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wahl 79233

The Wahl 79233 model of hair clippers remains one of the most reviewed and best rated sets on the market today. Wahl is a German company, and they are known for their quality products. They are particularly known for their clippers and trimmers.

What first attracted us to have a more in-depth review of this particular Wahl model, was the price. Depending on where you shop, you can pick this one up for around £12-15.

So for that sort of price, we think it deserved a proper review and investigation. We did of course do a complete review of all the best hair clippers on the market, which you can read by clicking right here.

wahl 79233 review

A quick glance at the picture will tell you, that you are getting quite a few items for well under £20. Initially at the Emporium, we thought that this amount of product, for such a small amount of money, would equal poor quality.

If you have read our article on the best hair clippers, then you will know that the average price for clippers is around £20-30. So at half the price, surely something has to be missing.

Wahl 79233 Features

We bought this one just to check it out as we just believed this looked too good to be true. It is similar in many ways to the 9854 model from Wahl so both good clippers. When we opened it up there was indeed a clipper, 4 attachment combs, a pair of scissors, a barber’s comb, some blade oil and a cleaning brush.

Our first thought was that this would make a really good beginner set. If you are someone who wants to try out using hair clippers at home, perhaps to save some money on haircuts, or do your own styles, then this one is ideal for that.

Below we have added a list of pros and cons, based on what we thought of these.


  • Amazing value for money – cut your own hair once and anything after that will save you money
  • Cuts really well
  • The comb, oil and  brush were nice extras
  • Does the basics really well
  • You can also use these on body hair
  • Good length of cable


  • When we switched them on they were a little noisy, but not a lot more than some others we have used
  • The blades are not as sharp as the more expensive products, but sharp enough for trimming
  • A few people said they didn’t work out of the box

Summary of the Wahl 79233

If you are on the fence about trying out a hair clipper set, then for a few pounds this is a great one to try out. These will be affordable for most people and they work really well. One haircut equals your pay back and every other use will save you money.

You can find out how to use hair clippers here. We know that Wahl make really good products, and although this is their basic model, it is still a good quality.

The main elements of the product are the actual clippers and combs. These work really well and are easy enough to put on and off.

They are a little more flimsy than some of the higher specification models, but they work and that is the main thing. You get 4 different sizes a number 1, 2, 3 and 4 and those are the most commonly used attachment combs.

The extras are good quality so you can make good use of those.

If we had to complain about anything, these are noisier than some others we have used. That doesn’t mean that they are noisy if that makes sense, but just a bit louder than some of the higher end products.

Here are the Emporium we look for products that are good quality, affordable and work. The Wahl 79233 ticks all of those boxes. These have been around since 2006 and show no signs of going away.

If you are looking for some great advice on cutting hair at home then this article should really help you out.

There are over 350 reviews on Amazon who rate this a 4.1 out of 5 stars product. That is a really good consistent rating and more or less in line with what we think. It is not a 5 star product, but for the price it is certainly well worth buying.

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