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Best Korean Eye Cream UK

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best Korean eye cream that is currently available on the UK market place. It is of course important that the area around the eye is delicate and you should only use specific creams. It is also fair to say that Koreans really do have beautiful, healthy, and younger-looking skin. It can be very difficult to tell age differences.

As a general rule, the Korean people tend to invest in products, including antioxidants and other safe ingredients. We have done some more research to find out more about their daily use of beauty products and come across the best Korean eye cream.

Etude House Eye Cream

90% buyer satisfaction based on 250+ online buyer reviews

This is a moist, full collagen blended eye cream with many benefits.

It contains small particles of Baobab oil and collagen water which are mixed to fill up the dry skin and provide rejuvenation. The cream is an exclusive product made within Korea to treat the eye-specific issues such as dryness, and dullness.

It has a clingy and firm texture, and provides nourishment to any excess dryness.

It comes in a small tub that you can easily apply with fingers. If you are also concerned about the area under your eyes andhave fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness, this eye cream may be the best option for you. 

This is a stable collagen product with a boost of reliable moisture structure. On the other hand, the Baobab oil used is derived from a Baobab plant containing a maximum of 120,000L of water. All in all, the cream is perfect if you are looking for extra moisture.

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream

98% buyer satisfaction based on 50+ online buyer reviews

This is Mizon’s best range of eye cream for treating wrinkles, signs of aging, eye bags, and dullness. The cream provides effective results within a week of use.

It offers full nourishment and moisturisation and has a thick texture that properly absorbs within the skin.

It is collagen boosted and hypoallergenic eye cream to be ideal for all skin types.

It also improves your skin radiance with the 42% marine collagen-infused within. 

This cream doesn’t contain any artificial colors such as ethanol, parabens, etc. That makes this cream highly recommended for sensitive skin. This eye cream also includes Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Rasberry extract, Olive oil, sunflower seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and other useful ingredients.

Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

90% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

This is a multi-function eye cream with a Snail Repair formula by Mizon.

Although it may not sound pleasent, this cream contains almost 80% snail mucin, which is known to be a major K-beauty ingredient. The Korean beauty products with snail repair formulas are much in demand.

Other ingredients include Niacinamide for repairing dark circles and providing moisture to the skin. This dermatologically tested cream is ideal for all skin types.

Snail mucin helps a lot with skin regeneration, and is also an excellent source for copper peptides. It helps in healing wounds and also shows strong evidence in repairing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Using a finger or spatula, you can easily apply the cream around the eyes. You can notice the results within a week with regards to black circles, wrinkles, and skin brightening. Its active ingredients include hyaluronic acid and seed extract, among others.

AHC Ageless Real Eye Cream for face Season7

88% buyer satisfaction based on 50+ online buyer reviews

Eye creams have the highest concentration of the most advanced anti-aging technology.

As the product’s description says, it is also great for overall face applications apart from eyes. This is because the impact is so incredible that the entire face covers under its utilization.

Also, it’s a premium Korean beauty product to offer smooth, soft, and tight skin around our eyes

The e contents include sesaflash, syn-coll, Antarctican, Sepicalm, etc. They are known to provide immense anti-aging, fine lines, and wrinkles benefits.

This eye cream has multiple uses such as treating wrinkles, hydration, firming, lifting, moisturizing, brightening, absorption, and increased irritation. The application is easy using the integrated tube system. Just open the cap and apply. With overall face application, you need not buy separate moisturizing or serum products.

Korean Eye Cream Buying Guide

Korea’s is known for sheet masks, snail mucin, and their skin care products. Here are the key ingredients that you should look for in good eye creams.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is Sodium Hyaluronate. It works to overlock the skin’s moisture in place and helps produce collagen. Adequate collagen production means reduced evaporation and sweating. It is ideal for maintaining skin elasticity, so do consider the presence of Hyaluronic Acid in your best Korean eye cream.


Ceramide is a kind of lipid that is also produced by our own skin membranes. Almost always we do not produce enough. The presence of Ceramide will help prevent cracked, dry skin and improves overall skin hydration and leaves a significant impact on eye bags. It also enhances tautness and flexibility around the skin to reduce crow’s feet, fine lines, puffy bags, and wrinkles.


Retinol is a Vitamin A type that helps to retain smoothness and the required natural skin tone. Retinol accelerates the regeneration of cells and improves unclog pores and diminish the fine lines and appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin C

The most potent antioxidant is called Vitamin C, which we mostly look for in Korean beauty products. The eye cream with Vitamin C is the best under eye cream for dark bags. It helps in removing free radicals to reduce signs of aging.

Vitamin E

To nourish the skin just like Vitamin C, the presence of Vitamin E is also essential. It slows down the signs of aging, along with being rich in antioxidants. It also protects your skin from harmful UV rays and maintains the required glow, smoothness, and skin elasticity.

How to Apply Korean Eye Cream?

step 1

Use the Right Amount

Check the packaging of the product for the exact amount to be used. In most cases, a pea-sized amount is used for most eye creams. The exact amount to be used is always based upon richness and consistency of the particular eye cream product that you decide to use.

step 2

Dot over the skin around your eyes

If there are no direct or particular instructions, then using a finger, put small dots over the affected area under the eyes. Place small dots over brows, eyelids, and the top of your cheekbones. Make sure that each movement is along the skin rather than against it.

step 3

Use a Gentle Tapping Motion

many users tend to instantly massage cream into the skin. With eye creams, generally speaking, is is much better to tap it gently under the eye area. Start with an eye corner and move the cream along the skin’s texture. Do not use any force to try and make the cream absorb better. Eye creams have a built-in emulsion technology for proper absorption. You need to spread the cream over the area gently.

step 4

Use a Light Massaging Technique

Only after tapping the cream in should you lightly massage the cream for better absorption. Use your fingers to massage in a circular gentle motion. This helps to stimulate blood flow, and provides long-lasting results. You may choose to repeat the process on surrounding areas, laugh lines, or forehead to treat fine lines and wrinkles if the cream so specifies it.

Our Thoughts on Korean Eye creams

Most people know that taking care of our eyes properly should form part of any daily beauty regime. The reasons should be obvious and they are to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Eye creams also helps to repair the skin.

There are any number of eye creams available on the UK market. That includes some high-end products that are too expensive for many people. Most Korean eye creams come in an affordable price range. They are also well packaged and have a nice look to them

We believe that Korean eye creams are best used to treat various eye issues such as puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, stress, and pigmentation, etc. 

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