The Right Hair Styles for Men

hairstyles for men

Have you ever paused for a moment and checked out some of the men’s hair styles around? To be honest it might be more honest to say, have you ever checked out the number of men, who have literally no style to their hair at all?

It still amazes me that in the UK today, there are still a huge number of men, who insist on what I call the “Bobby Charlton” fly over. For those who remember the famous Manchester United player back in the day, you will know exactly what I mean.


Picture: Courtesy of the BBC Archives

You would have thought, that is this day and age, that particular look would have vanished. Sadly it hasn’t and the next time you are out and about on any High Street in Britain, just have a quick look around, and you will still see many men trying to cover up a balding head with a comb over.

Now they either don’t care, are too afraid to get rid of it, or don’t want to spend time in the barbers.

There are also any number of either bald heads, or heavily shaved heads which will have been created with the use of hair clippers.

Apparently many men these days simply pop into a barbers and ask for a number one or a number two. Back in the day, that meant something else entirely.

Is The Price Of A Haircut Stopping Men From Looking Good?

Prices vary up and down the UK and from city to city and town to town. We have seen them as cheap as a few pounds, but from the information that we have gathered, it would seem the average price of s straightforward haircut for men in the UK sits somewhere between £10-15.

Assuming we get that done once a month, then for the year it would work out between £120-180, to keep ourselves looking smart.

The average price for a shampoo cut and blow dry is around £20-25, so the cost of having a nice head of hair increases to around £350 a year. Could this really be a determining factor on why many men in Britain just don’t bother going to a barber or hairdresser?

Child Prices

The cost of this really shocked us here at the Emporium. On average it seems the cost of a child’s haircut is around £10. We had guessed about £5-8, but we checked around 100 barbers in the areas that we live, and this was the average.

I talked to a Mum and Dad that I know really well. He has two sons, both at school and he takes himself and his two kids to the local barber once a month.

They all get a basic haircut and it costs him £36 a month, so about £450 a year. Expensive enough we think, but at least they look good and stay in touch with the latest trending hair styles.

Do Men Care What Hairstyles Our Women Prefer?

Here is an interesting question we think. Does the lady we are with influence the hairstyle that a man has? We believe having asked a number of men, that once you get past the macho adamant denial, that there is a huge influence on the “look” that a man has, courtesy of our partners.

Now you may agree or disagree, but we have surveyed about 100 men. They told the Emporium that around 80% of men are generally persuaded by what their partner likes to see them look like.

It is fair to say that women in general obsess over their hair. They cut, curl, straighten, shampoo and condition, change the look and style and make a huge effort to look good. Then we have men!

From what we could find out we could not find a woman who would complain about a baldy head, but who hated with a passion anything that resembled a greasy comb over.

woman and hairstyles

That included clothes, beards, hairstyle and even their after shave. Those men who were not attached tended to follow whatever the latest trends were in the bars and clubs.

Men who had a partner tended to heed what their partners were telling them. In most cases their persuasion was subtle and suggestive, but we did find some cases of just downright nagging.

Some men are very good at creating a good image of themselves, and they know how to dress sharply, how to shave properly and also make the most out of their looks and general appearance. They are however a very small minority.

In general most of the men in the UK are happy enough to allow their partners to pick out clothes, shoes and also to tell them what way their hair should look. Again you may disagree with this statement, but that is what you find out when you start to ask questions.

We also asked the guys here at the Emporium about their own hairstyles and it was interesting. I will start with myself and my wife cuts my hair at home.

I am bald on top, so my wife does a blend of a number 1 and a number 2 at the sides and back, once every 4 weeks and in her own words she says, “That keeps you nice and tidy.” She is right of course and all I have to do is sit there and let her do her stuff.

Those at the Emporium blessed with a head of hair do go to a hairdresser. One of the guys likes the Jose Mourinho look as in his words he says it is both stylish and manly.

Mourinho Hairstyle

Jose Mourinho Hairstyle Picture: Courtesy of Wikimedia

The younger members it seems do go with whatever is happening in the fashion world. It seems they are influenced by pop stars, movie stars and by whatever is happening in the media. Items like what design of glasses to wear, the latest buzz in Smartphones etc are all dictated by what they see and hear everyday.

That makes sense to me anyway, as back when I was in my 20’s, I was certainly heavily influenced by both my peers and by what was happening in the world of glamour.

It would seem then that little has changed in the world of men’s hairstyles. There are still men who have the biker look, the hippy look, the skin heads, the Afro, the fly overs and the people with crazy hair that seems to grow wherever it wants to.

I even saw a guy not long ago with the Mohican look and that was one that I was certain had been confined to history. Many men still spend an absolute fortune on hair loss products afraid that they will lose their crowning glory.

It seems to us here at the Emporium that younger men are still heavily influenced by fashion and cultural trends. As we age though, and as we develop partnerships, then it is the partner who eventually persuades the guy what is cool looking, and what is not.

Interesting we think sometimes, that life over the years never really changes a lot. Short hairstyles are the “in thing” at the moment, and that looks certain to continue for a long time. The stubble look also remains strong and appears to continue to trend.

the stubble beard look

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