Should You Try Shaving With A Straight Razor?

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If you are keen to try shaving with a straight razor, then we thought that you might appreciate these few tips. Straight razor shaving is not for the uninitiated in our opinion. It needs certain skills and it is not something that you can do well just straight off the bat.

Below you will find a small plan that should help you get the best start possible. Of course if you are feeling brave enough, then go right ahead, but just be aware that it is not as easy as you may think, and you could end up putting yourself off doing this again for a very long time.

We have known quite a few people who rushed into this style of shaving, before they had really mastered using a DE razor and all of them would openly admit that was a mistake.

Use A Double Edge First

We would always recommend that if you are going to start out on having a wet shave, then start with a Double Edge razor first. That will help you do a couple of things in our opinion.

  • It gets your face used to a blade
  • It gets you really good practise at knowing how to properly shave

If you get those parts right, then making the move to a straight razor will be a great deal easier. Hopefully that makes sense, and in reality it is pretty all about using a common sense approach.

Many guys will start shaving and the huge majority will use an electric razor. Although they have blades or foils, they also have a great deal of protection built into those heads. In fact that is one of their key benefits.

The thing is that your skin gets used to that, so when you decide to switch to a blade, that is a bit of a shock to your skin. It takes time for your skin to adjust.

During that adjustment period, it is better to use a wet razor that has some protection on the blade. A double edge safety razor will do that, and at the same time get you into some pretty good habits for shaving.

There are certain strokes that you have to use in shaving to get the best results. You also have to figure out the right pressure to apply to get that clean cut, without damaging your skin.

Moving To A Straight Razor Blade

We would say that after about 4-6 weeks of DE shaving, then it is time to make the move, but please don’t do an immediate and complete shift.

You should continue on using the safety razor, and then try a shave with the straight one for one day, and then go back to the safety razor for a couple of days. Mix it up a little until you get really confident with the straight one.

Visit The Barbers

If you have a local barber who offers a wet shave, then by all means book yourself in and watch how they go about it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the barber either, as most of them do not mind sharing their tips of the trade. I have included a video below, that shows you some of the best methods available.

This is a 30 minute video, but we think it provides a great number of things to keep in mind.

Avoid Expensive or Cheap Straight Razors

Buy a straight razor at the mid price point is our advice. Cheap versions of these are useless so avoid them. Unless you are rich, or a straight razor obsessive, then avoid the ones at the higher end.

Opt for a sensible price point and buy a good recognised brand. We would also recommend when starting out, that you get a razor that takes razor blades, rather than going for a fixed blade.

The main reason we suggest that choice is because you may not fancy the idea. Then the fixed blade ones, which are more expensive would be a waste of your money.

So start out with a good basic one, and if you like that type of shave, you can always get something that is more traditional, along with a good sharpening strop.

You should know though, that the higher up the range you go, then the choices do become a great deal more expensive. Now having said all of the above, a straight razor with a well sharpened fixed blade, is the ultimate in a complete shaving experience.

This is not something you will realistically  be able to do first thing in the morning, before going to work.

From beginning to end this shaving process can take about 20-30 minutes, and let’s face it, we don’t really have time for that every morning.

It is something I like to treat myself to on a weekend morning. if you follow the plan we have outlined above you can make a nice transition from the world of electric shavers to the world of wet shaving.

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