also buy half razor blades such as the Derby Tokai Professional which we have reviewed below.

There are several options when it comes to buying good quality razor blades. Just below you will find our top 10 list. We have based that list on those blades that get the best buyer reviews. That way you can pick the best type for you knowing that, they are highly rated by actual users.

All our product recommendations are based on our independent research which we conduct online by reading the many reviews we find at online websites. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made.

You can read our affiliates page to find out more and also read about how we write our reviews.

Before You Buy - Top 5 Buying Tips

Just before checking out the main reviews, we have provided a few tips just below on buying good quality safety razor blades, that we think will help you make the best choice.

  1. Blade usage for a safety razor - one blade is good for around 5-6 shaves when using a safety razor. After that it should be replaced as the edge will have gone off it. If you have a really coarse beard then you may only get 2-3 shaves with a razor blade.
  2. Blade Usage for a Straight Razor (Cutthroat) - Some straight razors have a fixed blade. However most straight razors use safety razor blades which have been broken in half. If you to that you can get 10-12 shaves from a single blade
  3. Buy a Good Brand - We would recommend buying a good brand such as Wilkinsons, Derby, Astra or Feather. There are some other cheaper ones available, but we have found them to be of poorer quality.
  4. Buy in bulk - These are sold in smaller packs of 10 but we would recommend buying in larger quantities such as 50 or 100. In smaller amounts a blade can work out at around 50p per blade, where as the same blades bought in bulk drop to around 20p a blade. It all makes a difference!
  5. Blade Bank - Razor blades are dangerous and disposing of them is important to do safely. Many wet shavers buy a small inexpensive bin or collection box for that purpose.

Top 6 Razor Blade Reviews

Just below you will find concise reviews of the top 6 razor blades that are available in the UK. We have listed those showing those that have got the best reviews and ratings from online buyers.

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Buyer satisfaction rating of 94%

85% of all buyers gave these a 5 star review

4% of all buyers so far have given these a bad review

Made from 100% stainless steel

Compatible with all standard double edge razors

Around 26 pence per blade

100 double edge razor blades (47 mm)


  • These are the biggest sellers online
  • Most shavers here at the Emporium use these as the quality has always been good
  • The blades are sharp without being dangerously sharp


  • A couple of buyers said these blades were not sharp enough

Astra Razor Blades, Pack of 100

  • Buyer satisfaction rating 94%
  • 80% of all buyers gave this a 5 star review
  • 2% of all buyers so far have given this a bad review
  • These are double edge razor blades
  • Known as the "Green" Astra
  • Strong and affordable
  • 12 p a blade


  • Quite a few buyers prefer the Astra branded blades
  • The majority of buyers thought these were great value for money


  • Some buyers said they blunt too quickly

Derby 100 Derby Extra Shaving Blades.

Buyer satisfaction rating 92%

76% of all buyers gave this a 5 star review

3% of all buyers so far have given this a bad review

Chromium-Ceramic Platinum Tungsten and Polymer Coated Edges

Comes as a set of 20 dispensers with 5 blades in each pack

8 p a blade


  • Most buyers say the blades were sharp enough
  • Most buyers said these gave a really close shave


  • A couple of buyers did not like the fact that the packs are wrapped in plastic
  • Some buyers thought the edges were blunt

DERBY TOKAI Premium 100 Double Edge Razor Blades

  • Buyer Satisfaction rating 90%
  • 72% of all buyers gave this a 5 star review
  • 3% of all buyers so far have given this a bad review
  • Made from Swedish steel
  • Classed as high performance blades
  • Wrapped in wax paper
  • 8 p a blade


  • Buyers said these were excellent value for money
  • Buyers said the blades were sharp and efficient


  • A couple of buyers said they did not like the plastic wrapping

DERBY TOKAI Premium 100 Double Edge Razor Blades

Buyer satisfaction rating 88%

83% of all buyers gave this a 5 star review

No buyers so far have given these a bad review and complaints were about delivery issues

Made from black Swedish steel

Ideal for using in straight razors

Not suitable for DE safety razors

100 blades

6 p a blade


  • Buyers liked these and thought they delivered a very close shave
  • Straight razor users liked these a lot


  • We could not find any complaints about the blades

DERBY TOKAI Professional 100 Half Razor Blades - Best for a Cut Throat Razor

Buyer satisfaction rating 86%

59% of all buyers gave this a 5 star review

5% of all buyers so far have given this a bad review

Ideal for using in straight razors

Not suitable for DE safety razors

100 blades

56 p a blade


  • Many straight blades users said that these were sharp and also that they lasted really well
  • Buyers thought these were very affordable and good value for money


  • A few buyers said that these were just too blunt
  • A couple said they did not last long enough

Razor Blade Buyer's Guide

We like to write a full buyer's guide, which we believe is especially helpful for any new buyer of a product like this. A lot of people believe that a razor blade is just a razor blade. For the most part that is of course correct.

You can easily buy these in most supermarkets, and to be honest, most buyers try out a few different brands before settling on one that they prefer.

Standard razor blades will fit almost every DE razor, so it is easy enough to try out a few different brands. Buy something like a 10 pack and see what you think.

Razor Blade Pricing

Expect to pay around 5-8 pence a blade on average if your are buying around 100 blades.

If you are looking for smaller packs, then better to look in supermarkets or in a chemist, where you will find those. They will be slightly more expensive per blade, but once you find the brand you prefer, then you can buy a larger amount at a cheaper price.

Razor Blade Brands

Certain brands are known for their wet shaving products and in particular for their razor blades. These include:

  • Wilkinson Sword
  • Feather
  • Derby
  • Astra

We have always preferred Wilkinson Sword when it comes to buying blades. They are typically more expensive, but we have always found them to be reliable and consistently good quality.

Razor Blade Accessories

There is really only one accessory that you can get for razor blades and that is a disposal bin. We think this is especially important if you have younger children around the home.

  • As you can see this is not an expensive purchase and keeps used blades safe and out of harm's way
  • It is from the Shavng Factory brand and gets an excellent 92% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Will hold up to 500 blades and can be disposed off when full
  • Just offers peace of mind

Hopefully you have found the above information useful and known a little bit more about razor blades and how to pick your own favourite brand.

We would highly recommend experimenting with these types of blade to find the one you prefer. We recommend the Wilkinson Sword brand simply because we have used them over the years, and always found them consistently sharp and high quality.

Enda McLarnon

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Enda McLarnon

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