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best aftershave

Aftershave is one of those things we believe that is a very personal decision. The scent or fragrance that one man chooses will be different to what some other guy will pick. Let’s face it, the brands that sell all of these aftershaves, do a really good job at promoting their own brand and associated products.

The celebrities out there, like David Beckham have also jumped on this lucrative bandwagon, and some men do go along with these emerging trends.

They are all at it really from reality TV minor celebrities, to various film stars, models etc. Each tries to promote their own fragrances and indeed aftershaves.

What Are Aftershave Lotions?

Have you ever wondered what these lotions actually are and what they contain? We all know the principle I guess, in that you have a shave, and when you are finished, you grab a bottle of your favourite aftershave, and splash it on.

For many men this nips a bit, but with a few pats to the cheek, you basically think that you smell pretty good.

The main purpose of an aftershave though is actually to help your skin recover after you have shaved it. It doesn’t matter whether you have used an electric razor, or some form of safety razor, the skin on your face will still have had some form of blade drawn across it.

The aftershave then comes along and helps repair that skin, and as a side impact it happens to have a nice fragrance.

Like many other things to do with shaving, most men will try different aftershaves to find the one they like best. Over time this will change and we will also chop and change which we like best.

In addition to this we will probably receive various gifts and that gives us an opportunity, to try out a new one.

There is a long list of them to pick for so we though it might help if we narrowed down the list to some of our own favourite products and what we believe make some of the best aftershave around at the moment.

Top 10 Men's Aftershaves & Lotions

NameRatingVolume & Scent
Yves Saint Laurent Jazz Eau de Toilette for Him96100 ml
herbal, fresh spicy, warm spicy, floral, woody
Calvin Klein One Shock Him Eau de Toilette96100 ml
A spicy heart of Black Pepper, Cardamon and Black Basil
Aramis After Shave9630 ml
Striking two distinct notes - one spicy, one earthy and woodsy
TABAC after shave94100 ml
black pepper and petit grain, lavender and chamomile, and sandalwood and amber reveal a sensual and sophisticated character
Versace Eau De Toilette Spray pour homme94100 ml
Light and refreshing aquatic smell and a favorite with the ladies it seems.
Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Cologne9450 ml
Traditional Sandalwood fragrance that lasts and lasts
Calvin Klein Escape For Men Eau de Toilette92100 ml
An adventurous blend of eucalyptus and melon with citrus, warmed by notes such as rosemary, fir and birch on bases of amber and sandalwood.
Le Male Edt9075 ml
Top notes: Mint, lavender, bergamot
Middle notes: Cinnamon, cumin, orange blossom
Base notes: Vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, cedarwood
Dvb Beckham Instinct for Men Eau de Toilette9075 ml
An evening cologne with a textured aroma, opening with fresh, clean notes followed by spicy heart notes with a warm base of patchouli and white amber.
Fcuk Him Eau de Toilette86100 ml
Oriental, woody and sexy
Here we review what we believe to be the best aftershaves for men, currently available on the UK market. We have used our own ratings scored out of 100. Please note that by clicking on the product link, you will be taken to the Amazon UK product page.

The Best Way To Use Aftershave

When most men finish shaving they simply splash on the aftershave and they are done.

For sure this works ok, but there is a slightly better method, that will really help you get the most out of the protection your aftershave can offer you. This is a process the guys here at the Emporium follow, although it may slightly differ from person to person.

  1. When you have finished shaving, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water. You are trying to get rid of all the soap from your face and from your pores. If you have dry shaved, then this will add a little moisture to your skin.
  2. Dry your face with a towel as this actually allows your skin to have a rest after the shaving activity. Patting is way better than rubbing as that patting activity is a lot gentler on the skin than any type of vigorous rubbing.
  3. The step that most people leave out is to then rinse your face again, but this time with cold water. This process actually helps stop skin redness and irritation of the skin. The colder water quickly closes the pores and reduces any form of inflammation.
  4. Then apply your favourite after shave and work it slowly into your skin. Use your fingers and work them in a circular motion and allow it to penetrate into the skin.
  5. You are pretty much done and it doesn’t take that long. If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, then we would recommend that when the after shave has dried in, that you should then apply some form of moisturiser or what is called an aftershave balm. Don’y apply this instantly after the aftershave, as the skin needs time to absorb that first. Fifteen minutes is ideal if you have the time, but give it at least 5 minutes before doing this.

Aftershave Ingredients

If you have ever wondered what ingredients go into an aftershave, then hopefully this will give you a good indication of what they contain.


As we mentioned earlier aftershaves are designed to help the skin recover after a shave. As such almost all of them will contain some form of antiseptic property, the most common being alcohol. That explains the sting associated with aftershave when you splash it on.

The full name for this is SD-alcohol 40. Some aftershaves are however alcohol free but they will contain something like witch hazel or Polyquaternium- 10.

There are some fancy names above, but the bottom line is they are included to help deal with any nicks or cuts and prevent infections.


After shaves should include some form of bringing moisture to the skin. To be honest though a balm will do a much better job than an aftershave.

As we mentioned if you suffer from dry sensitive skin use a balm as well. The most popular one used in most aftershaves is Glycerine. It is used in many pharmaceutical products for the purpose of adding moisture. Another product used for moisture is Aloe Vera.

Scents & Fragrances

Most aftershaves are scented though a few are not. For many people it is the scent that actually sells the product. The combination of your own skin odour, skin type and the fragrance, is what makes the smell of aftershave unique for each man. Some of the very popular scents are sandalwood, sage, and musk.

Every man, just like every woman will have their favorite.

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