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Miserwe Hair Removal Mini IP4X Waterproof Lady Shaver UK Review

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of one of the best selling lady's shavers called the Miserwe Hair Removal Mini IP4X waterproof lady shaver.

This shaver came out at number five on our list of the top 10 electric shavers for women, that are currently available in the UK.

On this shaver there is a straight blade which is specifically used for the arms and legs. There is also a blade shaped in the form of an arc, that is used for the armpits and the bikini line.

There is also a very interesting honeycomb style floating knife net that can be used for fine repair of shorter hair.

That makes this Miserwe model a very good choice for the removal os all body hair.

It comes with a a universal USB cable and has a rechargeable battery, which means it can be charged by any adapter, or power bank, which is really useful if you are travelling.

It can be used wet or dry and can also be rinsed out under water.

The head is made from stainless steel.

How Buyers Rate the Miserwe Hair Removal Mini IP4X

Just below we have summarised how buyers rated this razor, after they had bought and used it. This rating is based on over 200  online reviews that we found at the different websites, where this battery style shaver is sold.

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall online buyers have given this set a very solid 90% buyer satisfaction rating
  • 79% of all buyers gave these a 5 star rating
  • 9% of all buyers have given this shaver a bad rating

What Buyers Say about the Miserwe Hair Removal Mini IP4X

Here at the Shaving Emporium we have read all the reviews from the various websites that sell electric shavers

As you can see the reviews overall are good, and there are lots of them, so this shaver sells extremely well. The comments and reviews that we read were positive, but we have also included what the buyers didn't like.

We do however like to include all of the detail when we summarise up our findings.

We have summarised those findings in a simple pros and cons table just below.


  • Buyers liked the fact that it is small and portable which is great for travel
  • Many buyers liked the fact that you can use this wet and dry
  • Most buyers loved the very feminine design
  • Buyers thought it was affordable and most buyers thought it was good value for money
  • Most buyers love the fact that you can charge this with any USB connector port
  • Buyers said it worked well on both short and long hairs


  • Some buyers did receive faulty products and had to return them
  • Some buyers said that the shaver stopped working after a few uses and had to be replaced under warranty

Short Summary:

The buyer ratings on this shaver are very high at an impressive 90%. Most buyers really like the feminine appearance of this lady shaver.

They also love the fact that it is easy to charge from a USB port.

Buyers said that is shaved really well, and that it was useful that it was suitable for both wet and dry shaving.

There were a low number of complaints about the unit not working and had to be replaced under warranty.

Our Verdict on the Miserwe Hair Removal Mini IP4X Waterproof Lady Shaver


Most buyers said this was well made with good quality parts


Most buyers said this was fast and could be used for full body shaving


Buyers really love the low cost price of this shaver and the quality

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

This Miserwe shaver did come out as our number five choice for an electric style shaver. This shaver is affordable and a good choice for beginners to electric shavers.

Overall buyers like this shaver and they also like the attachments that you get with it. It allows you to shave all areas of the body including the bikini line.

It is also good for any woman with sensitive skin.

The shaver has a high quality stainless steel shaving head which will last for a very long time. The head also has a mesh which is good at removing stubble.

It has a 0.5 mm cutting blade which leaves a very fine cut for a smooth shaving experience.

There is a charging light on the shaver, green for full, blue when running and red when it needs to be charged.

As we have mentioned this shaver is the fifth highest selling shaver on our top 10 list of electric shavers. You can check that out here.

We know from the large number of reviews that it sells a lot, and overall with an 90% buyer satisfaction, most buyers clearly like it.

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