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Wahl Chrome Pro Corded Hair Clipper UK Review


Wahl ChromePro Mains Hair Clipper Set UK Review

Product Rating Summary 

90% Overall

The Wahl ChromePro corded Hair Clipper is an affordable huge best seller. There are thousands of reviews on this particular product. It is a hair clipper set, that comes with a very useful instructional DVD. That is great for anyone wanting to start cutting hair at home.

ease of use
easy to clean
overall satisfaction

These clippers cost on average anything between £30-40 depending on where you buy them and all the other usual things such as special offers or deals.

They have a very high average buyer satisfaction rating of 90% buyer satisfaction based on 3,500+ online buyer reviews. Those 2 figures tell you that they sell a lot, and that they have maintained a very high buyer satisfaction over the years. Those are both good signs for anyone considering buying these Wahl Chrome Pro clippers.

They are an electric corded and main's operated hair clipper. It has an excellent cutting system, and is the type that can handle all hair types, especially thicker hair.

There are multiple cutting lengths which are changed by a tapered lever. There is no need to change attachment combs.
The clippers are quiet and have a nice grip. They use high carbon steel blades. This set comes with an instructional DVD, to help you get the barber shop look at home.

All our product recommendations are based on our independent research which we conduct online by reading the many reviews we find at online websites. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made.

You can read our affiliates page to find out more and also read about how we write our reviews.

How Online Buyers Rate the Wahl ChromePro Mains Hair Clipper Set

  • On average online buyers rated this with a 90% buyer satisfaction based on over 3.500 online reviews
  • 70% of all online buyers gave this set a full 5 star rating
  • 5% of all online buyers gave this a bad review

The facts are that this one has sold in its thousands. Normally when that happens the review rating starts to drop as more people leave tougher reviews. That has not happened with this Wahl model, and it remains a huge best seller.

Around 5% of all buyers did give this model a low or bad review. We always like to find out why that would be the case, so we have shown that in the Pros and Cons section of this article, just below.

What Online Buyers Say About the Wahl ChromePro Clipper Set

There are usually good and bad points about most of these type of products. We here at the Shaving Emporium prefer to include both of these, so as you have a full understanding. It is also worth pointing out that some people will always have a moan or a rant, others say it is great and give it a poor rating, and some people say it is rubbish and then rate it highly.

We try and apply a common sense approach to reading reviews. Some of them are clearly left by some strange people, but we have always found that if you look carefully enough, you get some really useful information. It is that which we have summarised below.

Pros & Cons

This information is based on what online buyers said.


  • Most buyers said these clippers did a good cutting job
  • Accessories are all good quality and work very well
  • The clippers are nice and heavy, but still easy enough to use
  • Solid and reliable and ideal for doing family haircuts
  • Good that they plug in so you always have constant power to them


  • The clippers are just too heavy
  • 5% of the buyers said they stuck all the time
  • A few buyers said that the clippers nipped their head, and pulled on shorter hairs

Many trimmers cost around £40-80. These cost around £35-40 so they are at the lower end of the price point. They are good value for money. These are not cordless though and that does mean you will always need to be near an electric socket. Although not a major problem, it can be inconvenient at times.

Wahl Chrome Pro Specification

We have included a more detailed specification on this hair clipper set just below:

Inside the box you will get a lot of bits and pieces:

  • 1 x Clipper
  • 1 x Blade guard
  • 8 x Attachment combs (Sizes 1-8)
  • 1 x Left ear comb,  1 x Right ear comb. 1 x Barber comb, 1 x Pocket comb and 1 x Flat top comb
  • 1 x Scissors
  • 1 x Cable tidy
  • 1 x Neck duster
  • 1 x Barber cape
  • 1 x Cleaning brush, 1 x Clipper oil
  • 1 x How to DVD and a hard carry case

Video Review of the Wahl Chrome Pro Clippers

We searched YouTube for any videos on this Wahl Chrome Pro. There were not that many, but this one will give you an idea of what you are getting. It also shows them in action which is always useful.

Our Recommendation on the Wahl Chrome Pro Corded Hair Clipper Set

Wahl Chrome Pro Head Shaver

This set of hair clippers from Wahl sells in its thousands. They have been out for a long time and overall buyers rate these very highly.

However, if this is not the trimmer for you can check out our top 18 list of hair clippers by clicking here.

Here at the Emporium we have given this Wahl trimmer 75% in terms of value for money.

There are of course many choices of hair clippers to be had, but this set has certainly stood the test of time.

Check Availability at Amazon UK

Average Price:£45

90% buyer satisfaction based on 3,500+ online buyer reviews

Wahl Chrome Pro vs Wahl Chrome Pro Deluxe

The Wahl Chrome Pro deluxe is a newer and updated version of the Chrome Pro, we are reviewing on this page.

Chrome Pro

Product Details

4.5 / 5

Wahl ChromePro Mains Hair Clipper Set UK Review

PowerDrive Cutting System

Hair Clipper

No battery trimmer

No nose trimmer

Chrome Pro Deluxe

Product Details

4.5 / 5

Wahl Chrome Pro deluxe hair clippers

PowerDrive Cutting System

29 piece haircut kit

Comes with a battery powered trimmer as well

Comes with a nose trimmer

The Wahl Brand

The Wahl brand was founded in 1919 by Leo J Wahl. They invented the first practical electric hair clipper. Today, they have over 1,500 employees worldwide.

Wahl is based in Sterling, Illinois, USA. Their products are sold in approximately 165 countries worldwide.

In the 1960's the company developed and produced the following products

  • A unique and innovative flexible-blade electric razor, A clipper with a vacuum hair pickup. The first universal-type rotary motor clipper and the first cordless/rechargeable battery-operated hair trimmer

They continued to develop a wide range of grooming products. Those included:

  • The ZeeCurl, a unique, flat-barrel curling iron
  • A rechargeable wand massager
  • A magnifying extension mirror
  • The Sterling line of professional hair clippers
  • The "Stubble Device" to keep facial hair cut one to three days long
  • A bikini line shaver.

In the 2000s Wahl introduced:

  • The remarkable Trim N Vac - the first beard and moustache trimmer that collects the trimmings using a patented vacuum system.
  • The first hair clipper to the first lithium ion powered trimmer.

Currently under Greg Wahl's leadership, the company sets its sights on Leading with Vision, a new philosophy for the 21st Century. "To maintain our leadership position in the personal care categories we serve, we must have vision. Vision to continually improve our existing products. Vision to bring new products to market which meet the wants and needs of consumers.

This Wahl Chrome Pro corded model is a good strong set of hair clippers, with a wide range of useful accessories, and it also comes with a very useful instructional DVD. That is actually very useful especially if you have not tried home hair cutting before.

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