Should You Buy A Parker Straight Razor?

If you are in the process of buying your first straight razor, or maybe you are thinking of getting another one, then is the Parker range, worth your consideration? There are certain brands that are associated with shaving and razors generally, and Parker shaving products certainly sit in that league.

Who Are Parker Shaving?

They have been making shaving products such as razors, brushes, soap and shaving bowls for over 40 years. They are, and are quite proud of the fact, a family run business, that was first set up in 1973. Traditional wet shaving is what they specialise in, and their main focus is on both safety razors and straight blade razors.

They are proud of the quality products that they produce, so at least you know, that should you decide to buy one, then Parker are a well known and trusted brand. So let’s have a look at what they offer in this particular line. Parker straight edge razors would sit in the affordable range for most people with prices starting as low as £13 and going up to around £20.

There are 3 razors that we found in this range and all of them fall into the price range mentioned above. Let’s have a look at each one. We have put these into a table, as we think that makes it a lot quicker to run a comparison.

Parker Straight Razor Comparison

Razor NamePictureAverage RatingVerdict
Parker 31R3.6At under £13, this razor has a genuine stainless steel blade arm, and the end of the blade has been rounded. That helps a lot in reducing cuts to the face, as there is no sharp corners. This one is used by several barbers in their shops. It is not a fixed blade, but one where you insert razor blades into the blade arm.

This particular deal comes with 5 Shark Super stainless steel razor blades, which should keep you going for about a month or so. It is a good starter razor, and at the price, should allow most people to take the plunge, if they have decided they want to try out a cut-throat for shaving.
Parker 33R4.0This one is just under £15 and pretty similar in many ways to the one above. It has been designed for barber shop use, so a good quality choice. Again this is a good straight edge for a beginner, or for someone who likes to travel, and doesn't want to have to bring their fixed blade razor.
Parker 34R3.0This one is just under £20 so at the higher price range of the Parker range, though not a price that should scare anyone away. Now that said, we really struggled to find any great difference between this razor and the Parker 31R which is £7 cheaper. Based on that, it is not one that we would recommend as we don't see any added value.
We compare three of the straight razor options from the manufacturer Parker, to see which one we think is best.

Our Verdict

We believe that the Parker 31R is the best choice of the three and is a decent choice for a beginner. We believe that there are better options out there for your money though such as the DOVO range. You can read about those choices by clicking here.

We did find a video of a chap using the Parker R31, so we thought that you might like to have a look at that one. He had never used a straight razor before, but to be fair, he actually uses this one really well. We think it is also pretty obvious that it does give him a really close shave.

Again picking the right blade in this type of razor, is probably more important than the razor itself. We have done a top ten list of the best safety razors in the UK, so as you can see which are the best ones to use. You may also notices he uses a pre-shave cream, which is a great idea. It seems he is a Proraso fan as well and we wouldn’t disagree with him on that.

We would disagree on the use of a better brush and a shaving bowl, but that is what makes us all different. He is using a nice angle for shaving though which should be ideally 30 degrees to the skin.

So hopefully you have found this review on Parker Straight razors helpful, and that you are now better informed. They are a good basic and affordable straight razor, which is why we like to include them in our reviews. When they are used with a good quality cream, then you can be assured, that with a little practise, you will end up getting a top notch shave. It will certainly be a great deal better than anything you can get with a cheap disposable.

Practise is key though especially when starting out, and a Parker is a pretty good place to start. They are pretty much ideal for beginners, and although not top of the range, they are nonetheless a good quality product.


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