Philips BG2036/32 Review

BG2036/32A good hair body hair trimmer should be reliable, be able to shave all body hair and be efficient to use. so, does the Phillips BG2036/32 Bodygroom tick all the mentioned boxes?

Is it a groomer that can help you create your own shaving style, trim your hair even in hard areas but protecting your skin? Let us examine if it does in a lot more detail.

General Description

This body groomer from Philips is a machine that is used to shave hair in all the body areas. It can trim all hairs comfortably and safely through the underarms, the chest hairs and the groin area and even your legs. The hair trimmer can also shave your head easily and it is hypo-allergenic.

There are plenty of these body groomers in the market but here at The Emporium, we believe these are well rated and at under £50 represent really good value for your money.

In this article we check them out to see if this kit will suit your needs? For those who don’t have time to read my full and detailed review, you can read the quick guide below.

Quick Guide to the BG2036/32

In this quick guide we show you the important features:

  • At the time of writing there are almost 2,000 buyer reviews at Amazon UK and they give this an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 which is very good.
  • The average price at the time of writing is just under £50, again good value for money
  • Three combs that can work for 3, 5 and 7 mm hair lengths – ideal for most body hair needs
  • Charging stand that comes in the kit that helps fit the device even in smaller places including periods when you are in travel.
  • Battery light that has functionality that indicates the level of charge available. It is green when completely full and produces a blinking orange color when the charge has 10 minutes to last.
  • Extra-long hair attachment that helps reach the back
  • 1x BG2036 BodyGroomer that has hair pre-trimmers for all the body hair below the neck.
  • 100% waterproof hence can be used even when you are in the shower room. It is easily cleaned if used in wet places by just rinsing it under the tap.
  • 24 month warranty

Check Availability at Amazon UK

Detailed Review of the BG2036/32

Philips BG2036There is no doubt that this is a high quality product and right out of the box it does look very good indeed as you can see from the image on the right hand side.

Many guys want to shave their back so this one comes with an attachment that will allow you to do that difficult to get at area.

Below we have listed the pros and cons as mentioned by people who actually bought this product.


  • It has a faster charging battery/motor (one hour) and as such offers the best smooth cuts. This allows it to fill quickly for use.It does not matter whether you are looking to have a short beard, goatee or any other style.
  • It has comb attachments that easily reach at your back hence easy shaving for you.
  • The hypo-allergenic shave and pearl tips prevent skin irritations hence it is comfortable to use by any man who wants to enjoy shaving his hair.
  • It has a 2-year guarantee that gives assurance of getting a shaving tool that is in a good condition.


  • Some of the users complain that the machine leaves back quite stubble so it is not appealing to some of them.
  • Some also dislike the plastic packaging that the shaver comes in.

Customer Buyer Reviews

The customers who have used this device are satisfied with its capability to shave back hair. It also comes with a manual that is good for those clients who use it for the first time. The design of the attachment that removes back hair is really awesome.

Out of the 1900 customers who rated the product, 1100 gave it a five star rating (61%) while 330 gave a 4 star rating.(18%) It got an overall 4.2 star rating which shows a solid and reliable performance.

One reviewer said this:

It is excellent for de-furring. It is smooth and does not nick your tender bits. Philips seem to be very adept at producing male groomers

Whereas another reviewer had this to say:

Boxed well but I hate the plastic packaging the shaver came in!! You can seriously hurt yourself trying to open it. Anyways, the shaver is superb.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

Check Availability at Amazon UK

From the analysis of the reviews that we have looked at, the Phillips BG2036/32 Bodygroom machine does overall seem to do a good job of trimming and removing body hair, from all parts of the body. We would be happy to recommend this product as overall many buyers are happy with their purchase.

Certainly anyone who bought this especially for removing back hair were more than happy with it. It is also good to know that this comes with a reliable 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

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