SweetLF 3D IPX7 Electric Shaver UK Review

This electric chaver from the brand SweetLF remains one of the most popular and affordable electric shavers that is currently available in the United Kingdom. Its popularity is down mainly to the fact that you can usually buy this model online for under £30.

Despite this lower price, this shaver still remains highly rated by buyers, with an average buyer satisfaction rating of 86%. That is the average buyer rating of this SweetLF razor, and there are quite literally hundreds of available online reviews to base this score on.

What many buyers like about this shaver is that with a one hour charge, you get a shaving time of around 2 hours, and that is enough for about 30 individual shaves.

SweetLF 3D Rechargeable  electric shaver

Short Summary Review

  • This is a Rotary Shaver
  • It has a 3D floating head with three blades
  • It has a pop-up trimmer
  • It is waterproof to IPX7 rating so can be used in the shower if you prefer
  • This shaver can be used for either dry shaving or wet shaving
  • Comes with a 15 month warranty
  • Charged by using a USB lead

So as you can see from this short review, this is certainly an affordable shaver, and overall gets a very good rating from plenty of satisfied buyers online.

Specification Details

  • This shaver is charged using a USB lead. With a 1 hour charge you can get enough power for around 30 shaves, with a total shaving time of 2 hours​
  • This is classed as a rotary shaver with three floating heads. Having those means that the shaver can follow all the various contours of your face, including the neck
  • It also has a pop up trimmer and that allows you to trim an maintain your moustache or sideburns
  • There is a handy LCD screen (5 bars) to show the battery capacity
  • Great for travelling as the voltage options are international
  • It can be used for either wet or dry shaving
  • It is very quiet as it has a powerful motor that turns the blades quickly
  • Comes with the shaver, protective cap,  USB cable, cleaning brush and a portable bag which is handy when travelling
  • Has a 15 month warranty

What Buyers Say About the SweetLF Shaver?

Buyer Satisfaction

Manufacturers tend to use some fancy terms for what their shavers actually do, Here at the Emporium we are really more interested in what real life buyers have to say. We think that gives you  afar better indication of what you are really buying.

For example with this shave the manufacturer states that it has as a feature " a double track close to face cutter." Now that may sound great but what does it even mean really? That is why we always prefer to read all the buyer reviews, and then summarise those for you.

We have then put those together in a simple pros and cons table which we have shown just below.

Pros & Cons


  • This is in the affordable range for many UK buyers
  • 67% of all buyers give this one the full 5 star review rating
  • Buyers say the shaver is quiet when compared to other ones that they have owned
  • Feels light in the hand but does a great shave
  • Can be quickly cleaned under the tap
  • Can be charged using any micro USB lead which is really handy
  • Buyers said this shaver was much better than some of the well known brands


  • 7% of all UK buyers give this shaver a low rating
  • Those buyers mainly said that it stopped working anything between 3-6 months and they had to get it replaced

Our Verdict on the SweetLF 3D Shaver

This is an affordable electric shaver and certainly sits at the lower end of the price point for these types of shavers.

The majority of buyers are pleased with their purchase and stat that it does a great job at shaving.

They liked the fast charging time, and also how long the battery lasted. They also believed it was very useful that you could use a USB lead to do the charging.

Another important point for many buyers was that it could be rinsed under the tap, and that sped up cleaning the shaver a lot.

However if this is not the electric shaver for you, then please feel free to check out our top 10 list of shavers by clicking here.

You may find one there that you prefer. SweetLF are not that well known as a brand in the world of shaving. This model though has done really well for them, and it does remain a popular choice with many UK buyers.

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