How To Use A Stubble Trimmer

The Best Stubble Trimmers in the UK

If you have just bought a stubble trimmer or are thinking about getting one, then this article will give you some great advice on how to get the best use out of your trimmer. There are plenty of them available from different brands and you can read reviews about them, by clicking here.

For now though we just want to focus on the best way to actually use these. These stubble versions of hair trimmers are designed to work on the face area, though they can also be used on other parts of the body.

In the main though they are used to leave you with the stubbled look around the moustache and bearded areas of your face. Essentially from below the nose to the base of the neck.

This is often referred to as the 5′ o clock shadow and is a really popular look for many guys today.

The Best Stubble Trimmers in the UK

Trimming and Edging Your Facial Hair

To get your ideal stubble length most guys will allow their facial hair to grow for a few days so as they have something to work with. Normally 3-4 days is long enough, but it does depend on the sort of stubbled look that you are trying to get.

For most though 4 days creates enough facial hair growth to give the trimmer something to handle.

If you are going for a really close look then 1-2 days will be enough and will give you enough to work with. For those looking for a slightly longer look then follow the directions below.

Always begin by combing though the beard and moustache in the general direction of the actual growth. This will help any stray or longer hairs to be pushed out. Then put the guide comb on to your trimmer, and set it on a long length to start out with.

Simply trim always towards your chin, with steady and smooth strokes and allow those to overlap so as you cover all of the area.

It is then a question of adjusting the beard comb until you get the desired length of stubble. Once you have that done you should have a nice uniform look, and it is then time to remove the guide comb and add a little detail to your stubble look. I always start under the chin and work towards the ears.

Finally check for any stray hairs and trim those as there will always be one or two that you will miss with the initial trim. The video below is an older video, but it shows you how to go about using a trimmer like this, so as you can actually see how it works.

The Moustache Area

Once you have combed it, then hold your trimmer in a vertical position, and with the blades directly facing you. That will help create very good definition lines in your moustache.

If you are someone who likes to have a little taper, then start with something like a medium length comb. Then, from the middle of your moustache, trim upwards across the length of the top lip. It takes a little bit of practice to get this right, but essentially you are working out towards the edges, to create a nice tapered look from the bottom to the top of the moustache.

If you are going for a really close stubbled look, then you can simply skip this step. I have added another video here that shows you how to go a from a full beard to the stubble look.

Most of the products of this nature released today come with a full set of instructions. The sad thing is most men will not take the time to read those. Please let us encourage you to do just that. Once you get to know your own trimmer really well, then you can create slightly different looks. We think that can add a lot to the way you want to look and is well worth 15 minutes of reading.

These are pretty easy to maintain and look after. They will come with a simple brush that will allow you to clean the actual heads and blades. After that they simply need a little drop of machine oil to keep them in good working order. Normally this should be done about once every three months to keep them in the best condition.

With some of the better models you can rinse them under the water tap but just check that you can do that with the trimmer that you buy. Some of them are not waterproof so just follow the instructions with your individual product.

There are a couple of really popular choices. The number one choice for many guys is the Babyliss 7895U. If you click the link you can read a full review about this model. Another common choice is the Babyliss 7847U or the Philips QT4090/32.

By clicking on any of the links above, you can read a more detailed review on any of those popular products.

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