Do You Shave In The Shower?

man in bathrobe

This conversation came up in a bar the other evening. I really don’t remember exactly how it started, but somehow we ended up talking about shaving in the shower.

Here at the Emporium we are pretty much a bunch of dedicated wet shavers, who like to go through the ritual of a proper shave. We believe that it should be an enjoyable experience that leaves you looking great, and also feeling great.

We would not be advocates of shaving in the shower. The sink in the bathroom, along with a mirror and your shaving gear is where this event should take place. We were therefore pretty surprised to learn that quite a number of guys regularly have a shave as part of their morning shower routine.

shaving in the shower

Time vs Pampering

You guessed it, the pressure of time in the morning means that men adapt to what will look good and still get them out the door on time to get to work.

That means the ritual of shaving gets replaced with what is convenient. After all you are going to shower first thing, so why not double up and take care of your stubble at the same time.

You have probably figured out already that you will not get the best shave in the world, but at the end of the day, it is still way better than a dry shave with an electric razor, or scraping your face half to death with some cheap disposable.

So with that in mind, we thought we should offer a few tips, that will make this method a great deal easier.

Now we do want to say from the outset, that this is not the best way to care for your face, so we would recommend setting aside some man time, and having the full experience 2-3 times a week.

How To Shave Properly In The Shower?

We asked the team here to give this some thought and come up with some ideas, as to how to make this as good a shave as it is possible to have, given the environment.

The good news is that the heat, and the steam for the shower will certainly loosen up the hair, and that helps a lot. So at least we are off to a good start as the old bristles have been loosened up.

man in bathrobe

We know that things can get hectic in the morning and there is always the pressure of time. In the ideal world we would shower and then shave as the steam has done its work.

Your pores will be open, and the small hairs are nice and loose. So make sure you give your face a good wash after you have done all the other bits and pieces. We are assuming that most guys do this anyway and if so, then you should be really well prepared.

We would then recommend using a good shaving cream as that will just be a lot quicker than trying to lather up a soap. You can also apply a cream by hand, so there is no need for a brush to do this. If you have a few extra seconds then use the brush of course as this helps get the cream right into the hair.

Once that is done then you only need two items, your trusty razor, and something that you may not have which is a fogless mirror. If you have not heard of these, then do yourself a huge favour and find out about them.

We are sure you have seen the guys with small pieces of toilet paper or tissue stuck to their face. These are probably guys who have tried to have a proper shave using a steamed up mirror.

I think we have all been there at some stage. You look in the mirror and it is all steamed up. You wipe it a few times with your hand and try to apply a sharp blade to your delicate facial skin. A few nicks later and a few more wipes of the mirror, and you emerge from the bathroom looking like a scene from a war movie.

With one of these mirrors your problems really will be over. Now I do own one of these, but I didn’t actually buy it for myself. My wife bought it so as she could use her tweezers, and whatever else it is she does, for the amazing length of time that she manages to spend in there, when I am in a hurry. Apologies that is my short rant about that over.

These are just a really useful type of mirror to have in your bathroom, and being able to see your face makes a huge difference as you can imagine.

There are a few of these to pick from but try to get one that has a small shelf, as that will hold your razor for you. Most of these use small suction cups that stick to the wall, so there is no need for any difficult drilling of any kind.

Watch Out for Slipping

There is not a man alive today that has not dropped the soap when in the shower. Imagine what could happen if you dropped your razor. In fact don’t imagine that and just make sure that you don’t.

Having a small shelf on your mirror will help with that and you can also use some alum on your fingertips, to help make your razor stick.

If you have read my article on the best DE razors, then you will understand about grips, and also about the length of the handle on your razor. I would recommend reading that article, but if you haven’t time, then the best razor for shaving in the shower, would be a long handled one with either a knurled handle, or one with a rubber grip.

Any type of razor that gives you a nice firm grip is a good idea, but that is especially true when in the shower.

When you are finished your shave and your shower, don’t forget to dry off your razor. The only metal that doesn’t rust is stainless steel, so take just a few seconds and allow it to dry out, before reassembling it.

So if you are a guy who shaves in the shower, then our recommendation would be to use shaving cream, a long handled razor with a good grip, and also get yourself a fogless mirror as that will make your life a great deal easier.

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