Philips SensoTouch RQ1251 Gyroflex 3D Electric Shaver Review


The Gyroflex SensoTouch RQ1251 from the Philips brand, is one of the best electric shavers on the market today. Philips as you may know, are definitely one of the leading brands in the entire shaving market. This is not a cheap shaver by any means, and priced at around £380 it is probably out of the price reach for many people.

For those that can afford it though, it certainly is a winner in almost any way that you can think of. Let’s have a look at the main features, before we look at it in some more detail.

Features & Benefits of the RQ1251

  • Can be used for wet or dry shaving
  • Has a jet cleaning system
  • Has a precision trimmer
  • Also comes with a beard trimming attachment and adjustable comb
  • Really does help reduce skin irritation

Philips-SensoTouch-RQ1251 Review

What Does Gyroflex Actually Mean?

This is just a fancy term for a system that allows the heads on the shaver to move and adjust to the contours of your face. Philips have taken a lot of time to design the actual heads. In that design they have mixed in slots and holes, that try and lift and cut the different lengths and shapes of hair that we have on our face.

The single most important thing that an electric razor can do is to find a way to lift the hair upwards from the face, which then allows it to be cut.

Think of the way that a good quality lawnmower works and you will get the gist of what we mean. A good quality mower will always lift and cut rather than press and try to cut. Hopefully that makes some sense.

Wet & Dry

Some guys like the idea of being able to use it for dry shaving and some prefer wet shaving. The good news is that with the RQ1251 you have the choice. It also means that you can easily clean this one by simply rinsing it under the tap in the bathroom. That makes a big difference especially when you are in a hurry.


It does however have a pretty neat jet cleaning system that also lubricates the blades, and charges the shaver at the same time.


So all round this product is very high quality and although at the higher end of the price range, you are getting really high quality with this razor.

Amazon Buyers Review Summary

One place we always look when trying to get a sense of the overall popularity and quality of the product is the Amazon reviews. We think that they are important as they are done by actual buyers.

When someone spends money on a product and takes the time to leave a review, you can be assured that is of value to read them.

People don’t have time so here at the Emporium we like to do a summary.

This product has received over 150 reviews and has an average rating of 4.4. The RRP is £380 but at Amazon and other online stores, you may be able to find this one, a lot cheaper.

Now you will know that we have a passion for wet shaving as it does give you the closest shave. We have never found an electric shaver or razor that can match that, but as far as electric shavers go, this one gets pretty close.

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