How To Pick And Use A Good Moustache Wax?

best rated moustache wax

This page will help you pick a good moustache wax, and also help inform you how to use it for the best results. I have completed an article on moustache growth and trimming which you can read by clicking here, and if you would like to find out about moustache combs, you can click here.

The purpose of this page though is to have a real close look at why men bother to use a wax on their moustaches. The main reasons are pretty obvious and are simply to allow any man to style and have complete control over the way their moustache looks.

That of course sounds a really simple thing to understand and thankfully it is. However there is one BIG problem! There are just so many different types available that if you are new to this, then the choices can quite literally be truly overwhelming.

best rated moustache wax

What Are Waxes Made From?

Here at the Emporium though we really do and try to keep things as simple as we can. With these waxes though it is not that easy due to the many different products that they can be made from. Going way back in the day when these were first invented they were essentially made from what are called “Petrochemical” products.

As the name would suggest this was a by-product that was created when petrol was being made. In today’s modern world though, these have been substituted with organic products, natural products, soy free and a range of other more suitable alternatives.

That is one element to consider and the second one that you need to consider is their strength. It is the strength of any particular wax which will determine the amount of control that you can have for the hair just under your nose. This is particularly important for the larger or bushier styles such as the classic handlebar style.

Video On Applying A Good Wax

There is a guy called the Beard Baron over at YouTube and I like the way he explains waxing. he especially talks about using natural ingredients in a wax, which in my opinion is the only type of wax that you should consider using. I am not a fan of anything that is petroleum based, or indeed anything that is Vaseline base.

In this video he uses Lanolin which comes from a sheep believe it or not. It is also a favourite of mine and it does wonders for any type of hair. The interesting part for me though is that he talks about how to create different styles, which is interesting. He talks about a product called “Wildwood,” but the one that I have used myself is the “Clubman brand.

Captain Fawcett Moustache Wax

The principles of application are exactly the same and this one contains Sandalwood oil which again are natural ingredients. This one does not have that greasy feel to it that many of these waxes tend to have. There is also a pretty neutral fragrance with this one and let’s face it, as we will be applying this right under our noses, that is a pretty important thing to consider.

Now some guys also want their wax to help reduce the look of grey hairs, but this product will not do that. The reason I go with this one is that it is simple to apply, leaves a firm feel to the hair and it washes out easily in the shower, and also washes quickly off your finger tips. One really important thing though is that this one really will last all day long.

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There are plenty of brands to pick from which include:

  • Clubman
  • Bounder
  • Percy Nobleman
  • Mohawk
  • Dynamite
  • Kent
  • The Dapper Gent

Those are just the main brands so you will not be stuck for choice. Bounder is a popular choice for many people and is hand made in London from Navy Rum and Vanilla extract. Many guys love this smell but I have never really warmed to this scent myself. There are however a number of men who really like the high quality of this wax and also the scent.

Mo Bro’s Grooming Kit

Mo Bro's Grooming KitI found this one when I was browsing around one day. This is actually the best selling product on Amazon in the Hair Gift category. It gets plenty of buyers, and also plenty of good ratings.

I would not be a kit fan myself as more often than not, you get some products that you will just never use.

This one is interesting though as there is a nice combination of accessories here. It comes with a moustache wax, a beard balm that moisturises, an oil that calms any irritation, a beard comb, scissors and a hessian gift bag.

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When Did Moustache Waxing Start?

For those who like a little background information, I thought I would add just a brief history. As you can understand moustaches have been around for years. The natural thing used to control them was of course trimming them to keep them in good shape.

When wax was first introduced and there is no specific date for that (probably around the 1850’s) it was more for the hair on her head, than the hair on our face.

It was however a natural progression to then use it to shape and mould the wayward tashe. People initially made their own until the manufacturers spotted the demand and then they started to produce it in branded jars. This can be used on all types of moustaches including the:

  • Hungarian
  • Dali
  • Imperial
  • Chevron
  • Handlebar
  • Pencil
  • Toothbrush
  • Pancho Villa

Some people still make their own wax today, but in the main it sells really well commercially.

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