What Are The Best Neck Brushes?

best neck brushes

If like me you cut your hair at home, then you will know just how annoying it is, to have finely cut hair, on your neck. It makes your neck really itchy and unless you are planning to shower right away, then you will have to find a way of getting rid of them.

Using a proper barber’s cape certainly helps getting them there in the first place, but even then there will always be a few annoying strays.

I have noticed that with almost all of the hair clipper kits, that you will get a neck brush with it. However, I have also noticed that it is usually a small brush that is adequate, but not that great. To do the job properly you need the type of brush that you would find in a barbers.

The good news is that these are not that expensive, and they are really useful to have as part of your male grooming kit. Clearly they are not necessary, but they do make a nice and pretty cheap gift, and they will certainly be used.

I have reviewed a few of them below so as you can see what is available in the market right now.

Head Jog 199 Red Neck Brush

Now this has nothing to do with people with “red necks” as they are sometimes known. As you can see from the picture, it is simply the colour of the handle of the brush.

The “199” simply refers to this particular model number from the company known as Head Jog. This brush works really well and it uses softened nylon bristle to get rid of the unwanted hair.

It makes sense that you do not want any type of hard material for the bristles as the neck is a pretty sensitive area. At first thoughts though, nylon can be a pretty harsh material, but when it is softened it retains its cleaning properties, and remains soft enough to cause no damage to the skin.

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The bristles do have to be tough enough though to actually remove the hairs, so this one has a nice combination of firmness and softness.

Some people did say that they found the bristles a little tough, but the reality is they have to be as their main purpose is to remove very small pieces of hair.

Shaving Factory Neck Brush

This is the neck brush that most guys will be familiar with assuming they have been to a barbers. This one from the Shaving Factory is made of pure bristle, is square shaped and has been hand made. For those of us who like our traditional products, then this makes a great choice. It looks really good and I think it makes a great accessory to have.

Priced at just under ¬£10 seems like a good price point and it is good enough value for money. If you use a barber’s cape, and then use this afterwards, you will not hear too many complaints about having an itchy neck line.

It is smaller than some people think when they are buying it but it does do a first class job of getting rid of unwanted hair clippings. The bristles are softer than the one I have reviewed above making it ideal for family use. It is also almost double the price.

Sibel Talc & Dry Barber’s Neck Brush

This is a popular choice for people who cut their own hair at home. You can use this one either with some talc powder or without. By using some type of talcum powder, it helps dry out the neck and make the hairs easier to remove. It also helps make the neck softer and is probably a good idea to use on younger kids.

You don’t have to use the powder though as this one does a good job without the powder. Many of the better quality barber shops and hairdressing salons use this as their first choice.

The bristles are very soft and yet it still removes unwanted hair. For me the bristles are just a little too soft, so it needs a bit more work to remove all of the hair. That is why though I think it works best for younger members of the family.

There are many others to pick from, but the ones that I have reviewed above, are in my opinion the best currently available in the market and that I think represent great value for money.

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