Shaving Tips for Extremely Sensitive Skin

razor and gel for sensitive skin

For guys who have sensitive skin, they will generally not look forward to having a shave. This is simply because at the end of it, their face and especially the neck area, becomes very irritable, itchy and red. At the end of the day it is just annoying and makes even wearing a shirt collar something of an annoyance. To help I have put together some top shaving tips for men who have very sensitive skin.

Probably the most important thing to understand is that you should avoid dry shaving of any kind. The rubbing of anything metal across skin will make it irritable so it is always a good idea to apply either a soap or a cream as this offers a big layer of protection.

razor and gel for sensitive skin


Sensitive skin is very common amongst men and usually refers to an allergic reaction of the skin after the application of a product. Certain shaving products and cosmetics can cause minor and even major skin reactions depending on the skin type of the man concerned. In some cases the reaction can also be caused by environmental conditions. Cold weather especially can really make the skin nip.

Skin irritation is manifested through a number of different reactions such as:

  • Itchy bumps
  • Redness
  • Eczema
  • Dryness
  • Ingrown hairs

It important to know your skin type as people with sensitive skin, have to learn and adopt the best skin care practices to achieve a problem free skin. It also needs consistent treatment to get good results and improve the skin condition.

To achieve the best results we recommend that over time you should try and improve on the quality of your shaving by investing in the right tools and good quality skin care products.

The following are easy tips to follow to ensure you achieve and maintain great skin results after shaving. Even if you only do one or two of these, we know that you will see a considerable difference in your skin.

Sensitive Skin Tip 1 – Invest In Good Quality Shaving Equipment

Good quality electric razors will have a smooth slide onto your skin, cutting the hair easily and to the edge. Dull and poor quality blades make you put too much pressure onto the skin which results into skin damage. Electric razors vary a lot in price but it is worth spending a little extra to get yourself a good one.

There are two types of electric shavers or razors. One uses spinning heads and the other type uses a foil. The foil version will always be better for men with any type of sensitive skin.

We have done an article that explains that and you can read that to find out more. Click here for that article.

Sensitive Skin Tip 2 – Skin Preparation

Take a shower and use a good skin scrub. This removes dirt and dead cells from the skin, making it soft and ensures the razor easily glides well along the skin. Most people don’t have a lot of time to do techniques like hot towels so a morning shower will do the job nicely. It is also a good habit to try and exfoliate about once a week if you can.

Always shave after the shower or even in it as the steam will have done a really good job of softening the bristles.

Sensitive Skin Tip 3 – Shaving Creams & Lotions

Have a good shaving lotion that is meant for sensitive skin from your local pharmacy or beauty store. A nice shaving cream makes the skin and hair soft and ready to shave. Alcohol free products have been recommended over the years as they do not cause irritations. You can read a good article here on which are the best type of shaving creams that work on sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Tip 4 – The Best Shaving Technique

male skinBe gentle when shaving as high friction will definitely irritate your skin. The huge majority of men never use a pre-shave lotion and they really should. For guys who have sensitive skin we would strongly recommend that they do, as we know it makes a huge difference.

After washing the skin, apply and massage the shaving lotion and wait for a few minutes. Make light shaving strokes along the hair growth direction. There is never any need to press down or lean on a safety razor or a straight blade razor.

The blades will do the cutting for you if they are sharp. Just remember to change the blades after around 5-6 shaves. Many beginners to wet shaving make the huge mistake of pressing the blade into the skin. There really is no need to do that and you can get a very close shave with no pressure at all.

Once the pre-shave lotion has had time to work, then apply a good shaving cream or soap and massage that into the skin with a shaving brush. Rinse the razor with warm water after each stroke to get rid of shave junk. You may also re-apply the shaving soap or cream between intervals for excellent results. If you would like to find out more about this technique then this article is worth a read.

Sensitive Skin Tip 5 – Invest In A Good Quality After Shave Lotion

Clean the skin after shaving and tap dry with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing your face and neck with the towel and try hard to get into the habit of dabbing. It may seem strange at first to do this but it will make a big difference to how much irritation you will get around the lower neck and face.

Apply a generous amount of the after shave cream or lotion. This may have a slight burning sensation but stops after sometime. An alcohol free antiseptic moisturiser is also useful to keep the skin well hydrated, covering the open skin pores, soothing and invigorating the skin.

I reviewed a number of the best after shaves which you can read by clicking here.

Sensitive Skin Tip 6 – Take Care of Your Skin and Eat A Well Balanced Diet

It is prudent to also invest in good quality sun skin lotion with SPF above 20. This ensures that your face is well protected against the negative effects of the weather. In the UK this is something that we just do not do. We don’t get a lot of sun and so we tend to not worry about our skin when we do. The reality is that all skin needs to be kept moist and also protected.

Sitting out in the garden or cutting the lawn for an hour in the sun can cause a lot more damage to skin than you think. It takes about a minute to apply a drop of sun cream and be protected. Like many other things if you can make this a habit, you will start to see better skin conditioning.

Great skin is also a reflection of what you eat. Practice healthy eating habits for a glamorous and healthy looking skin. Now we are not health experts here at the Emporium and we are not going to lecture any one on diets. The fact remains though that we are what we eat. We all know fruit and vegetables are good for us in many ways and our skin is no exception.

Watch Our For Products

We never quite know how our skin will react to anything that is put on it. This could be anything from a simple soap to an after shave. However, if your skin becomes irritated, it is advisable to discontinue any products and try to establish which product has caused this reaction to your skin. If the reaction does not stop, it is best to seek medical attention.

These simple tips if well applied will ensure you have a glowing skin that is blemish free, smooth, and healthy.

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