What Are The Best Hairdressing Scissors To Buy?

The best hairdressing scissors cost anything between £10-20 and we here at the Shaving Emporium, consider that to be a worthwhile investment. When you think of the many items that you have to buy for the house, investing in a pair of good quality scissors, that should only ever be used for cutting hair is just a very good idea.

There are any number of brands who make and sell these types of scissors. Here we have looked at the many types, shapes and sizes that are available, and we have then picked out what we believe to be some of the very best on the market today. When we started our research on these, we honestly expected these to cost an absolute fortune. We were actually surprised when we found that they were not actually priced that badly.

More and more people are starting to use hair clippers at home. These clippers usually come in a set with combs etc and they also usually will have a pair of scissors. Now clearly these will do the job, but if you want an even better and more accurate cut, then you should consider getting salon quality scissors. They are not a huge investment and will just do a more professional job.

The top of the range scissors that professional barbers and hairdressers use will cost around £20-25, but you often find them discounted. For example we found these reduced from just under £25 down to under £12 over at Amazon.

These are classed as 5 inch scissors, which come in a very nice presentation box and are very high quality. The importance of hairdressing scissors is that they are very sharp, and as such will not cause split ends in your hair. They also give a very clean cut, and that is important when dealing with fine hair.

These particular ones also come with what is called a finger rest, which of course rests the finger, but also allows a much larger degree of control. If you don’t like that, it can simply be screwed off and put to one side. Personally, we would recommend keeping it on for the control purposes. The company are so confident in their product that they are happy to exchange or refund with no questions asked.

We are not surprised by such an unconditional offer as these are made from J2 Japanese steel. they also get a 4.9 out of 5 stars by buyers over at Amazon.co.uk These are the ones that we would recommend as we have bought and used these and we know they are good.

Professional Hairdressing 5.5″ Barber Salon Scissors

Some people prefer the classical look and feel of the traditional barber scissors, and if that is the case, then we would highly recommend these. They are used up and down the length of the UK in many barber shops. They are made from stainless steel as you would expect, have an adjustable tension screw and cost a few pence over £10.

When you look at the picture, you can see the way that the handles have been shaped to suit and fit the natural contours of your hand. That is important especially when you are just trying to concentrate on cutting the actual hair. Ordinary scissors do not have these types of shapes in them, and when doing delicate jobs, it is important that there is no slipping.

These scissors have razor sharp edges and a really natural balance to them. A few of the guys here at the Emporium will only ever use these as they are tried and tested and used by professionals.

Manicare 16.5 cm Hairdressing Scissors

These are just over £5 which makes buying hairdressing scissors affordable for anyone. These are made from Japanese stainless steel with high precision blades. They also have a finger rest and come with a pouch to keep them clean. They will never rust and the main difference between these and the two we have reviewed above, is that they have no adjustment screw.

They can be used on either wet or dry hair. They also have 24 karat gold plated handles which really sets them off, and the grip is larger than the other two we have reviewed above. Many reviewers at Amazon who are actually hairdressers say that these are very good. Here is one short example of what we mean

5.0 out of 5 stars Manicare 16.5cm Hairdressing Scissors 30 Jan 2013
By Justsarahf
Amazon Verified Purchase
Ace product, quite sharp and long blade – good for fringes. My daughter has really thick hair and they cut it lovely. Ps Im an hairdresser with 22 years experience

So those are what we think are the top three best hairdressing scissors to buy. We hope that you have found this section helpful.

Scissor Buying Guide

If you are just buying a pair of scissors to use at home for family haircuts, then there is no need to buy the many different types that you would find in a professional barbers or hairdressers. Ideally you want a pair that feel comfortable in your hand and are nicely balanced.

The length of scissors are measured from the tip of the blades to the end of the longest finger hole.

Blade Types

There are two different types of blades known as:

  1. Convex
  2. Bevelled

Experienced hairdressers will use convex blades as they are very sharp, and are super useful for certain styling techniques. For the average person at home though, bevelled blades are ideal. They are nice and light, can be used for cutting hair when it is dry and are excellent for general purpose cutting.

Scissor Handles

For the average person the handles on scissors we would seldom pay a great deal of attention to. At the end of the day we only use these for general purpose cutting activities. They are not in our hands for very long so we don’t give them a great deal of thought, if indeed any at all.

For barbers and hairdressers these are an essential tool of the trade. Therefore comfort in their fingers is a primary concern as they will have these in their hands for long parts of their working day. For those interested there are 3 types:

  1. Even handle – the basic look
  2. Offset handle – one handle is slightly longer than the other – much more comfortable
  3. Crane handle – like the offset though the top handle is very straight

The single purpose of the offset and crane is to help avoid user fatigue and finger cramp. They almost force the elbow into a lower position and that stops arm fatigue.

Now there are other types of scissors used by hairdressers such as thinning, texturising and slicing but for most people doing their own hair, or their family’s hair, these are best to be avoided. Using these requires specialist training otherwise you will make a mess of it. Please do not be tempted.

Sharpening Your Scissors

It will all come down to how much use they get but you should have them sharpened once a year. The only problem you will have is trying to find someone who can do this for you. I know where I live there really isn’t anyone with that specialist skill. I just buy a new set as it is probably just as cheap.


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