Philips S9711/31 Electric Shaver UK Review 

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the popular Philips Series 9000 wet and dry men's electric shaver with the model number S9711/31.

As you know there are a number of different models in the Philips 9 series, but this particular one seems to sell the most. Online buyers rate this shaver highly and it is certainly classed as a high end razor.

This model shaves close and it shaves fast even on beards with 2-3 days of growth. As well as a host of features this one also comes with a beard trimmer and a travel pouch.

In this review we get into a lot more detail about this particular S9711/31 model.

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How Do Buyers Rate the S9711/31 Razor?

Just below you will see our overall buyer satisfaction rating. This number refers to the average buyer satisfaction rating of the product. We calculated this rating by researching a number of online websites where this shaver is sold.

We made a note of the ratings that customers had left, and from that we worked out the average rating.

We then expressed that as a percentage number, with the maximum score being 100%. See our scale below.

  • 90 -100% is an excellent review
  • 80-89% is a very good review
  • 70-79% is a good review
  • 60-69% is a satisfactory review
  • <60% is a poor review

This model scored 92% which is a very good rating

Buyer Satisfaction

What Online Buyers Say About the S9711/31 Razor?

We now know how online buyers rated this model online, and now we want to take a closer look at what some of those buyers had to say, when they took their time to leave their review.

We have summarised those comments in the form of a pros and cons table just below.


  • 75% of all online buyers gave this model a full 5 star rating 
  • Buyers said that this shaver does glide easily over the skin and as such means no dryness or razor burn
  • Most buyers said this was much quieter than other razors that they had used before
  • Those who had uses a foil shaver before appeared to have been converted to a rotary shaver as a result of using this model


  • 3% of all buyers gave this model a bad review
  • A few buyers said that you can get just as good a shave from a cheaper razor
  • A few buyers did not like the cleaning system though they didn't say why

Philips S9711/31 Specification

Philips S9711/31 electric razor review

Some buyers like to know the full technical specification of any product before they make their final purchase. As such we have included all the technical data that we could find about this particular S9711/31 model.

  • This model uses what Philips call their "V-Track PRO Precision Blades" and they claim these cut 30% closer than other Philips shavers in the other ranges
  • This shaver has 8-directional "ContourDetect" heads that follow every contour of your face
  • There are 3 personalised setting options - these are normal and good for everyday use, fast for a quick shave when you are in a hurry and a trimmer option for detailing
  • Uses a  SmartClean PLUS clean and charge system - this system cleans, lubricates and dries your shave meaning that you don't have to and saves you a little time
  • This model is waterproof and as such can be used to shave wet or dry
  • You get 60 minutes of shaving time for a one hour charge
  • There is also a quick 5 minute charge option which gives enough power for one shave
  • Comes with a UK 2 Pin or 3 Pin Plug
  • Comes with a beard trimmer attachment
  • Comes with a travel pouch

A Little About the Philips Brand

The Philips Brand

This is a long established household brand and started way back in 1891. The company was founded by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips in Eindhoven (Netherlands). In 1939 the company launched its pioneering rotary electric shaver, the Philishave.

Philips has remained fully committed to innovation. It has a focus on health and well-being. It currently has several ranges of electric shavers that include the 5000, 6000, 7000 and 9000 Series of electric shavers.

Our Verdict on the Philips S9711/31

This razor is part of the Philips 9000 series, and the 9000 is their latest and most up to date range of electric shavers. That means you should have the latest technology available in this particular range and with this particular model.

This shaver has a lot of online buyer reviews and that tells us that it sells really well online. We also know that with an 92% buyer satisfaction rating, it is also well liked by those same buyers.

It has all the features that you would like to have in a shaver and according to buyers gives a close and comfortable shave.

Buyers also liked the choice of speeds especially when they were in a hurry and just had time for a quick shave. It's always nice to have those options.

This is not a cheap option and the price goes up and down on this one quite a lot. The RRP is £450 but you can usually find it cheaper than that online.

However if this is not the shaver for you, then you can check out all our information on electric shavers by clicking here.

This model though fairs well and overall buyers give it a very good rating so we think it is worth your consideration.

Enda McLarnon

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Enda McLarnon

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