Great Tips For Wet Shaving

Quality Shaving Set

If this is your first time at attempting wet shaving, or if you have been trying without much success, then here are some great tips that will help you get the closest shave, you have ever hard.

For many men, shaving is more than a chore, than a pleasure. We here, at the Shaving Emporium, just flat out think that it shouldn’t be like that.

In our humble opinion, if you have been using an electric razor, or worse still, those horrible disposable or cartridge razors and tins of foam, then no wonder it seems like a chore.

There is little doubt that people who use any of these shaving techniques, probably suffer from, razor burn, skin bumps, itchiness and irritation especially around the neck area. Trust us please, shaving does not have to be like that at all.

We recommend making the switch to wet shaving, or at least try it for a month, and see and feel the difference. It is also a lot more enjoyable than pulling an electric razor over the dry skin on your face.

Wet Shaving Techniques

There are four different types of razors that you can use for wet shaving:

  1. Disposable Razors – like the Gillette Blue II, BIC and Wilkinson Sword
  2. Cartridge razors like the Mach3, Gillette Sensor
  3. Straight blade razors – known as cut-throats
  4. Safety Razors – single edge and double edge

So those are your choices and we would advise you to skip disposable razors and cartridge razors as they are useless and also very expensive. The straight blades are not ideal when starting out, but they will give you the closest shave you have ever had.

They take a bit of practise though, and are not for beginners to wet shaving. Leave that style until you have mastered the art of the DE safety razor. Or why not treat yourself to a cutthroat shave at your local barber.

Safety Razor Shaving

That leaves what is termed “DE Shaving,” or Double Edged shaving to give it the full title. This is where you buy a safety razor and then add a simple cheap razor blade. The most common blade has two edges, hence the name double edge, but you can also get a razor blade with a single edge.

It really doesn’t matter which blade you use, but we would recommend a double.

Not only does a safety razor give you a fantastic shave, it is a great deal cheaper as all you will ever need to do is buy razor blades which are pretty inexpensive. They are certainly a great deal cheaper than the price of those replacement blades for razors like the Mach3.

How To Use A Safety DE Razor?

Have a look at the video below where you will see a safety razor being used properly.

If you like the idea of using this type of razor, then we have a link here to the best wet shave razors, that are double edged. We think you will be surprised at how inexpensive these are.

We have also a link to the best razor blades although most of the safety razors will come with some blades to get you started.

Irrespective of which of these you get, there are some other important tips for getting a good shave, and one that will make sure, there is no irritation, or skin rashes.

How To Shave With A Double Edge Safety Razor?

  • The first thing you need to do is wash your face with warm water, and let the water soak into the stubble. Many people will tell you the water has to be very hot. This is not true and warm water is good.
  • Now people who are new to shaving, or those with sensitive skin should use a pre-shave oil. As your skin becomes more used to wet shaving, this becomes an optional step, although we would still recommend it. This oil helps retain the water and moisture in the stubble.
  • Next you have to apply a shaving soap or a shaving cream. We don’t mean the squirty stuff out of an aerosol either. We mean good quality shaving cream, which you can whip into a nice creamy lather with a shaving brush.
  • Once you have this on, then follow the instructions in the video.
  • Always wash your face at the end in cold water to help close the pores.
  • Finally use the oil again to soften the face and apply your favourite after shave.

If you follow all of the above shaving tips, we know that you will have a great shave. We are also pretty sure that you will never shave any other way ever again.

Quality Shaving Set

We also happen to think that it is nice to have what we call a proper shaving set in your house. A nice bristle brush, hanging on a stand, beside your safety razor, and cream just looks really good, and shows others that you like to look after your skin, and your appearance.

We trust that you have found these shaving tips useful, so enjoy the pleasure of a close comfortable shave.

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