Best Hair Clippers For Kids - UK Reviews

In this article we review what we believe to be the best hair clippers for kids, currently available on the UK market.

If you have tried to cut your kid's hair at home, then you will know, that it is not always the most pleasant of experiences. Some children are OK with it, but many are not. Mainly that is down to the fact, that the noise of the hair clippers makes them a little bit afraid.

If it ever happens to pull on a hair, then no doubt there will also be tears. That is why, from bitter experience, we have put together this article on the best hair clippers for children, toddlers, a baby or kids.

The quieter the clippers can be the better, but you also need clippers that are safe to use with no sharp edges.

Some kids also just hate going to the barbers or hairdressers, and that can cause a lot of stress, for both children and parents.

Finally there is also the consideration of the vibration. Most adult hair clippers do have a strong vibration which can be felt if the clippers tend to rest on the head. Most adults realise that and just deal with it.

Kids as you know may no be like that and will actually pull their head away.

Finding clippers with low vibration are therefore also very important.

Kid's Hair Clipper Reviews - Top 6 Reviews

Underneath we have selected a few of our favourite clippers that have been especially designed to be used on babies and younger children. We have picked these based on parental feedback.

  1. Super Quiet Cordless Battery Electric Hair Cutting Machine (88%)
  2. Calming Clipper 10 piece Hair cutting kit for Sensory Sensitivity (84%)
  3. Bimirth Baby Children Hair Clippers (78%)
  4. Decdeal Baby Children Hair Clipper Trimmer for Kids (78%)
  5. Dulcii Silent Cordless Hair Clippers Electric Waterproof Hair Trimmer Barber Set (68%)

Super Quiet Cordless Battery Electric Hair Cutting Machine Review

This is a really child friendly set of clippers and thankfully they are at an affordable price point as well.

These are very low noise and have been especially designed with kids in mind. That are battery powered so no need to worry about trailing electric leads.

You do however have that option if you need it or prefer it to run off the main's electricity.

You get around 45 minutes of run time after 5 hours charging. These clippers come with 2 batteries.

These are suitable for children of any age

Buyer Satisfaction

 The hair comb can do 3 mm to 12 mm hair lengths.
You also get a cleaning brush, and 4 combs: 1/8"(3mm), 1/4"(6mm), 3/8"(9mm), 1/2"£¨12mm)

Calming Clipper 10 piece Hair cutting kit for Sensory Sensitivity Review

Many parents are starting to buy this set as they are virtually silent and extremely low on vibration. Those as I have already mentioned are two very important things.

They have been designed for anyone with sensory sensitivity who will always be better off or prefers a more relaxed hair cut. They are suitable for children of all ages.

This is in total a 10 piece home hair cutting kit and they can be bought as either a right handed or a left handed set. Buyers rate these one overall with an 86% buyer satisfaction rating.

Buyer Satisfaction

Please note that these are scissors which you can change the combs on. The manufacturer says these are best for any kids who have any of the various types of Sensory Processing Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Likewise kids with Asperger syndrome, PDD-NOS, Rett syndrome, and childhood disintegrative disorder will be better off if these are used for home hair cutting.

Bimirth Baby Children Hair Clippers Review

As the name would suggest another set of hair clippers designed with children in mind. They recharge through a USB cable, the blades are made from ceramic/stainless steel and they are extremely quiet.

If you have ever used normal hair clippers, then you will be aware they are noisy, and that can often make children anxious. This set is really ultra quiet so that should at least get rid of some apprehension.

These are waterproof and come with three replaceable guide combs. It also comes with a cute comb.

As these are waterproof and that does make them very easy to clean. They are small and light in weight with a one button operation.

Buyer Satisfaction

Decdeal Baby Children Hair Clipper Trimmer for Kids Cordless with Ceramic Blade Review

Many parents are starting to buy this set as they are virtually silent and extremely low on vibration. They are also really easy to use as they operate on just one button

They are battery powered and very easy and safe to use.
They come with 3 guide combs: 1/9 mm, 3/6 mm, 9/12 mm

The little brush is available for cleaning the clipper after use, and this set comes with a hair cutting apron to help keep their clothes clean and hair free..

Buyers rate these one overall with an 78% buyer satisfaction rating.

Buyer Satisfaction

Dulcii Silent Cordless Hair Clippers Electric Waterproof Hair Trimmer Barber Set Review

This clipper set is a great choice for anyone new to cutting their baby or kid's hair. They have 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm protective combs, with specially rounded tips and blades.

That will allow you to cut hair to your preferred length, safely in the knowledge that they will not scratch their skin.

These clippers are so quiet that they will not even wake a baby up when switched on. That in our opinion makes them a great choice.

These are cordless and it takes 5 hours for a full charge which will then give you up to 60 minutes of cutting time.

Buyer Satisfaction

These are also waterproof and that makes them very easy to clean. They come with the clipper, 2 combs of different lengths, a side burn's comb, a cleaning brush and cloth, along with a user manual.

Features to Look For When Buying Kid's Clippers

Feature 1 - Sharp But Rounded Blades

The most important thing to consider is that the clippers are safe and sound. Many adult clippers have very sharp blades which are of course needed to cut through very fine hairs.

They do however have what are called flat blades and if care is not taken, then they can nip the skin.

That is painful and certainly something that you would never want to happen to a child. So although the blades on children's clippers are also sharp, the manufacturers round the edges of these, and that eliminates the risk of any nips and cuts.

All of the ones we have shown on the list above meet that important criteria.

Feature 2 - Low Noise

The noise of clippers, especially when they get close to the ears can make children nervous. Hey I am an adult and I don't like the sound of them either. So another key feature of children's clippers is to keep them as quiet as possible.

All clippers use a motor and blades do rub together, so there will always be some noise. Again the manufacturers of children specific clippers are aware of this, and make their clippers as quiet as they possibly can.

Tips for Cutting Children's Hair

We are going to offer a few tips here that will make cutting your kid's hair a great deal easier.

  1. Try not to turn it into an event - it is a lot easier if Dad is getting his hair done and then the child goes next. That way you can remove the drama and also help to negate the fear factor.
  2. During the actual cutting, keep your other hand lightly on the top of their head. It gives them reassurance and also helps keep the head still.
  3. Let them play with the blade guides. These are not sharp and they can easily be turned into all sorts of toys. My grandson can easily turn a plastic blade into a munching monster, or a scoop for a digger very easily indeed.
  4. Don't cut their hair when it is wet. They have probably just has their hair washed and will not be in the best of moods. Trying to plonk them in a chair after that is not a great idea. It is also harder to use hair clippers on wet hair.
  5. For older kids, they will likely need some encouragement. There are some very good YouTube videos of where barbers create some cool looking haircuts, with a set of clippers. Try watching those with them.
  6. Take the stress out of the situation by having the TV on, or something similar like music. Anything that distracts them from that task in hand is a great idea.

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