Wahl 79524 Review

The Wahl 79524-800 is a popular choice for many men who want clippers to cut their hair, and also for those who have an interest in a full body grooming tool. Along with the Wahl 79233 product, these two combine to really lead the way as best selling products in this range of clippers.

Priced at around £48, these are a high quality choice and plenty of online buyers have consistently rated these with an average buyer rating of 92%. That is an exceptionally high and solid rating, and typical of what you see for something that delivers high customer satisfaction.

Like many things at the Shaving Emporium, we have tried and tested these, and we like them a lot.

Body Grooming With the 79524 Chrome Pro Model

These style of clippers were first made for guys who wanted to avoid going to the barbers, and yet be able to get a good looking haircut, by doing it at home.

Since then companies like Wahl have continued to fine tune these and also broaden their use. Body grooming for guys is now more popular than ever, and is often referred to as Manscaping.

This particular model is also known as the Wahl Chrome.

wahl 79524 hair clippers review

Main & Important Features

The length of the cord is just shy of being 7 feet long and they weigh about 2.2 lbs. That means they are solid and the length of the cord is generous.


  • Really good value for money
  • Cuts well and has plenty of length options
  • Works well on beards, sideburns and eyebrows
  • No hair pulling
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Plenty of attachments
  • comes with an instructional DVD


  • A little louder than some would like.
  • Will not give an ultra close shave if you like the bald look

Overall these get solid ratings and when we tried them out we also got good results. If you are a beginner to cutting your hair at home, then we suggest that you check out this article.

We found a few complaints when checking other reviews and we know that if people had read the small guide that comes with these clippers, then they would have had no reason to complain.

There is a method to hair cutting which we have explained in the article highlighted above.

wahl chrome review

As you can see from the image above, you get all of the items that you need to make this a really useful hair clipping kit. The only item we didn’t like was the cleaning brush as we though that was pretty flimsy and didn’t do a great job.

The combs and clips all are good quality, and the case is just handy to be able to keep everything together.

You get the clippers, a blade guard, 8 attachment combs, 5 hairdressing combs, scissors, neck duster, a cape, cleaning brush and oil along with a case and an instructional DVD. That is not too shabby for around £48.

Check for Availability at Amazon UK

A few of the guys did say that there were certain comb sizes that they would use on a regular basis, and over time they would take out the combs they never used, to make selection a bit quicker. I do that myself as it saves me having to read the number size off the back of the comb, or as my wife would say, “I am just lazy.” She is probably right about that.

These also self-sharpen so no need to worry about having to keep the blades in shape. They will need a little oil about once every 3 months.

At the beginning we though the left ear comb and the right ear comb were a bit of a gimic. It turns out they are really useful.

Sample Customer Review from Amazon

Awesome Clippers
By Mr. S. Williams
These clippers are great. They feel solid – they just have a quality feel to them. They do a perfect job of cutting my hair. My friend has been using these clippers (exactly the same model) for several years, and they’ve lasted well with no faults. A bargain at this price.

We could not have said that much better and pretty much summarises what we think here at the Emporium. These are powerful, yet quiet clippers, that are highly rated by buyers. They are at the higher end of the price point for clippers, but they are excellent quality.

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