The Goatee Gadget Reviewed

Bill, one of the guys here at the Emporium is a true Goatee freak. He found quite by accident a Goatee Template and got rather excited about it. So much so, that to basically shut him up, I agreed to put his review on to the Emporium website. So Bill wrote everything that you are about to read. Enjoy!!!

Love Your Goatee

For those of us who choose to sport the ultimate beard, which is of course a Goatee, then you will know that it takes a bit of looking after. However, and I think more importantly, when trimming a single slip of the hand can mean a disaster.

For this type of beard to work, you do need to have it looking very precise. It has to look good and a nice clean cut is the only real way to achieve that.

the goatee beard

The Goatee Template

Of course a good barber will do that for you, but that means time and money, and not all of us have those options. When browsing around the web one evening I spotted a gadget, a Goatee gadget and I did have a good old chuckle.

It was called the GoateeSaver, a shaving template for Goatees and Van Dykes. To be honest at first glance, I though it looked rather ridiculous.

It was only when I noticed that there were about 250 online reviews with buyers giving this one an average satisfaction rating of 86%.

That instantly made me have a much closer look. When I did I was pleasantly surprised and so I read some of the reviews and to cut a long story short, for around £15 I just bought it.

goateesaver template reviewed

What Exactly Is The Goateesaver?

It is a template that you place just below the nose (held using a mouth piece) and you simply shave around it. For me anyway, the best thing about it is that it just saves me a ton of time, and eliminates completely the risk of any mistakes.

Do I look like a bit of a dork when using it? Yes I do, but guess what, no-one watches me so to be honest, I just don’t care.

The bottom line is that it works. What is also pretty cool is that you can make some adjustments to suit your face and your actual beard style. It uses three simple rollers to make the adjustment which really you will only have to do once. For any ladies out there, if your man has a goatee, he will love this as a gift.

One of the reviewers summed it up pretty well by saying, “It does exactly what it says on the tin.” Now of course it comes in a box, but you get the general idea of what I mean.

A few reviewers also suggested that it is pretty cool to do a Darth Vader or a Scottish Terrier when wearing this. That’s not something I have tried as yet, but I may try a Hanibal Lecter around Halloween time.

the goatee template process


For anyone with a Goatee, this is just a great little gadget that may initially look a bit daft. Once you get past that initial idea however, you quickly realise that it is just really handy. You will not make a mistake when you use this and it will also make shaving a heck of a lot quicker.

Check Availability at Amazon

If you happen to be a gadget freak (I am) then you will clearly want to try this. For those not quite that addicted to gadgets, this is just something that I think is really practical.

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