Our UK Review of the Miusco Premium 100% Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Luxury Shaving Stand Set

This is our review of the Miusco premium pure badger hair shaving brush and luxury shaving stand set. This is a high quality set, that we think looks really good, and in our opinion, would make a great gift for any guy.

Miusco Premium 100% Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Luxury Shaving Stand Set

As you can see from the image above, It combines a chrome stand, with a traditional wooden shaving brush. The brush itself is made from 100% badger hair, ideal for lifting up facial hair, and getting it ready for a blade.

This set has an RRP of £39.99, but you can find this one much cheaper online. This would be a good set to buy for a Christmas gift or a birthday gift.

How Buyers Rate the Miusco Premium Shaving Set

Miusco Premium Shaving Set

When considering buying any shaving product, it is always good to check out any existing buyer reviews.

That is what we do here at the Emporium, and then apply the right analysis. Overall this set has achieved a 92% buyer satisfaction score

That is impressive by any standards. It is worth mentioning though that this is probably based on the fact, that buyers have managed to pick this set up for under £20, rather than the standard RRP.

Miusco Premium Shaving Stand Set Specification

It is worth pointing out, that this is a shaving stand, and also the brush. You do not get the razor. The stand is ideal for holding a double edged safety razor, but that razor does not come with this set.

Most guys will most likely have their own preferred type of DE razor. If they do, then the normal or long size will fit on the stand, without any problems. 

Below we have covered off the actual specification on this gift set.

Value for Money
    • The brush is 100% badger hair with a wooden handle
    • The stand is made from chrome
    • This set is also available in a black colour, and an ivory colour, with some variations to the stand colour
    • The stand measures 9.5 x 7.5 x 15 cm and weighs around 350 grams 

Miusco Premium Shaving Set - FAQ

When people are considering making a purchase, then they normally have questions that are not always clear, when reading about the advertised product. We have listed those below and more importantly included the answers.

What Size Razors Will fit on this Stand?

This stand is designed to fit double edged safety razors. Usually those come in two sizes, a standard handle and a long handle. This stand can cater for both lengths.

Can this Stand Hold a Butterfly Double Edge Razor?

Yes it can hold this type as well

Is This Really a Badger Hair Brush?

Yes it is. It is also worth noting that when first being used, you may pick up a slight smell when the hair has been wet. That is normal, and will disappear after a few uses.

Miusco Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Luxury Stand Shaving Set

Black and Chrome Option

Verdict on the Miusco Premium Set

At the lower price point, this one is good value for money. So if you can pick it up for less that £20, then we think that is very good value. The quality is good and that is confirmed by buyers.

The purpose of a shaving stand is to be able to hang a shaving brush after it has been used. That allows the hairs to drip dry and that will help extend the life of the brush, and also keep it in great condition.

It is a pity however, that they didn't include a razor. That said, the inclusion of  that would have put the price up.

If you are looking for something of good quality, at an affordable price, then this is a good choice.

If this is not the shaving set for you, then why not check out our list of shaving sets, that also make a great gift.

As far as this one is concerned though we like it. It has a high buyer satisfaction rate, looks really well in all of the different styles, and is good value for your money.

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