Our UK Review of the Philips 3D Body Groomer - Expensive but Very Good

PHILIPS 3D Body Groomer Reviews

This is our review of the PHILIPS 3D Body Groomer, a popular choice for many buyers in the United Kingdom. This one is has a current buyer satisfaction rate of around 76%.

For a body groomer, the price point will put many people off considering this one. This particular model will set you back around £65, depending on exactly where you make your purchase.

We think there are better value ones out there, and it would be worthwhile checking out our top 10 list of body groomers, by clicking here. However, if you still want to find out about this one, then please read on, as many UK buyers do purchase this one.

What Buyers Say About the PHILIPS 3D Body Groomer

This one is a good enough choice for all types of skin, including those men with sensitive skin. It is a good product, from a good brand and is very well made.

There are a few bad reviews on this one, but they are about people receiving the wrong product. They don't actually refer to the quality of the model, and that does seem to be really good.

50% of all buyers rate this as a 5 star product, and for something as expensive as this one, you would expect the ratings to be far higher than this.

To sum up the overall average rating is 76% and at the higher price point, that is disappointing.

PHILIPS 3D Body Groomer Specification

This groomer is suitable for all skin types, it is waterproof and is rechargeable. Many online buyers, especially those from the UK state that they believe Philips do make the very best body groomers.

I have included more specific details on this 3D model just below:

  • Measures 20 x 15 x 15 cm
  • Weighs 540 grams
  • Has an integrated trimmer on one side
  • Uses fast charging Lithium Ion batteries
  • Comes with a UK power adapter
  • Has a nice angled foil style head that does a good job of grooming
  • It is waterproof
  • Integrated comb with sizes ranging from 3-11 mm
  • You get around 50 minutes of use from one charge that takes one hour to charge
  • The blades have rounded tips which help a lot with preventing cuts and nicks
  • Also use a hypoallergenic foil
  • Has a rubber grip to prevent slipping from the hand when in use
  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee

What Actual Buyers Say About the 3D Groomer

We have summarised what buyers have to say in a pros and cons table below.


  • At around the £65 price point most buyers thought that was OK for a good quality groomer
  • A good groomer for all over body grooming
  • It charges really quickly and that is always a good thing
  • It can be used as both a quick dry shave, but can also be used with a gel or foam, and also used in the shower
  • This is a foil shaver and suitable for all skin types.
  • Appearance wise it looks good and it is really useful if you have to travel


  • It is at the higher end of the price point range for body groomers
  • Some buyers had problems with the battery not charging
  • A couple of buyers said it stopped working and they had to get it replaced

The majority of buyers said this groomer was good for overall body grooming including cutting genital hair. It works well for general trimming and if you want a smooth look, it is also very good for doing that.

Buyers also said it shaved well and did not leave any scratches or marks. They also said that with just one charge you did get a lot of use which was excellent, especially if using it in the shower.

Video Review of the PHILIPS 3D Body Groomer

We searched YouTube for any videos on this Philips 3D body groomer There were a few available, but we found this one to be the most useful.

Our Recommendation on the PHILIPS 3D Body Groomer

About 60% of the UK buyers online rate this 3D groomer from the Philips brand with full 5 star reviews. They clearly like this one a lot. at the other end of the spectrum on ratings around 15% give it a bad rating.

The price is at the higher end of the market for sure, and for that money we always expect to see excellent reviews. Overall this one gets a 76% buyer satisfaction rate online. Ideally we would have liked this one to be in the 90% or at worst the 80% range.

Some buyers do like the Philips brand and they like this one so we here at the Emporium don't want to argue with those buyers. We believe there are better choices with higher ratings.

You can check out our top 10 list of body groomers here.

This 3D model does however continue to sell well and the price point does not put many buyers off making a purchase.

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