Olaplex Number 3 Hair Perfector UK Review

This is the best selling hair perfector and conditioning treatment, that is currently available on the UK marketplace. It has an RRP of £32.00 but you can find that a lot cheaper online. The main purpose of this is to strengthen hair, which in turn will revitalise both shine and complexion.

Olaplex, Number 3 Hair Perfector

What Is Olaplex No 3 Used For?

In a bottle you get 100 ml, and you can normally find that for around £25, if you search around online. The manufacturer Olaplex state that it is a deep and permanent hair repair. This helps prevent hair breakage and damage.

People use this on bleached hair, damaged discolourations or changes in colour. This is a product which should be used once a week for best results. In essence this is a conditioning treatment, designed to treat and fix damaged hair.

You do not normally find this product in most UK homes. As the price is high, this type of hair repair product is mainly used in hair salons throughout the UK.

What Do Buyers Say After They Have Used the Olaplex No 3?

Buyer Satisfaction

For us here at the Shaving Emporium, this is the only real question that matters. The overall buyer satisfaction rating is 84%. That is good, and tells us simply that 84 out of 100 buyers liked the product, and the results after use.

One thing we always find when reading through the reviews, is the variation in opinions. When it comes to hair products, those opinions can be quite different.

One thing was clear about this product though. Anyone who had dry hair, or air that had been over treated through colours, did report a significant change in their hair.

Those with bleached hair also reported great results.

These type of comments would leave us to believe, that those with really damaged hair do see a significant improvement. You would expect that to be the case, as this is a product used by many hairdressers, in professional salons.



 End User 


I have dyed my hair so much and this really restores my hair I love his product but now I am going natural As I am so fed up of colouring now. If you have bleached damaged hair this is amazing

There are of course a number of buyers who said this product did little or nothing for them. When we checked all of the reviews, there were around 8% of those. So it does not appeal to all end users.

Some of those did say that it made their hair softer, but not that it improved the actual overall condition.

Where Can You Buy Olaplex 3?

Salons will get it directly from a wholesale supplier. It is always worthwhile asking your own hairdresser, though the may be reluctant to tell you. There are a few places online including Amazon who sell this product.

Our Verdict on the Olaplex Hair Treatment

The positives certainly outweigh the negative comments by about 9 to 1. That is always a very good sign. For those with badly damaged hair, they do report that they notice a big change in the overall condition of their hair.

Yes there are some negative reviews as well, so it does not work for everyone. That could be down to poor application or other reasons. Most people do seem satisfied with it though.

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