Philips QT4015/23 Review

philips qt4015 23 beard and stubble trimmer

This is our review of the QT4015/23 Beard and Stubble Trimmer from the company Philips. Philips has had a very impressive track record with manufacturing electronic products, and this stubble trimmer is a perfect example of just that.

The trimmer itself has a variety of great features, such as a wheel with lock option in 20 length settings, comfortable cordless or corded use, a charging indicator, and self-sharpening titanium blades!

In this article we will look at this trimmer in more detail. For those of you who are too busy to read it in full, then just below I have done a quick guide to help you out.

Quick Guide to the QT4015/23 Model

  • philips qt4015 23 beard and stubble trimmerIt has 20 different settings that allow you to adjust the depth of your trim
  • Self sharpening blades which mean you always get a high quality trim
  • It is corded and cordless so you can choose either option
  • With about 10 hours of charging you get around 30-35 minutes of trimming
  • Average cost price £85

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More Detailed Review

For those who like a more detailed review then we have completed this below.

Adjusting The Settings

The length lock settings are controlled by the simple turn of a wheel, which permits your to cut down your facial hair to the desired length with no hassle at all!

Look and Feel

We think that you will agree that this beard trimmer looks to be a good product. It most certainly has been ergonomically designed so that your hands don’t get quickly fatigued during sessions, even at odd angles while trimming hair in less accessible areas.

With some of the trimmers out there, they struggle to give a uniform cut, when you are trying to deal with the awkward angles. That isn’t the case with this one thanks to a good design.

The Blades
titanium self sharpening bladesThis model contains titanium metal blades, which never dull or rust! That means you’ll get the same trim every time you use it, whether it’s the first time, or the hundredth! Now, it is important to advise that this product is not intended for shaving.

This model won’t replace your razor, but it is a great option for beard/stubble upkeep. It is also a great idea to trim your beard before a shave, that way there will be less hair to gunk up your razors.

As mentioned, you have the option to use the trimmer with a cordless setting or a corded one. Should you choose cordless, you need not worry about the battery life.

Charging and Batteries

The trimmer can hold up a steady charge, long enough for any trimming session. You’ll have 60 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging with an easy to read battery light; green when full, blinks orange when low and blinks green when charging.

Easy Maintenance

Upkeep is incredibly simple, as it is easy to dismantle and can be washed using the sink. It is recommended to dismantle and clean the trimmer after every trimming session, to avoid any unwanted buildups.

Another plus is that the blades never have to be oiled! It is all in all, a very low maintenance device. You could probably get away with cleaning it every other shave if you wanted.

The Trimming Experience

Trimming with this Philips model is a very comfortable experience, as the blades will never snag on your skin and cut you. The trimmer works well for both facial and body hair.

Razor burn won’t be an issue with this trimmer, especially with the fully customisable length settings. As always start on the highest setting and work your way down until you find the right length for you.

Summary & Verdict

The trimmer is competitively priced, and a great bargain for the quality. Most trimmers with the same features are commonly sold for almost double the price! The box contains the beard trimmer, charger with adapter for worldwide voltage compatibility, user manual, and a limited manufacturer guarantee.

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There’s plenty of body and facial hair trimmers out on the market, they all have individual strengths and weakness. If you’re looking for a product that you’ll need for a close shave on a daily basis, then you may try to look for a different product.

However, if you’re in the market for a trimmer that is tried and true, easy, and very accurate when it comes to trimming, then this stubble Trimmer is the right match for you. It is competitively priced, durable, and an excellent way for you to trim your stubble and keep that body and facial hair looking great!

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