Philips Shaver Series 7000 RQ1195/17 Electric Shaver UK Review

Even the hefty price tag, has not put UK buyers off picking the RQ1195/17 electric shaver, from the very popular Philips shaving brand.

This is without any question a complete shaving kit, and if you have the money, it is certainly well worth some serious consideration.

It can be used for dry shaving or for wet shaving, and it also comes with a very handy click on beard trimmer.

Philips Shaver Series 7000 RQ1195 review

There are plenty of buyers for this model, and they have given this an average buyer satisfaction rating of 83%, which is very good. Considering that this shaver has been on the UK market for a while, this one seems to have stood the tests of time.

We will take a closer look at this shaver in our more detailed review down below.

RQ1195/17 - Features At A Glance

  • check
    Lifts the hairs for a comfortable smooth cut
  • check
    Good for either dry or wet shaving and can be used in the shower
  • check
    The head moves which allows you to shave closely around the contours of the face
  • check
    The beard trimmer clips on and it can be used to trim beard from 0.5- 5mm
  • check
    Comes with a stand, soft pouch, protection cap, and cleaning brush
  • check
    Has a 2 year guarantee

What the Buyers Say?

We know that overall buyers rate this product with an overall buyer satisfaction rate of 83%.

An excellent rating and it is clear to see that overall UK buyers really like their purchase.


It is also worth adding that around 7 out of every 100 buyers gave this one a very low rating. Let's have a look and try to get to the bottom of that.


I found around 30 bad reviews out of around 600, and almost all of them complained about one of two things:

  • The shaver did not cut that well, especially on tougher beards
  • Some buyers said it broke down after 9 months to a year

The general consensus of the poor reviews seemed to be that, although this shaver is good enough, and certainly looks well enough, it really does not give that close a cut, for those who want a very close and smooth shave.


About half of all buyers gave this shaver the full 5 star treatment, and between 35-38% rated it between 60-80% on the satisfaction scale. With shavers you almost always get mixed reviews, and this RQ1195/17 is certainly no exception to that rule.

Here is a summary of the positive things buyers had to say:

  • Really good choice if you have sensitive skin, or your skin gets irritated when shaving
  • Really handy if you have a small beard as you can shave and trim your beard really quickly
  • Quite a few buyers also said that the trimmer was great for the eyebrows and even for ear hair
  • Decent battery life
  • Really nice deign and is comfortable to hold in your hand
  • 50 minutes of battery life from a one hour charge (Also has a 3 minute quick charge for 1 shave)

The charging stand folds up so is handy when travelling. The charger has LEDs which show, when you need a new head, and when the travel lock is on. It also shows when the battery is full, low and needs to be charged and a quick charge indicator.

My Verdict on the Philips Shaver Series 7000, Wet and Dry Shaver RQ1195/17

This is not a cheap option but you should be able to pick it up for under £190. The opinion of buyers is that, if you suffer from any type of skin irritation when shaving, then this Philip's model, makes a very good choice.

The people who made the complaints and left low review ratings were mainly disappointed in the closeness of the shave. There is little doubt that this will not give a smooth shave with just one pass.

It will take several passes and that of course adds time to the shave.

The battery life is good at 50 minutes from a one hour charge. It is also handy that you can stick this shaver under the tap and quickly clean it.

If this is not the one for you, then why not check out my top 10 list of the best electric shavers in the UK, by clicking here.

For this one though, the beard trimmer has 5 settings.

This Philip's model comes with a 2 year guarantee, and they state it has long lasting blades, which should last up to 2 years, before they will need to be replaced.

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