Proraso Professional Boar Hair Shaving Brush Review

This is our review of the Proraso Professional Boar Hair shaving brush. At just a few pence over £10, this Italian designed brush is really good value for money. Personally I think this one has a wonderful appearance, and makes it stand out from many others in the UK market.

As the name would suggest, this brush uses "boar bristles" and the handle is made from a shiny thermoplastic material. Buyers rate this one highly with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, so clearly very well rated.

You can see an up close image of this just below.​

Proraso Professional Boar Hair Shaving Brush

The bristles work really well for lovers of wet shaving, so for many potential buyers, the decision will simply be, do the like the actual appearance of this particular style of brush. I do like this style as it is a pretty traditional barber shop style.

How Buyers Rate the Proraso Professional Boar Hair

Buyer Satisfaction

When considering buying any product, it is always good to check out any existing buyer reviews.

Here at the Emporium, we read the many reviews, and then apply the right analysis, so as you don't have to.  Just below, we have included the actual ratings, and expressed those in percentage terms.

These are based on a maximum score of 100%. This brush received an average buyer satisfaction rating of 90%

Just below, you can see how these ratings are broken down by percentage. That is a good way to see at a glance, what real life buyers actually think about this shaving brush.

  • 72% of all buyers gave this a very high review rating
  • Only 3% gave it a bad rating

At a quick glance you can see that around 7 out of 10 buyers so far has rated these either as a 5 star product. 93% rated this brush 4 stars or higher. The percentage of low reviews is very small, and that is always a very good sign for potential buyers.

Proraso Professional Boar Hair Specification

Just below we have included a more in-depth review, of the actual specification of this useful brush

  • Uses boar hair for the bristles
  • The brush handle is made from highly shiny, lightweight thermoplastic.
  • The total length of the brush is 130 mm
  • The handle length is 65 mm
  • The bristle length is 65 mm
  • Weighs 150 grams

Use of the Proraso Professional Boar Hair Brush

For many buyers of brushes, the main decision will be whether to buy one with boar or badger bristles.? In our opinion if you have thick facial hair, then it is best to opt for a boar brush. The bristles are just slightly stiffer, and that helps get the soap or cream into the tougher and thicker bristles.

This Proraso is well priced and popular with many UK buyers. Just be aware on the first initial uses, there is always a slight smell from the boar hair. That does go away after 3-4 uses, so don't let that put you off.

Start initially by wetting the brush. Once that is done, then apply either a shaving cream, or creating a lather from a good quality shaving soap, to the brush.

This brush holds the lather really well, so that makes shaving that little bit faster. Once lathered up, then use your safety razor or straight razor, to remove the bristles.

Our Verdict on the Proraso Professional Boar Hair

Many people are of the belief that boar hair is not as good a quality as badger hair. There is some merit in that, but for thicker and tougher beards, I still believe that a boar brush like this is better.

This one will take a little longer to build up a good lather on your face. That said, it feels soft and does a really thorough job of getting into the bristles. And that after all, is what a shaving brush is supposed to do.

This product is priced correctly in our opinion. The quality is very good and according to all buyers, lasts for ages. You are certainly getting good value for money.

If this is not the one for you then please check out our top 10 list of shaving brushes, by clicking here.

A good tip to get rid of the initial smell quickly, is to soak the hairs in some warm water overnight, with something like a spot of hair conditioner. That will speed up that process.

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