Unique Shaving & Grooming Gift Ideas for Men - UK 2017

if you have to buy a gift for a man, well that challenge can be hard enough. It becomes even tougher if the guy already has just about everything that he needs. In situations such as that finding a gift that he will like, and appreciate, become even harder.

We hope that this article makes your life just that little bit easier. When it comes to the world of male grooming, then we think that we can help. One things is certain there are some great value presents out there, across a wide range of prices.

So whether you are looking to splash some cash and buy him something special, or simply looking for a Christmas stocking filler, then hopefully we can show you what is available. So let's get started, and see what products that men really like to receive.

Shaving Christmas Gift Idea 1​ - Shaving Gift Sets

Now when I talk about these shaving sets, I am not talking about those awful ones that you can find stacked up in department stores. Many of those are quite frankly dreadful. I am talking about sets, that have useful products, and offer the guy a touch of class.

There are quite literally hundreds of these available, but I have narrowed it down to what we think are the top 3 choices, currently available in the UK. So here goes...​

Top 3 High Value Shaving Sets

Edwin Jagger Gillette Mach 3- Popular Choice

Edwin Jagger Gillette Mach 3 Imitation Ebony Shaving Gift Set

Average Price: £65

This would be considered by anyone who knows their shaving products as being a high quality gift. The Edwin Jagger brand is simply one of the best shaving brands in the market. This set contains a pure badger shaving brush along with a nickel plated bowl and stand and Mach 3 style razor

L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Shop Collection Gift Set

L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Shop Collection Gift Set

Average Price: £18

From the highly popular L'Oreal brand comes this collection gift set. It includes a deodorant, shower gel, face wash, moisturiser, beard comb and of course a bottle opener. This makes a good gift for a colleague at work, a stocking filler for a partner, or a great gift for someone who likes to look after themselves.

Gillette Travel Set - Ideal for a Guy who Travels a lot


Average Price: £14-15

This makes a great stocking filler. It's a perfect choice for any man who travels a lot. All of the products pass air flight regulations. Includes a razor, shaving gel, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and a moisturiser. The brand is of course very well known and they do make very good male grooming products

These are always a popular choice for gifts around Christmas time. They are all from very good brands, and gifts of this quality, will be appreciated and more importantly used.

Shaving Christmas Gift Idea 2​ - For Men With a Beard

If the guy you are buying for has a beard, then there are also a number of great gift ideas for men with beards. Beards and even stubble has become quite popular, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to picking a gift. I have included 2 very popular choices for the hairy man.

3 Great Gift Ideas for the Bearded Man

Beard Oil, Forest™ Blend, All Natural - 7 Premium Oils

beard oil xmas gift idea

Average Price: £9

Makes a super stocking filler. This is the best selling beard oil on Amazon. This one helps prevent beard itch, makes the beard soft to the touch, and according to the manufacturer, also makes the beard "kissable." I will leave you to find out if that is indeed true???

The Classic Beard Brush - Always a gift Loved by the Bearded Man

beard brush for christmas

Average Price: £10

If your guy doesn't have a beard brush, but does have a beard, then trust me, he will LOVE to own this. It looks like a great gift as it is well presented. Buyers love this and rate it very highly. Works really well for applying oils.

Dear Barber Beard Grooming Mens Gift Set Collection


Average Price: £19-10

Traditional beard grooming gift set with a modern twist. This beautiful box contains beard oil, beard comb and moustache wax. This will look great in the bathroom or bedroom, and will be used by beard wearing men. The oil contains Argan oil, which is great for beards.

Shaving Christmas Gift Idea 3​ - Bath Robes/Dressing Gowns

Getting to and from the bathroom is I think best done wearing a bathrobe. Shaving is also a lot more comfortable wearing a catch all bathrobe. Like many other products, these come in all shapes, sizes, colours and prices. Below I have come up with some interesting choices, that I think are a little bit different.

3 Bathrobe Shaving Ideas for a Gentleman

Personalised Hooded Towelling Bathrobe

Personalised Hooded Towelling Bathrobe

Average Price: £40

Many men like a bathrobe with a hood. Why not take it to the next level and have it personalised for him?

This is a towelling bathrobe that comes in a range of sizes, and will make something that is very personal to him.

Is he worth it???

100% Egyptian Cotton Terry Towel Navy Bathrobe Dressing Gown Gift Pack

100% Egyptian Cotton Terry Towel Navy Bathrobe Dressing Gown Gift Pack

Average Price: £15

Egyptian cotton is really hard to be for softness and a little bit of luxury. Terry towelling and comes beautifully presented as well. This one will help dry quickly and keep him warm in the winter months.

Emporio Armani Men's Bathrobe


Average Price: £100

Form the very high end Emporio Armani. The branding is very visible on the sleeve. so no doubt you will catch him looking at this more than once. It is 100% cotton. Not a cheap option, but you are paying for the brand.

Shaving Christmas Gift Idea 4​ - Dental Care

There are some very interesting options for dental care products for men. Once again you may find some unusual gift ideas here.

3 Interesting Choices for Perfect Teeth Hygiene

Oral-B Pro 2500 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush


Average Price: £30

This is the best selling electric toothbrush on Amazon UK.

If he doesn't own one of these, then it is a really useful gift to give him.

Braun is a great choice

LifeBasis Dental Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner

water flosser gift idea

Average Price: £35

Proven to remove plaque and reach the places that a toothbrush simply can not. These are growing in popularity and becoming very popular in the UK market. 99% more effective that traditional dental floss.

Dental Hygiene Kit For Home Use

Dental Hygiene Kit For Home Use

Average Price: £8

I don't really get this idea myself, but these sell like crazy. They do come with user instructions, and buyers seem to love this particular gift set.

Not sure I would want it for Christmas myself, but it seems many men do??

Shaving Christmas Gift Ideas 4​ - Unusual Shaving Presents

I thought I would end this list by including some unique and individual shaving gift ideas.

3 Unusual Shaving Ideas

Jagen David ® B40 - Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor

unique shaving christmas gift idea

Average Price: £8-10

A quality Double Edge safety razor for the perfect shave.

Well presented and makes a great Christmas gift idea.

Jerrybox Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving


Average Price: £16

A good quality shaving mirror that does not cloud up in the bathroom.

Don't tell him but it is also great for putting make-up on without the steamy mirror.

Ashwood Hanging Wash / Shaving Bag

Ashwood Hanging Wash / Shaving Bag

Average Price: £34

A little bit of quality and luxury with this great looking leather and canvas shaving bag.

He will be proud to show this travel bag off just about anywhere, the golf club, the gym etc.

Other Shaving Ideas

This website covers many aspects of male grooming and shaving. Below I have included links to some of the most popular and best selling products, that mane like to own. Hopefully you will be able to find something there if you haven't already found something above.​

Well good luck with your search. I really do hope that you find what you are looking for.

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