What Is the Best Body Groomer for Men

This article will help provide you with some useful information on what we believe to be some of the best body groomers in the UK, suited for men of course, on the market today. The numbers of these products being sold at the minute is actually quite staggering.

These are of course to help men, who want to remove areas of body hair below the neck. If you are face shaving, then check out this article on the best electric razors.

It is a pretty obvious thing to say, that some men have a great deal more body hair than others. It is also fair to say that many men these days simply prefer not to have any body hair at all.

One of the very best ways of doing this is to use what is called a body groomer. The manufacturers like Philips and Panasonic may give these some pretty trendy names, but the bottom line is that when you buy one, it should be able to remove hair from any part of your body.

Should Men Shave Their Body Hair?

Check out the opinion of a girl and guy, and see what you think. Is it a feminine thing to do, or do guys just need to get on with it? In all honesty, we don’t actually care what others think, and neither should you. If you want a smooth body, then just buy a good quality body groomer and do your thing.

Ladies have used these for years, but manufacturers have finally caught on that many men want to use them also. Guys will use these for a whole list of reasons such as weight lifting competitions, swimming, better cleanliness, a much better look at the beach, and all of that is of course personal choice.

What you will need to do this “Manscaping” task is way more important, than why you want to do it. A lot of guys also use one of these body groomers to shave “down under.”

Just make sure that if you are going to use this to shave or trim the pubic hair, that you buy something of quality. You do not want anything getting nipped down below!!!

best body groomer for men

That is why we have decided to research as much information as we could find, and then try to bring it altogether to make some sense out of it. The basic product known as the “bodygroom” has been around for a very long time.

The only thing we can say about it was that it was better than many of the female products, but to be honest it was not really fit for purpose. Many other products then started coming to the market, and now some of the products really are of superb quality.

We have listed a table below where we think the quality is high and the price is affordable. The average price you should expect to pay for a groomer is around £30-35. There are some slightly cheaper models and also more expensive ones costing around £45-50.

Top Rated Body Groomers For Guys

We have summarised below what we believe to be the best body groomers currently available on the UK market. We have used our own ratings scored out of 100. Please note that by clicking on the product link, you will be taken to the Amazon UK product page.
Body Groomer NameOur Rating Out of 100Brief Description
BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer90Professional grade corded and cordless face and body trimmer with Lithium Ion technology
Five interchangeable head attachments for all over trimming and grooming giving professional results.
Electro-chemically formed precision blades with an ultra sharp cutting angle for smooth effortless cutting
Precision Trimmer (0.5mm) with Electro-chemically formed precision blades technology
Charging and storage stand.
Philips TT2040 Rechargeable All In One Bodygroom Pro863D pivoting head allows the shaving head to closely follow your body's contours for skin comfort on your body
The trimmer has rounded blades and combs to prevent scratching the skin
5 length settings (up to 11/25 inch) to get the look you want
Ideal to shave chest and abs, underarms, legs, groin area and back and shoulders
Can use wet (in the shower) or dry
Get 50 minutes of cordless use with an 8-hour charge
Comes with store and charge stand
PHILIPS 3D Body Groomer86Watertight
Good for all skin types
Easy to store
Philips Series 3000 Body Groomer86Pivoting head & hair pre-trimmers for all bodyzones below the neck
Wet & Dry use
Hypo-allergenic shaver & pearl tips prevent skin irritation
1 comb included for 5mm body hair lengths
Philips Series 5000 Body Groomer Plus82Bodygroomer with pre-trimmers for all body zones below the neck
Can be used both Wet & Dry
Long handle for hard to reach areas
Hypo-allergenic shaver & pearl tips prevent skin irritation
3 combs included for 3, 5 and 7mm body hair lengths
Philips BG105/10 Bodygroom with Skin Protector Series 100080Battery Operated
Good skin guard
100% waterproof
Braun CruZer6 Body Trimmer78Combines a body trimmer and Gillette Fusion wet shaving technology for all-round body grooming
Improved safety with a small trimming element and sensitive comb specially designed for body grooming
An extra smooth wet shave with Gillette Fusion shaving technology
Unique combi mode to trim and shave in one stroke for fast and convenient results
Three trimming combs for different lengths plus wet and dry functionality--can be used in the shower

We did find a number of others, but they just did not meet the standards that we like here at the Emporium.

How To Use A Body Groomer

Here is a video that shows you how to use a body groomer for men.

We thought it would be a good idea to do a more detailed review on the top body groomers for men, so that should save you a lot of reading, and help speed up your choice.

No 1 Body Groomer Review – Babyliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer

This market, in terms of products is still developing quickly. This one however is getting some pretty rave reviews from guys who have bought it.

Priced at an average £40, it isn’t the cheapest, but is really high quality and you do get a complete body grooming kit. Buyers at Amazon in the UK rate this 4.1 out of 5 stars so that should tell you that this is good product. Here is just one typical review of many:

I am very impressed with this super groomer kit. It does what it says on the packet with easy to use attachments. A tool to satisfy any hairy man – or woman when no one is looking.

There are plenty of guys (and ladies) purchasing this one and it does seem to be worth paying the extra amount of money to get all the extras.

BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer

As you can see from the images above, this one can be used on all parts of the body to remove hair. This is classed as a professional grade groomer. It works both as a corded and cordless product. For the cordless function it uses high quality Lithium-ion batteries.

It also comes with 5 interchangeable head attachments for all over trimming. The blades are made from good quality Japanese steel. In addition it comes with a charging and storage stand. There is also a detail trimmer to get sharp finished lines. For around 2 hours of charging you get about 80 minutes of usage.

You can read a more detailed review by clicking right here.

No 2 Body Groomer Review – Philips TT2040 Rechargeable All In One Bodygroom Pro

Philips TT2040 Rechargeable All-in-one Bodygroom ProThis body groomer came out at number 2 on our list. It is also one of the more expensive options but a very good choice.

What many buyers liked about this body groomer was that, with just one hour of charge, you could get about 45 minutes of use.

Buyers also liked the fact that you could trim and shave all body zones without any nicks or cuts. They found the foil shaver head particularly good for sensitive skin.

There are 5 different settings for different body hair lengths. Buyers also liked the fact that there was a battery indicator status, and the fact that this body groomer is 100% waterproof for use in shower.

That also makes it very easy to clean.

Just remember when using this, it is essential to keep the angle of the head in line with the skin surface. Always try where possible to keep the skin surface flat, and stretched tight.

This one is sold as an actual body groomer and as such is not designed as a normal electric shaver. This one is for guys who want to remove body hair. It is particular good for shaving down under, thanks to many of its safety features. You can see what other buyers say at Amazon UK by clicking here.

No 3 Body Groomer Review – Philips BG2024/15 Body Groom

This one is a good budget price of around £25 depending on where you buy it. Philips have been making these for a while now and have got a decent range as well. Out of all their various grooming products, we happen to think this is the best model they currently have available.

It is particularly good for areas “under the neck,” and is 100% waterproof if you need to use one in the shower. It has a pivoting head which is essential to get around the various bumps and curves of the skin.

This one will work well for chest and abs, under the arms, back and shoulders, the legs and especially the groin area.

Another groomer that is great for all over body work is the Philips TT 2040 which is a very popular choice. You can read about that by clicking here.


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Male Grooming is more important now than ever. In today's modern society in the UK, men really do want to look their best, and spend a lot of time on their appearance. Here at the Shaving Emporium my team do all the research work, so as you don't have to waste your time searching, for the best health and grooming products.

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