Philips QT4090/32 Review

Photo of the Philips QT4090 32

Photo of the Philips QT4090 32The QT4090/32 from Philips is an expensive but very popular choice for many guys as a leading stubble trimmer product.

Costing on average around £175 you do have to think twice before paying over your cash for this one. Now although this one sells really well, the reviews are not that great on a consistent basis.

At Amazon in the UK, over 500people who have bought the product have taken the time to write a review. On average these people have given this a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Personally I would never buy anything that doesn’t have at least a 4+ star rating. Now it doesn’t make this a bad product, but I believe there are just better choices.

What Makes the QT4090 Different?

The higher price tag appears to be justified by two specific features:

  1. A turbo switch that offers faster cutting speed
  2. A vacuum that absorbs the hairs as they are trimmed off

These are useful features in my opinion, but do they really make that big of a difference? Let’s have a closer look and try to figure out why this sells a lot but does not have really good reviews. That is strange and sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to try and understand why.

When I started to do this something popped out which you do find every now and then. It is often referred to as the “Marmite” effect. For those that don’t know what that is, it simply means people either really love this product or they hate it. Let me explain what is happening based on buyer reviews that have been left on Amazon.

Of the 550 total:

  • 42% gave it 5 stars
  • 29% gave it 4 stars
  • 12% gave it 3 stars
  • 8% gave it 2 stars
  • 9% gave it 1 star

So 3 out of every 4 people have this a 4 star review or higher. So as you can see 1 in every 4 people gave this product a 3 star rating or less.

It is however the reasons for the lower reviews that I find really confusing. I know from reviewing many products that as general rule Philips make a good quality set of products and their customer service is also good.

I did a little more digging and discovered some pretty strange things about this trimmer.

The Good & The Bad

Vacuum Feature

The whole purpose of a vacuum on a stubble trimmer or any beard trimmer is pretty simple. If you have ever used one over a sink to trim you facial hair, then in a very short space of time, the sink can look like a carpet, or a mini forest.

If your trimmer has a vacuum it is supposed to help suck the hair up. That in turn should help keep the sink clean, and save you cleaning that afterwards.

Many reviewers said that this worked really well, but some negative comments said it didn’t work at all. Let’s face it there is little doubt that it does work, but it is not designed to take a full beard all the way down to a stubble. You get the sense when reading the reviews that they think it should.

Funny and Sarcastic Reviews

I am convinced that some people write sarcastic and supposedly funny reviews simply to get noticed. With any product, even the best ones, there are always small things that can be done better. Useless sarcasm I simply find irritating but I have no doubt that they take great joy in clicking the one star button and publishing their attempt at wit.

Genuine Poor Reviews

I only ever take notice of what I would term genuine poor reviews. When I read these people did say that the vacuum system was poor. They also said that the detent that holds the head in place is flimsy.

It became clear from all the reviews that I read that this one does not work that well with longer beards. It seems from everything that I have read that this is what was causing more complaints than anything else.

If you trim every day or every couple of days this product works great. If you leave a trim any longer than that, then you will struggle with this one.

You can read these reviews over at Amazon by clicking here.

It isn’t a product that we would recommend. The Remington Barba is a better one in our opinion and a great deal cheaper as well. Everyone will have their own opinion, but there is just enough concern about this one, that we here at the Emporium could not recommend it to you.

At the same time we almost sit on the fence with this model. We know Philips are a good brand and at the end of the day over 75% of buyers rate this product highly. Here though we like to see product ratings in the high 80’s and above to be confident enough to recommend them.

The Babyliss 7895U, the Babyliss 7847U are cheaper options and also get decent reviews. Simply click on the links to read reviews about those models of stubble trimmers. There is also the popular Babyliss Super Stubble trimmer and many people make that their first choice.

For a full range of these products available in the UK, you can click right here. For a full buying guide and how to use one of these, then please click here.

Hopefully you have found this review helpful.

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