Wahl 9854 Review

The Wahl 9854 comes equipped with four interchangeable heads, which are ideal for almost all of the main male grooming needs. This trimmer is a very popular choice for many men, and when you see that there have been over 200 buyer reviews, and a solid 3.8 out of 5 stars over at Amazon, you should not be that surprised.

Is it the best grooming kit out there? At the Emporium we don’t think it is, but it is a darned good all rounder, that will suit many people. Priced at under £30, it is hard to quibble about what you actually get for your money. Wahl is a well known brand, and probably the leading brand in these types of trimmers, so you know you will get good quality.

What is the Wahl 9854 Designed For?

Before buying any product, it is always good to start with the end in mind. This product is suitable for use on:

  • Beards
  • Goatees
  • Hair Trimming
  • Neck Trimming
  • Outlining
  • Whole body use

So as you can see it is a general multi-purpose trimmer which you can use on just about any part of your body. It comes fitted with what is termed a standard head which can be used for necklines. There is also a 6-position comb attachment that will allow you to create varying depths of beards and moustaches.

If you prefer the stubble look, then you have a choice of three trim attachments.

There is also a T-blade which works well on body hair trimming and that also comes with trim attachment combs. The dual foil shaver head then offers a close and smooth finish. So before you buy this, then to get the most use from this product, you need to know where you will be using this. It is as we have mentioned an all-purpose trimmer and not designed for one specific element of male grooming.

wahl 9854 review


Wahl 9854-802 Features

Battery and Charging

This is a cordless trimmer that runs off lithium-ion batteries and a full charge will give you between 30-45 minutes of use. So depending on what you need to shave or trim, this one does have a decent battery life, when compared to other similar models on the market right now. Lithium-ion batteries are relatively new to this type of clipper technology, and they are way better than the old NiCad type battery.
The video below goes some way to explaining the main features of these type of trimmers from Wahl.

These newer type batteries do actually hold the charge and last longer as NiCad were prone to what is called memory loss. That is the more you charged them, then the more of the charge capacity you lost. This is certainly a step in the right direction. They could however have put some type of battery charging indicator on to this one, which would have helped.

We think it looks pretty good with a nice chrome finish, and a silicone rubber grip makes it feel pretty nice in the hand. It is light in weight and some reviewers thought it felt flimsy to hold. We didn’t think it did and that it appeared to be well constructed, when we checked it out.

It comes in a well presented box, and we particularly liked the nose trimmer. For those of you who suffer from hairs sprouting from your nose, you will really like this little feature a lot.

wahl 9854 award winner


As you can see the Wahl 9854-802 has won quite a few awards. We also noticed that some people bought this trimmer for very specific stubble trimming. That’s not a good idea as although this allows some selection of stubble length, it would not compare to an appliance designed just for that purpose. If you are after a designer stubble look, then you would need to go for a stubble trimmer.

We also noticed that some people complained that they would not use many of the attachments. Quite frankly, we don’t get that as a complaint. The entire purpose of this trimmer is to to be used as an all round trimmer for both facial hair or body hair. That’s why you get so many different attachments. If an individual doesn’t need all of those, then in all honesty, they should be really buying a specific product, that will do exactly what they need.

The best way we would sum this trimmer up, is to say that as a good all round trimmer, this one certainly ticks the boxes. It is good for general purpose hair trimming, general shaving and for keeping a nice neat neck line. If you are looking for a shaver that can be used for the bald head look, or for sensitive skin, then you should select something just for that. We have done a full review on many of the best trimmers which you can read by clicking here. This trimmer looks good, feels good in the hand and has sharp enough blades to deal with most of the hair trimming tasks.


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