Wet Shave vs Dry Shave

wet shave vs dry shave

So which is best having a wet shave or having a dry shave? I guess it depends on what we mean by the word best. The vast majority of men prefer to have a dry shave for a whole range of reasons.

The main reason for this is nothing more than shaving with an electric razor, is quicker and more convenient.

It also does not include having to soap your face which means you can dry shave almost anywhere, whereas with wet shaving, you are almost limited to the bathroom.

Now we do understand that many of the newer electrical shavers have the option of either being used without a gel or cream, or actually using a gel, but in the main most guys will either simply use a standard electric razor, or opt for the brush, cream and a DE razor.

If however we are referring to the best type of shave for our skin, then wet shaving wins out by a very large margin.

The main reason for that is that you can either have skin that has been well prepared and moistened, from which the hair is then removed using a single sharp blade, or dry skin that has the hair removed by a vibrating foil or a set of quickly spinning blades.

wet shave vs dry shave

Dry Shaving and Your Skin

Electric shavers have either got a set of rotary heads, or a foil, that basically are supposed to lift the hairs on your face. A set of blades then cut these off, and the hair is removed. There is nothing there to actually protect the face or indeed to soften the bristles beforehand.

There are now electric shavers where you can either use a wet or a dry shave, so in our opinion, that is a huge improvement. However, many men choose to use those aerosol foam cans to provide the lather for the face, and here at the Shaving Emporium, we really don’t like those.

The fact still remains though that around 98% of men who dry shave, use nothing at all on their face, other than the razor. Although the better quality electric razors give a pretty close shave, it is never what could be described as a truly close shave.

Typically when they have completed that process, they will then splash on some after shave, and more or less that is the job done. Skin however needs moisturising, and it needs to have any dead skin cells removed. This is a process known as exfoliation. The best way of making sure this gets done is to have a wet shave.

We also understand that people are busy, but we would recommend that if they haven’t got time to dry shave every day, they should try and treat themselves at the weekend, or on their day off.

The day to day reality for the huge majority of men is a quick encounter with an electric razor in the morning and then off to work. It is far from ideal, but in a busy life, I guess it is just the way things are for many guys.

Wet Shaving and Your Skin

Now in a proper wet shave, you are going to use some type of pre-shave oil to soften the bristles. Then warm water is applied to soften them even more and prepare them for the blade.

Then cream or soap is applied to further soften the bristles and also protect your skin. Only then does the blade make contact with your face, for a proper close shave. Finally the face is washed again and an after shave applied.

Now of these two shaving processes, which sounds better for your skin? We think there is a pretty easy winner every single time.

Dealing With Some Wet Shaving Myths

Some of the myths surrounding wet shaving need to be addressed. There are any number of old wives tales circulating that we think need to be dealt with.

The age you start to shave is typically a hereditary issue, and it is not true that the earlier you start shaving, the quicker the hair on your face will grow. Your rate of hair growth or hair loss is almost always built into your genes.

All that shaving does is simply remove the hairs from your face. Therefore it has no influence whatsoever on the color of your hair, the thickness of your hair or indeed the length of your hair.

We have also heard men shy away from wet shaving because it can remove any tan they have built up.

The contrary is actually true. Your skin tans at a different level to your top layer of skin. By moisturising properly and removing dead cells your tan will actually be enhanced by wet shaving.

Speed of Shave

There is also a strange notion that it takes a lot longer to wet shave than to have a dry shave. Yes that is true but not by much. A shave with an electric razor takes about 7-8 minutes those most guys will whizz over their faces in about 5 minutes.

A wet shave from beginning to end takes about 10 minutes so not actually that much longer.

It is actually more about convenience than speed which wins the day for dry shavers. They can shave and have a cup of coffee, munch on breakfast or do it while moving around. That can not be done when you are in the bathroom and that is the main reason why guys use an electric razor.

I think therefore is is reasonable to say that a wet shave is by far the better shave, but the dry shave is a lot more convenient.

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