Van der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set Review

Shaving sets are very popular to give as great gift ideas for men. One of the most popular choices is this one from Van der Hagen.This particular product gets classed as a “luxury” item but does it live up to that name? That is what we will check out in our review.

If you know a man who chooses to wet shave, or are buying a gift for a guy who has been talking about trying it out, then this one certainly ticks all of the boxes.

With over 1,700 buyer reviews at Amazon giving this a 4.0 out of 5 star rating, then you know that it is certainly a very good product.

If you simply want to buy it without reading any more, then you can go over to Amazon right now and pick up a 29% discount by clicking here. For those who would like to find out more then simply read on.

What’s In the Shaving Set?

As you can see from the image you get 4 good quality products:

  • A pure badger hair brush
  • Classic Monogrammed apothecary mug
  • Hypo-Allergenic shave soap
  • Combination brush & razor stand

photo of van der hagen luxury shave setThat is all that is required for most people when beginning to have a wet shave. There is no razor with this set which is not a big issue as most guys will want to use their own anyway.

This set is made for people who want to stop using shaving foams and make the move to the more traditional methods of old school shaving.

Making this move allows beginners to throw the shaving foam cans away, and create their own lather with a high quality soap made inside the mug, apply it to their face with a good quality brush, and then have a stand that allows the brush to dry naturally and also hold a razor.

It comes in a nice presentation box and it looks more expensive than it actually is. We think it makes a really nice gift for any man.

The Brush

I have done a full article on the different types of shaving brushes and you can read about what is available by clicking here.  The brush in this shaving set sits in the mid-range in my opinion. It is good enough to create a decent lather and is soft on the face.

For beginners this brush will give them a real good appreciation of what a brush can do, instead of using some cheap foam. This is ideal as a starter brush and if the guy enjoys this type of shave, then he can always upgrade to a better one later in his shaving exploits.

The Soap

This soap has a light but pleasant scent and creates a really good lather. For wet shavers it really is all about the lather. This soap lathers pretty quickly and makes a rich lather for the face.

Once he gets used to whipping up a lather, then I am pretty sure he will never use foams again. This is a good quality soap and in my opinion, this alone brings this gift into the luxury category.

The Mug

This is a classic shaving mug and looks really well. It has that knob style handle which looks good but can be a little bit slippery when wet. That as you can imagine makes it difficult to hold. That said it does look really well and is perfectly designed to work with the soap and brush which will eventually hold the lather.

The Stand

This is a pretty basic stand and will hold the brush which is of course the most important part. Brushes have to be hung bristles facing down to dry properly and this one is designed to do just that. There is also a place to hold a standard sized razor and that simply keeps thing neat and tidy.

Our Opinion of this Shaving Set

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We think it is easy enough to understand why this is so popular with many people. It will make a great gift idea and it is perfect for men who are contemplating making the move to proper wet shaving. The brand is a good one and they are known to make good quality products.

You get 4 items in this set and if they were bought individually they would cost about half as much again. That of course makes this set good value for money.

If you are buying this as gift for someone then we have little doubt that they will recognise it as a quality present and will fully appreciate it. It is as we have said a great choice for men who want to make the shift from using cans of shaving foam, to a more traditional shaving soap experience.

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