Philips SensoTouch RQ1275/17

Philips SensoTouch RQ1175/17 Gyroflex 2D Electric Shaver Metallic RedThis is a relatively new model and is part of the SensoTouch range of shavers from the Philips brand. It costs under £95 and it is a cordless product, which is of course very convenient. This can be used as either a wet or a dry shave and works really well for both types of shaving. It also comes with a beard trimmer attachment.

Buyers over at Amazon rate this on average at 4.5 out of 5 stars so a very good and consistent rating. Most people pick this one because not only does it offer a very good shave, but having the trimmer means you don’t need to carry two different products around with you.

In a recent “Which Magazine” review, this shave came second to another that cost around £150. That should give you a good indication, that this is a very good product.

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What The Buyers Think

I think on first look, this product looks really good and has a really nice style to it as well. Now when reading through the various reviews, it became clear that many buyers though the 50 minute use time on this was excellent.

There are very few shavers out there that have this longer extended time. Typical times would normally be around the 30 minute mark, so this is a big step up for the norm. Again reviewers also commented on the flexible head.

Now if you have not used this style of shaver before, you may well be wondering what does that actually mean. It means that when shaving, the head of the shaver, bends and tilts. That allows it to get the blades as close as possible to the various contours we have on our faces and necks. That actually makes a big difference to the finished shave.

On shavers with a fixed head, you have to almost tilt your own head and push the razor into some very strange angles to get the blades to remove any stubble. These flexible heads do take the pain out of that for sure, with the ultimate result being a smoother and closer shave.


Now I mentioned earlier that buyers love how long the batter lasts. Many of them also mentioned that it also charges really quickly as well. That is a useful thing to know. I don’t know about you, but I seldom remember to charge mine up until it runs out. If that happens to you, then at least with this one you do not have to wait a long time for it to get fully charged again.

It does need to be charged in its own cradle which comes with the charger. It does mean if you are travelling, that you will have to bring this with you. It is not one of those that you can just plug a lead into.

Sensitive Skin

If you are someone who has sensitive skin, then this model from Philips could be a very good choice. We would always recommend using this as part of a wet shave for sensitive skin. Those who have mentioned that in the reviews rate this product very highly, when used like that.


Again almost every reviewer has said that this feels really nice in the hand. As well as giving you a good shave, it makes this one suitable for anyone who may have arthritis of the hands. They call that an ergonomic grip, but it also has a nice weight to it as well.

Easy To Clean

Buyers said this was easy to clean as you could rinse the head under the tap and that was about all you need to do.

beard styler attachmentBeard Trimmer

A number of people praised the beard and moustache trimmer. Not only did they say it was convenient, but they also said that it worked very well indeed.


Buyers mentioned a few cons to this product and I always like to point those out.

  • People did not like the pouch that comes with this shaver. Some said it was poorly made and you could not store the shaver and the charger in it as it would not fit. It would take the shaver ok, but not the charger and shaver.
  • Some felt this was over priced. I would just qualify that as the people who said this bought it when it first came out and paid anything from £100-125. At today’s price it looks good enough value for money.
  • Some people said the cover for the head of the razor is pretty flimsy


It gets 4.5 stars out of 5 from plenty of buyers so you know it is good. It makes a good shaver for using at home, but I would not recommend this one for travelling. There are also a lot more pros than cons and that is also a very good sign.

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Overall the reviews were very positive, and buyers certainly seemed to like this one a lot.

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