Which Moustache Comb Is Best For You?

If you are a guy who likes to grow a moustache, then a comb, along with various other items such as wax, good scissors are pretty much essential to be able to take care of your pride and joy.

As you can imagine there are plenty of different styles and types of moustaches that a guy can decide to grow. The type usually comes down to the private tastes of the individual concerned.

Irrespective of the style decided upon, we can I am sure agree, that almost all of them will need a comb. For the majority of men though, they will simply use the one that they use everyday on their hair. If that is the case, then what is the purpose of having a moustache comb at all?

I asked a few of the guys here at the Emporium as to why that would be the case as I am not a moustache fan at all. This is what they told me and why they think it is important.

Why Bother With A Moustache Comb?

The general opinion from the guys here was that it is ideal for those men who want to take the ultimate care in facial grooming. They all agreed that an ordinary hair comb will do the job, but for those who wanted that extra special effort to make their moustache look good, then buying one specifically for the job was the best thing to do.

moustache comb

A Classic Moustache Comb

Other guys liked to own one as typically they are smaller than a standard comb and easier to carry around. One or two of the guys had either bald or shaved heads but still wanted to look after their moustache, so this was just a more sensible investment.

And finally some of the men here are just real sticklers for tradition, so they wanted that authentic looking piece.

Many guys double these up and also use them as a comb for their beard. That makes sense to me as personally I just don’t see the need for getting both.

A few of the chaps also told me they use one of these on their sideburns and a couple even use them on their eyebrows. I guess if you have this style of comb, you may as well get the full use out of it.

Used for Styling

moustache-60594_640In the main though. almost all of the guys here at the Emporium use it for styling and making sure that their moustache/beard is neatly groomed and trimmed.

These types of combs are used as they have much finer teeth than a standard comb. I have done another page on some moustache grooming tips which you can read for more information.

Generally speaking though, men who own one of these, are guys who have been caring for their moustaches for a long time and simply want to take this type of care to the next level.

They will usually have the classic handlebar style as shown in the picture to the side and they really want it to look its best.


Pricing and Value

The good news is for those looking at or deciding to buy a comb like this is that they are not expensive. Generally you can pick one up for around £5 and that is a decent average price. There are of course more expensive options depending on what quality of material that you want. That said, the general range is pretty much either side of a fiver.

The better ones will be hand made and around 75 mm in length. You will usually see a term used to describe them known as “sawcut” so watch out for that. They do have very fine teeth and are designed to be non scratching.

A few of the guys showed me the ones that they prefer to use and I have to say that I was surprised by just how small, they actually are. That does not seem to put them off at all and they all used them regularly.

Using A Comb with Moustache Wax

Many people who do decide to go down this route also have gone down the moustache wax route as well. They combine these two and create a very professional look to their soup strainer. There are many different types of waxes and I have done a separate article on those which you can read by clicking here.

Suffice to say when both are combined then this truly is a labour of love. As I am not a moustache type of person myself, I don’t fully understand this. However, they guys here who do like to take super care of their moustache have assured me that it is all well worth the effort.

You may also here these types of combs being referred to as “spiffing combs” but that was a new one to me. The one that I have shown here is the best selling one available at Amazon and was indeed a popular choice for many of the men who are on this site on a regular basis.

When I read through the 80+ reviews the only real place where I could find any dissatisfaction was with guys with tough or wiry hair. They stated that the comb really struggled to get through that type of tougher hair.

In the main though it got a 90% rating which is very high so that would tell me that most people were satisfied with their purchase.

The Folding Style

the folding comb

I did find what are called either folding or flick knife styles of combs. I guess some men just like this particular style and again generally speaking these also got decent enough reviews.

These look like a bit of a travel back in time to the swinging 60’s when the Teddy Boys liked to look cool. These will not be for everyone of course but enough people seem to be buying them so I thought I would include them just for information purposes.

Hopefully this has helped enlighten you a little on the world of the humble moustache comb. Believe it or not, there are many men who would not leave the house without having one of these in their pocket. I found that strange but then I guess that many people would find my own obsession with shaving brushes a little strange.

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